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Aprlia RS125' Ninja 250R,or Yamaha FZ6R???Give some advice pls!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Clyde916, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. just got my"L" ... Looking to buy my first bike now,,but it's very hard to make decision now... Which bike should I choose? Aprlia RS limited edition looks very hot but it' only 125cc , i know they are all different levels, but which one do you guys recommend for the beginners?any advice would help!

    thank you so much!

  2. Each is a totally different bike for a different purpose. FZ6R is the best of the bunch and no doubt the most expensive. Ninja 250R is a fantastic allrounder. RS125 is the little Italian pocket rocket that will break your heart when it doesn't work which will likely be often unless you are prepared to pay very close attention to it's every need.
  3. Thanks for your advice! I think I will choose one from RS125 and fz6r. Is it very hard to maintain the RS125? Is any where I can learn abt the maintainence of the RS? I will only ride my bike to gym everyday and do some weekend cruise.....
  4. If you add a turbo to your RS125 you will probably beat R1s. Then you could keep the bike for years but I don't know too much about blow off valves so maybe you could make it do that cool turbo sound outside the gym and then maybe some sportsbikes riding past will let you ride around with them and not have to stay one intersection behind because they are embarrassed. Did that make sense?
  5. i'd get the ninja. your learning and as soon as your off your restrictions you'll want another bike no matter which bike you choose.

    but i'd also steer clear of new bikes. get a newish second hand one. but yeah, ninja would be my bet. looks the part, won't need as high maintenance as the rs125, or cost as much as the yamaha.
  6. 2nd for the Ninja
    The Aprilia albiet only a 125 will be way beyond you, if you are new to riding. They are a fantastic bike and a lot of fun. But they are about corner speed and holding onto it. Beautiful smooth lines and exceptional lean angles. Aprilia are not know for reliability.

    The FZ are a fantastic bike too. I am only guessing but I would say around 50kg heavier than the Ninja. You will be fighting the crank in it a lot more than the Ninja. It will take more to gain confidence on than the Ninja and for you newbies that is so important. Also dearer even 2nd hand.

    In the end its what feels and makes you look good. Please don't buy anything till you have ridden all the ones you like at least once. While they look good and the juno's have written them up in glory. It's all about the ride mate. do you feel a part of it? Is there a connection ? Bikes are so personal, so special. Its all about the ride.
  7. 3rd for the Ninja, it's always a regular in the top 10 best selling bikes and being lighter and less powerful than the FZ6R will help you master the art of riding a motorcycle with increased confidence.
    As mentioned before, it's also cheaper than the FZ6R and with a lot of them around it should be easier to pick one up.

  8. I haven't heard any negative comments abt the ninja and I believe it's a good bike too, just the RS125 looks more aggressive lol...
  9. i would avoid the aprilia if you're a rookie; you really need to strangle them to get the best from them, and if you don't, they run like shit
  10. It does look good doesn't it. they are a great bike to ride. But for mine a track bike. They are almost impossible to ride at road speed. You have to keep them on the pipe or they just bog down. One would teach you a lot about smooth fast riding. They can turn themselves inside out. If you had a lot of experience riding 80cc - 125 cc moto crossers i would say go for it. If not it would be a hard learning curve on it. And an easy loss of license.
  11. Yeah I'll vouch for the difficulty in riding the RS125. They're a great bike to go thrashing in the twisties but are horrible everywhere else. You can ride them around at the speed limit but the eagerness to go once you get to 7000rpm and nothing much happens below 6000 means that as the bike comes into the powerband you'll have a tendency to speed as the bike accelerates eagerly.

    Ninja or FZ6R mate.

    The RS125 isn't hard to maintain if you have good mechanical knowledge. Learn some mechanical skills and you'll be able to look after the RS quite easily. If you have no skills don't go there.

    And finally the RS125 is a very aggressive bike to ride. It has a very committed riding position which places your hands down low and bum up high and will give you a sore back in no time. I can 200km on mine fairly comfortably but after that becomes a struggle. I've done a few 450k rides and by the end I crash into my bed because I'm so tired and sore.
  12. Forget the aprilia rs125.
    Not a good choice all when learning. You'll spend most of the time riding the bike outside it's design brief. You'll both hate each other!
  13. I guess I will go for the FZ6R then... Thank you so much all the advice above!
  14. avoid the RS125 unless you are mechanically minded + very good rider. Ninja 250 will suit your purposes much better.
  15. As an L-plater on a ninja? Ninjas are cool. Everyone rides one because they are a good learner bike. They'll teach you alot about riding.

    Riding position is comfortable. I'm 5'8" and fit the bike perfectly (my legs fit exactly in the mouldings beneath the tank). I commute on mine and I take mine in the hills. Good for both. Not brilliant for the hills, but it is a 250.