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Aprilia V4r - the ultimate naked bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by WeeBubba, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Is this going to be the ultimate naked bike? Or will it miss the low down torque of the V twin? I think this bike looks absolutely stunning.

  2. Hi WeeBubba,

    You could find more detailed information in this thread.
  3. Given the last tuono, I expect it to be at almost standard rsv4 tune.
  4. damn. searched for V4R not V4 R and missed that one. thanks!
  5. Love it, good thing i cant afford one otherwise the FZ1N would be going :p
  6. It's a good looking bike but it's hardly a 'naked' bike, it's got about a 3/4 fairing!
  7. It looks like a faired bike with the side panels and screen missing.

    Looks mad :D
  8. +1 for the 'not really naked' camp

    And I must be missing something that the rest of you are seeing - because I think she looks butt-ugly :(
  9. Ugly? Very damn sexy, I'd say.
  10. It looks sexy, angry and looks like it's mean and on a mission.
  11. i too think it looks awesome
  12. Some say sexy, some say ugly. That's good. If we all liked the same thing, we'd all be riding the same bikes. And how dull would that be?
  13. It's not naked enough. All it's missing is about 1/4 of the side panels.
  14. I agree with Grumply, to my eyes, this thing's about as attractive as a month old hippo carcass. Bet it sounds nice and goes like stink though.
  15. Scout YouTube for some of the various clips of the one on the rotating platform when it was unveiled.

    You get a much better and very different perspective of how it looks, and it moves it well in the direction of looking better than the standard waist-height photos.
  16. Stunning? More like stunned mullet IMO. If this was a Honda, we'd have a ten page-long thread of complaints and abuse, but Aprilia seems to have a get out of jail free card on this forum... Well I'm sorry but I don't care how many WSBK titles they win, to my eye Aprilia makes some of the least visually appealing bikes on this planet and Tuono is right down there with Street/Speed Triple.

    At least they didn't give it another one of those tacky golden frames.
  17. Too much plastic, but it will go like a motherf@cker and plastic can be ripped off and chucked in the bin.
  18. Aprilia should have one on display at Supers in Feb.
  19. damn right

    the mille was one of the best lookers ever built. I agree that the tuono wasn't so much. But damn it had presence. It's like the way silvester stallone is ugly, but you will never ever make a point of it.

    And the Striples are possibly the best looking bikes currently being produced, bar 1098 et al.
  20. oops wrong thread