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Aprilir rs125 clutch plates playing up?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by apriliars12502, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,
    I got my 2002 Aprilia rs125 back from the mechanic after replacing the clutch cable and it seems that the clutch plates need to be replaced. Even with the clutch fully engaged, when I put the bike into first gear it just stalls. im thinking of doing it myself. what equipment would i need? and can anyone give me instructions? is it a hard job for someone without all the correct tools? and can anyone tell me about the ebc racing clutch kit available all over ebay? are they any good? they seem quite affordable.

  2. I would suggest that the clutch cable hasn't been adjusted properly. So the clinch doesn't fully disengage, causing it to stall when you drop it into gear.

    Adjust using the nuts at the end of the cable, toghtening it until the bike goes into gear with the clutch pulled in and there is no strain or stalling.
  3. you may be right because the clutch feels very soft but the mechanic insists that he was tried adjusting the free play of the lever. another friend said adjust the cable at the engine end. any idea how to do this? and you reckon its not the plates? because the clutch was fine before the cable broke and the mechanic is insisting it must have been there before.
  4. Recommend do a utube search
    It may be on there.
    I am not familiar with your bike but it may
    Have an internal pivot adjustment
  5. what do you mean when you say the clutch feels soft??is the clutch slipping when you ride the bike ?? sounds like another case of your mechanic trying to get more money out of you ,,,,,are you sure that your mechanic has fitted the right size cable??do you still have the old cable ,if so see if its the same size,,
  6. im not sure if its the right size cable. it is possible that it may have been the wrong size. how do you check if its the cable or the plates? basically i cant ride the bike because as soon as i kick down to first whilst holding the clutch all the way in, the bike stalls and even when i rev high whilst changing and then the gears seem to get stuck when i try changing.
  7. It sounds like the cable isnt properly adjusted so when you pull in the lever the cable doesnt pull the full distance required, and the plates havent separated, so it stalls when you engage the gear.

    I would think he either used the right cable or he didn't, and and if so, why didnt he adjust it or did you tell him not to.
  8. if the cable carnt be adjusted more it sounds like its the wrong cable.can you post some photos of the clutch lever and cable on the handle bars when the lever is pulled in ...and a photo of where the cable fits on the motor,that way we can see if it is adjusted up right ..is the clutch slipping when your rideing the bike????
  9. according to the mechanic the clutch cable is adjusted fine but im not sure if hes right because i spoke to an aprilia specialist who said that it was mostly incorrect adjustment of the cable but it doesnt make sense because isnt adjusting the cable on all the motorbikes the same? ill go get the bike tomorrow and post some photos. when i ride the bike after revving high when kicking down to first then releasing the clutch the bike somehow starts okay but when i change gears its a lot harder and the gear lever seems to get stuck. the bike has done 20000kms. should i take it to someone else? can anyone recommend someone better in melbourne?
  10. DIY if you have the tools and knowledge. Download the service manual to help yourself too. Depending on what side of town you're on, I may be able to help.