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Aprillia RSV1000R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by something_wild, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, just after some feedback on these apparantly awesome bikes.

    I'm in the market for a liter bike and these are the top of my list. It'll be the Factory version.

    I've jumped on the Aprillia forums and hunted around there as well as going through all the youtube vids and asking q's on there from the owners of the featured bikes.
    So I've come to know a little about them, and from my research, the negatives things that seem to effect 'some' bikes are things like the commonly faulty brown connecter, the problematic rear brake, the battery draining issues, flat spots if not tuned correctly, and difficulty in finding neutral.
    Thing is, I don't know anyone personally who has owned one, and was wondering how other owners experience was during ownership?

    I know all the good things, radial mounted Brembos, Ohlins shocks, Marchesini rims, strong rotex v twin, looks AMAZING etc....but yeah I'd just like to know what It's actually like owning one?
    How was servicing compared to a jap bike $ wise, and how was the cost of ownership overall? Painfull or pleasent lol?
    I hear they are strong reliable bikes, and one of the 'better' Italian brands reliability and even parts price wise....?
    Again, this is just from net based research.

    I plan on putting a set of mivv or Declevic short pipes and a tune to match... so mod wise, that's it. So I'm not after more power or 100 mods that will take away from the beauty of it's original style. I ultimately want a nice looking, nice sounding, well handling original bike that i can cruise through the streets with, and take to the hills as much as possible, that won't cost the earth to maitain.

    Appreciate any feedback guys :)

    Cheers, sw.

  2. +1. Love the RSVs, read all of the rave reviews, lurk on the Aprilia forums, must have one, too. No idea what they're like to own, do know that it's bloody hard to find a nice one, most of those I've seen second-hand have had BMW-like mileage, or have been a track bike.
    They certainly look like great value compared to same spec/year Ducatis...
  3. Only negative I've heard on Aprilias is a bit of a wait for parts sometimes, but that might be old news or other models. Apart from that, lovely bikes.
  4. Almost $1300/yr for comprehensive insurance w/ $3000 cover for gears & $2500 for mods
    $600-something for rego (depends on where you live)
    Tyres (can vary a lot depending on how and how much you ride)
    Expect to pay $250 (fairing removed) to $450 for a minor service. If out of warranty, DIY.

    Oh, watch out for early RSVs with ridiculously low km. AFAIK, the capacitor for the odometer memory was underrated; if the battery was disconnected for a short time, it would reset to 0.

    I've been happy with my '08 RSV. Get one of those rear sets that can hold the rear brake mc. It will solve the rear brake issue.
  5. Cheers for that, and thanks for the other replies guys
    On paper they seem almost Unbeatable eh...really keen on one now!

    I might shoot you a PM deadmeat when I get serious about the purchase (2 or so months) with a few more noob questions if that's ok?

    Cheers, sw
  6. Speak to Luke at 60 Degrees motorcycles, he has one.

    This bike would be top of my list as well, except the problems I have with the Tuono is making me weary of Aprilia's.
  7. Waiting on parts and very poor dealer support are the main problems, it's just tragic because the bikes are fantastic.
  8. I had a 2003 Tuono and was pretty happy with it.
    If your looking for something with a big low punch or top end rush you will be a bit dissapointed.
    On the whole the build quality of them is very nice, not to mention they look awesome.
    I was seriously considering one but I got an 1125R instead...... A little better seating position and some more hp