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ApriliaGirl needs advice......again

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Tiga, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Ok, so here's the latest.

    I washed my bike on Tuesday (first time since the last problem) and on Wednesday it was running like crap. Similar problem to before with loss of power. Kind off like my power band just decided to up and leave. Previously, the problem was diagnosed as water in the carbies, although I was never sure how the water got there. Now it seems likely that the washing is the problem.

    I drained my remaining fuel today and replaced it and after a bunch of laps of my local park the bike is running better, but not perfectly. I stopped after I blasted by a cop doing just a tad over the speed limit :p

    Anyhow, is it likely that the remaining slugishness will it sort itself out over time (or after a long ride) or do I need to see a mechanic?

    Also, I don't hose anything on my bike except the front, lower side fairings and wheels (try to keep well away from anything vaguely electrical). So how is the water getting into my fuel?

  2. when cars have H2O in the tank
    1 litre of metholated spirits to 1 tank of fuel (60litres)
    it burns with the fuel , doesnt do any damage and evaporates the water .
    you will need to work out how much for you size tank but that is the tried and trusted method .

    also just in case stop filling up where ever you do incase its there fuel

    if you have a fuel filter change it also
  3. Hi AG,

    Things just don't seem to be happening for you... :roll:
    I give the RGV a good wash every week and have never had a problem... :?:

    It could just be a bad batch of fuel.
    Check to see if it improves when you next refuel...if not i'd take it to a mechanic, PM me if you need a contact number - my mechanic has maintained and rebuilt mine and I've never had a problem.

    Good luck! :grin:
  4. I'd second everything said...

    I can't see how water is getting in, except via the tank cap. There is a possibility of perished or porous hoses, but how likely is that?

    There are things we can do without taking it to the mechanic though. I'm not sure where the carbs are on the RS (is it reed valve or disc valve?), but simple examination should show any loose or damaged pipes and clips. Fairing off examination might show something up.
  5. I'd be looking for water around plugs, leads or coils.

    Sometimes when it rains I get water down one of my plug galleries and it runs pretty rough untill it gets up to temperature and the water evaperates.

    SV650's have this problem with the front cylinder.

    I'd guess you've got somewhere on your bike where water can settle near electrical bits
  6. Groberts is right. Metho breaks the water into small droplets so the engine is able to get rid of it.
    Also make sure there is no water on the ignition system.
  7. But I'd have thought that a bike washed on Wednesday would be dry by Thursday?

    Having said that, it could be HT cable problems, they are notorious for breaking down with water.
  8. How's the bike running today?

    I'm thinking along the same lines as ibast.

    When an engine wash on my (un)trusty '75 Galant student car used to result in rough running, it was mostly due to water pooling around the plug(s). It'd improve over time as the water evaporated.

    Sometimes water got into the rotor and points area which then needed a liberal spray of WD40.

    Goodluck with it!

  9. Thanks folks, I'll put some metho in it tonight.

    ibast, when you say look around the plugs are you implying that water can get under the plug cap and cause problems there? Or are you saying it can work it's way down the spark plug threads and into the combustion chamber (this seems unlikely to me, but I'm no expert)?

    Also, cejay what is a HT cable?
  10. Katherine, the water pools around the plug and water can creep up the cap [capillary action], shorting the plug to the engine block.

    If the plug wasn't tight in it's socket, you would have known about it by now!

    Cheers :)
  11. High Tension...the spark plug leads.
  13. This is just another sighn on how temprementle this lovely bike is :grin: SELL IT SELL IT SELL IT :shock:
  14. Got it....

    I think the spark plus cap/HT cable theory could be a good one.

    My front spark plug sits just behind the front wheel (which I do hose down). There is a small hole is the front fairing so you can get to this spark plug without having to remove your front fairing. This means that when I hose down the front wheel I also hose down the front plug cap. Given the problems I’ve had with plugs in the past and the number of times they’ve been changed it wouldn’t surprise me if the spark cap seal wasn’t perfect any more.

    Also, it may be the improvement in the running of the bike had nothing to do with the new fuel. I checked my plugs yesterday (just to be on the safe side) which meant I removed and replaced the front cap, which may have helped shift moisture.

    Only thing that doesn’t support this theory is that the last time I had this problem my mechanic found water in the carbies.
  15. This might sound silly Aprillia Girl but bear with me please.

    Go inside and grab your hair dryer (ok I'm being slightly sexist and assuming a woman will have a dryer here), and set the hair dryer to low heat and high speed.

    Point it at the plug/leads area and use it the same way a hand dryer would be used.

    If the problem is moisture then that will evaportate the moisture in a few minutes.

    You could try that before you try the metho in the tank (which is also a good idea).

    Don't use the hair dryer on high heat and low fan speed, you don't want to soften any plastic.
  16. I reckon it's water around your plugs and leads, my bike does it too if I get things too wet, but only for a sec until the engine gets up to temperature and the water evaporates... but WD40 or any other water dispersant on the plugs/leads as the go into the engine should sort it out if you can't wait, otherwise just leave it and engine getting up to temp should fix it.

  17. If you've previously had problems with water in teh fuel, I'd definitely start there first.
    I'd have or put a nice big fuel filter in the fuel line, and set it up so that any water or sediment will be able to collect in it and not go through. If you use a clear filter, water wil be able to be spotted.
    next time you drain some fuel out of your tank, drain teh first few hundred mils into a clear glass jar and let it stand. Water will seperate out and make it's way to teh bottom, as will any other crud. It's not a bad thing to do occasionally on anything with a fuel tank.
    Wet plugs/leads tend to be either a no start at all, or fix themselves very promptly.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Or....

    you lend it to me for a week or so and it'll either be right as rain (poor choice of words) or really broken by the end! And, when we're fixing all the other stuff, i'm pretty sure we'll stumble on this poor running problem at the same time...

    It's always worked for me before!
  19. Tell you what, you lend me yours and I'll lend you mine :wink: :p
  20. I've got a 2 stroke victa lawnmower in the shed. I'll swap if you like. :p :LOL:

    I'd be happy to just swap engines. The victa's never missed a beat and given that I never mow in the rain or wash my mower, I can't see the RS giving me too many problems. :p :LOL: