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Aprilia Tuono V4R

Average User Rating:
  1. Awesome-looking motorcycle; I really like the colour scheme. I haven't paid enough attention to these bikes...
  2. You seem to have a few bikes mate and judging from what you've posted on NR you have very good taste!
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  3. Mmmmm. Green with envy.
  4. Thanks mate! Down to the SF (stolen by the wife) and the Tuono atm. Can't really complaint! :)
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  5. Awesome bike mate .got mine 6 months ago. 1100 factory its my first ape loving the v4
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  6. yep on my first Tuono V4 and loving it!
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  7. Stock pipes sounded great but the Austin racing is obnoxiously good must wear ear plugs
  8. very nice :)
  9. Recalled! Check out MotorbikeRider.com.au
  10. I reckon it look 'allright'
  11. That's because it's motorbikewriter.com
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  12. I called the dealer today, the service manager had only just found out about the recall and was reading the bulletin while we were talking. I told him I am doing CSS on Monday and Tuesday and needed to know if it was safe to ride as it was too late to cancel for a refund and didn't want to spend over $900 hiring bikes if I didn't have to. asked if he could give me the number so I could call Aprilia.

    he couldn't give me the number but he took down my details and said he would call them and ring me back. true to his word he called me about twenty minutes later. Aprilia said that the recall was due to a 'rubber seal and the bike was safe to ride' on the track or road and the recall was just precautionary. the seals were not in stock in Oz at present and would be a few weeks away but the apes could be ridden no problem. the repair is about a ten minute job and can be done 'while you wait'.

    good news and it's off to CSS for me next week. w00t! :woot:
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