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Aprilia V4 road test.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rc36, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. The new edition of "Bike" magazine out of the UK, has a road test of the new Aprilia. Really interesting stuff, it includes a little gem that reveals that the factory test rider had done over 12000km testing the bike on road and track before it was released. Not a bad job, eh?

    Well worth buying the mag. :wink:
  2. Bike is a great mag. Two (Wheels Only) is another good Brit one.
  3. Just changed name to Visor Down. Liz got me a subscription 2 birthdays ago and keeps on renewing it for me. Great magazine, got some great reviews, Whitham and McKenzie are good reads and the other testers are pretty good too.
  4. which places can we get these from? havnt seen them in newsagencies
  5. I find them both at Newsagents, though not necessarily the same one. You might have to scout around a few, otherwise subscribe.

    Thanks for the heads-up, CJ. I didn't know that, though I've heard of the Visordown website. March is the most recent Two issue going by the site.
  6. Yes, the Aprilia RSV4 is a gorgeous bike and have been following up on the comparo between it, the Duc 1198S and the 09 R1, just out of interest. Though, I'm biased suddenly of late - and yes, it is an R1, 2008 that is ;)

    'TWO' is great, as are 'SuperBike' and 'Performance Bikes'.
    Some GREAT reading in the AUG (recent) edition with the main focal point being the comparo mentioned above.
    Great motorcycling times we live in !
  7. With the exception of Rapid, the pommy mags are so much better than ours. Performance bikes is my fave because they focus on the older machienery.
    I Ordered myself a copy of Jamie Whitham's Autobiography 'What a good do' on ebay, and it was a pretty entertaining read for a bike fan.
  8. So now all we need is a Tuono with the V4? :D
  9. Indeed, a Sports/Touring version would be very nice, thank you, Mr Aprilia.
  10. Rumoured. Though I'd not describe the Tuono as a Sports/Tourer.
  11. Spy photos are already around.
  12. Spot on ! That would be like a sexy elegant woman but with a husky voice.
    You know it's got balls, but you still don't f*ck with it
  13. Linky? REAL spy photos or MCN photoshop photos?
  14. Real spy photos. Current cover of AMCN. Still crude looking, but they are looking to release it in 2010 sometime.

    This bike will melt your face off.
  15. There are the usual fakes based on the RSV4, but also at least this one shot of testing.

  16. Not sure I like that tiny nose. Looks a bit too boring... like a Z1000 or something. We'll see eh?

    I wonder if they will do a sports-tourer - Falco V4? Having tried the old Falco, I was thoroughly unimpressed, I must say. Just felt like they gutted all the angry, violent attitude that gave the RSVR and Tuono their soul.
  17. I bought AMCN this arvo and had a quick look at the pictures (note the order there), Very impressive looking bike. Makes me hope even more that they will do an S/T version.
  18. The Tuono is not a S/T and it is unlikely to spawn one. I dare say that Moto Guzzi will be the home of Tourers and S/T for the Piaggio group and Aprilia will have the sports mantle of the group.
  19. D'uh, really??? :roll:

    Don't put money on Aprilia not seeing the potential of a V4 S/T bike. Remember, you read it here first.