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Aprilla Tuono V4R vs BMW S1000R vs MV Agusta Brutale 1090

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by olympicwiz, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. Well decided to shop for a new bike. Currently I have Suzuki SV 650S 2012 model that I love to bits so may end up having 2 bikes but unlikely.

    Originally I had my heart set on Ducati Panigale 899. Just loved its looks and thought I could live with a sports flared bike. However after a test ride I had to scratch that idea. I think I am too big of it as I could not tuck my knees in around the tank and it also got uncomfortably hot (in the winter!). But amazing sound from a stock exhaust and a very spirited ride.

    So I decided that I want an upright comfy yet very sporty and fun bike and shortlisted Tuono, S1000R and Brutale 1090.

    Test ridden them all. They are all great and if I was to summarize my findings - my head tells me to get S1000R, my heart tells me to get Tuono but that part of anatomy that some shallow men consider the most important... tells me to get Brutale 1090.

    I just came back from MV Agusta Riding Experience ‹ MV Agusta Australia Augusta riding day and rode 1090.

    It is just ridiculous. I rode both Touno and S1000R before and they were very spirited rides and very fast, but brutale felt like so much more fun even though it is the least equipped of them all.

    I also think it would be the most expensive to service.

    Would appreciate any input from Brutale owners.
  2. Ask GeorgeOGeorgeO, he just shelled out for the 800rr. And there is a separate thread on issues and servicing based on s number of guys looking at them currently.
  3. Oh thanks ..shall do. Will also try to find that thread on servicing.
  4. olympicwizolympicwiz - I had a go on the Dragster 800rr yesterday and am now proudly wearing my MV test pilot T shirt! Placed order for a Brutale 800rr (non Dragster) for delivery early Dec.

    I was quoted $350 - $450 for your standard 6000km service - mayor ones $1350. (6000km service intervals). I did my homework and the Artarmon guys are rated quite high in terms of service and backup. There is also now some clear direction with MV having been bought by AMG (they will be sharing floor space in the new AMG dealerships that are planned to be rolled out).

    I agree - the brain says S1000r from a features / bang for buck kind of view. Servicing costs quoted were also reasonable and intervals were every 10k. I did not really look at the Tuono since I don't like the front end. But after my first ride on the beamer my first thought was on how much more 'visceral' the MV felt.

    In the end it comes down to this- if you contacted some deadly disease and only had one month to live - which one would you rather be riding? and when people ask you what you are riding what would you rather answer?

    Sensible vanilla or Hot chilli Peppers? Just my 2cents.
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  5. Yes .. I was also given a T shirt and a key chain ring. At the briefing we were told to keep within posted limits or "there abouts" as there is plenty of police around.

    But once we were out of the gate .. everyone including the group leaders just bolted! I find it confusing as to why there are so many different Brutale variants though..

    What made you to choose 800RR?
  6. I'm stopping myself from testing a KTM 1290 super duke, could be another option to those 3
  7. I also noted KTM 1290 but just wanted to limit myself as how many bikes am I going to try!
  8. I was in the same dilemma a number of months ago. Opted for the S1000R. No doubt the Aprilia is the better performing bike, the Brutale for grin factor, but BMW won out for me as the best every day bike.

    Being my first litre bike - the cruise control has already saved my ass twice. The service intervals are also 12 months.

    It goes like stink and it catches so many looks. The women love it!! :)
  9. Visceral is a good way to put it.
    You don't buy one of these bikes for practicality, fuel efficiency or economics.
    You want something to make those Ducati riders shrink away.
    Here's me picking up the new TNT about 18 months ago
    new benelli.
    The matching jacket annoys even more people.
    I've had people hanging out of car windows to have a look at it. It's hilarious.
    Even had a bloke on the freeway driving a Ferrari (complete with trophy woman) glare at me, swing another lane away and drop way, way back. I guess he just couldn't compete with the overwhelming Italianness of my bike.
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  10. Don't limit yourself, test as many bikes as possible and the KTM could easily be the best of the bunch and suit you the best.

    The thing thats tickling my balls about the KTM is that you can get some decent mileage if ridden sensibly (if thats at all possible), has factory pannier options which appeal to me as I like to do multi-day trips and 500km+ day trips and will also crush almost anything else on the street when the throttle is cracked!!
  11. Was lucky enough to be the first test rider to get handed the keys to the current Newcastle KTM dealerships test rocket a while ago. Already being part of the KTM 'herd' so to speak I was really looking forward to the ride.

    It truly tries to pull your arms from it's sockets. The torque - oh man the torque.

    In the end if you took the standard SuperDuke and added all the bits I wanted (they have a really good racket going with their PowerParts - just look at what I have spent already on my little Duke) it would be nudging $27k. It's also physically a very big bike. I felt like I was 'in' it rather than 'on' it like the 800rr.

    I also looked at the Streetfighter 848 - but considering it's being phased out now and the bits I would need to add to get rid of some of the low rpm stutters, quickshifter for the track, you're looking at the same price as the MV. And service costs are comparable to the MV (longer intervals but pricier).

    Love the sound of the three cylinder (the 800rr actually 'pops' on deceleration with the new three injector fueling system) and never really looked at the bigger 1090 - don't like the look of the twin pipes and with the 800rr there is very little I want to change (few frame sliders, tail tidy and lever protectors).
  12. George the price is whats stopping me from even thinking about it. If I test ride it and love it, the cash will be gone!
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  13. As a side note - I test rode the Brutale 800 a few days before the SuperDuke. The MV left me yearning for more. Might have skewed my perception of the 1290.
  14. I would prob buy the BMW. Have u thought about the z1000 or gsxs1000 ? Both great bikes too.
  15. Yup hot Italians do that lol ;)
  16. Not if they don't shave their arm pits :wideyed:
  17. Viva la 'tres naturale'
  18. Dude, you've still got more bikes to test ride. SuperDuke, Speed Triple, Zthou, GSXS.... Or something left field... RnineT... Oh mumma
    Crikey, I'd love to be in your shoes!
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  19. Thanks for your input guys. It is just physically hard to audition all the bikes. I just shortlisted the ones that are not only seem exceptional but have the look that I like.

    Regarding Brutale, they also have 1-2 year old used models with low kms that don't have ABS but essentially is the same. Is it a deal breaker on a Brutale? I never had it before and always thought it is a good idea that would save my hide one day.
  20. There are some minor issues with the B3 based older models. (Not the 4 cylinders). They had a poor sprag clutch design and the engine map & response was an issue raised by many. (All used the mvics 1.0 electronics). The new 800rr range is the first with the upgraded mvics 2 package. Three injectors per cyl so engine mapping much more precise. Also new sprag clutch design and tech bulletin issued to dealers on how to replace on older models.

    Try mvagusta.net | the definitive mv agusta motorcycle source for more specific info Per bike.

    On the topic of abs or not I will remain silent. There have been many threads discussing the pros and cons and how sometimes not having it is better.