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ApriliaGirl vs the Aprilia - Round 10

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Tiga, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. By request - here's the latest update.

    For everyone else who's sick of my whinging - change threads now :p

    Got the bike serviced last week in preparation for Halls Gap. All the bike needed was a minor service 'cause Pete the Pom had previously done all the real maintenance work and it was running great :grin:

    Picked bike up Friday and within minutes notice that it's a little more sluggish than normal. A bit slower to come onto power but nothing to bad. I figured it was part of the service and quite frankly have no problem trading a little bit of responsiveness for reliability.

    Saturday morning I head off for a test ride around my neighbourhood. Within 2km my revs are all over the shop. Mostly dropping really low but occasionally jumping up high. Bike stalls and I turn the fuel tap to reserve just in case (didn't feel like fuel though).

    Same thing happens when I start it again and this time I push it onto the side walk 'cause it's freaking me out. While sitting and trying to work out what to de next I notice fuel leaking all down the exhaust and pooling below the bike. Turn the fuel tap off and the problem goes away, but leak (or rather flood) returns if tap is set to "on" or "reserve".

    Decide best course of action is to push bike 2km home through the park near my place. It's hot, I'm seedy from Friday night and it's uphill nearly all the way. And do you know how many fit young men there were playing frisbee, sunbaking etc.. lots and lots and although they all stared at the biker chick in full leathers, not one offered to help. Thanks guys :roll: :LOL: :LOL:

    Anyway, that's the story so far. Guess my bikes love affair with Pete's garage may be about to continue :p

  2. Re: ApriliaGirl vs the Aprilia - Round 9

    Doubt it.
    He's in that "i'm going to ignore you and not respond to your emails stage" :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  3. Who serviced your bike??? Maybe didnt connect the fuel line properly when they had the tank off, or the fuel line is a bit old and a pair of pliers pulling on it to get it off didnt help it.
    Sorry to hear about your bike causing you trouble again, they are such great bikes when running right it really is a shame.
    And shame to all those lazy guys not helping a lady in need of a hand. I would have piggy backed you home while pushing your bike.
  4. Re: ApriliaGirl vs the Aprilia - Round 9

    he has always had major problems with internet/email, try giving him a call. he also said that he was very busy at the moment and might not be able to do any work for netriders for a few months.

    re. apriliagirl make use of the fuel leak and set the stupid bike on fire it sounds like a real pain in the arse (if you have insurance that is.) you've well and truly scared me off italian bikes, sorry to hear about your non-stop issues.

    *edit* speeling
  5. I see the problem, you need to change your name to GirlAprilia, should show this upstart Aprilia who's boss.
  6. Re: ApriliaGirl vs the Aprilia - Round 9

    True and with two young kids and a full time job it's amazing he's been able to do anything at all. If he's not in a position to help that's fine. I'm sure Mrs Pete the Pom probably likes to see her husband sometimes too :)
  7. ApriliaGirl a bit of fuel starvation doesn’t sound too serious. Your bike has been overhauled and recently serviced, so I would think that it’s in near perfect running order, a little patience and this hiccup should be resolved with not much effort, sometimes it’s the small things that set people off.
    As far as chivalry goes, don’t get me started, most men today are far too busy adjusting their pink shirts or shining their white shoes to be courteous and display considerate behaviour towards women.
  8. Could be a dodgy carbie float valve, in which case the spilled fuel will probably be coming out of a tube on the carbie. Easy to fix. Had similar issues with my TZR250.
  9. Hahahahahaha

    Is that your professional mechanical opinion?

    That's right up there with "if I wash my bike it will run well" and "if I keep my bike serviced it will run well".

    Sorry to hear about your troubles ApriliaGirl, but at least if you're up to Round 9 you haven't gone down for the count yet. Maybe in the future pick a fight with a bike that's got less staying power.
  10. It definitely sounds like the float valve or similar. I've had similar problems on carb equipped bikes. At least with a problem like this you can see the results immediately. ie, change something and it stops leaking, then problem fixed.

    This is definitely fixable.
  11. Reminds me of a Citroen I had that over the course of a year developed every known documented fault with that model of car. the garage used to use it as the training vehicle for their new mechanics it had that many faults. Like the 'Prillia, it was great when it was working, but really crap when it wasn't.
  12. Re: ApriliaGirl vs the Aprilia - Round 9

    Hey Vic I'll give you an insight in to my life at the moment.

    I work full time doing a job that has me flying around the country on a daily basis plus when in the office I'm flat out creating training programs for the next trip.

    I have two children one who is 3 and one who is 4 months old.

    We have no family back up at all. Its just me Kel and the kids.

    I have a wife who is very troubled by depresion to the point where she is doing some very very silly things at the moment.

    and to boot I'm still trying to fix some bikes back at my place of a weekend because its the only thing I still have in life that give me some kind of pleasure and just about keeps me sane.

    Your motorbike and your email is very low on the priority list at the moment and I did try to let people know that I wasnt doing much by posting on netrider telling people that I'm very busy and wasnt going to be taking any more work on for a while.

    Before you start sulking because I didnt get back to you come and have a walk in my shoes for a day.
  13. Sell it when and if it ever runs well a bike is supposed to be fun :grin: cut your losses and get a decent bike :grin:
  14. dude, i think i might be stating the obvious, but i'm gunna do it anyways...

    i think you might need a new bike...

    :p :p :p
  15. And what type of engine do you think is in an RS 250 Oh knowledgable one?

    (and don't mention your BIG JOHNSON envy please) :LOL:
  16. Yes, yes it is.

    By given the Aprilia the precedence in ApriliaGirl it is encouraging it to act up it needs to reined in. Honestly, who could argue against anthropomorphosizing the bike after all this? Only a animate object could be causing so much pain.

    Making this change I believe will shift the balance of power to Kathrines favour in the Titanic struggle that is GirlAprilia Vs Aprilia.

  17. IIRC its a more devolped version of the RGV250.

    Anyways - this has nothing to do with the bike.
    It is the exact reason why girls are supposed to sit on the back :LOL: :twisted:
    <searches for a flame resistent rock to hide under>
  18. Sssssh! you weren't supposed to tell him. :wink:
  19. ApriliaGirl,

    How are you going with all this? Made any progress with checking out the carbies?

  20. Re: ApriliaGirl vs the Aprilia - Round 9

    Thanks for the insight, but please spare me.

    It is common courtesy to at least reply to one of my messages telling me that you cant help me.

    Sulking??? That's an insult!!
    Im not sulking, far from it. There are many mechanics out there that will happily take my money.

    Walk in your shoes? ppffttt I walk in your shoes 20 hours a day.

    Good luck with it all. :grin: