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Aprilia Tuono my 2006

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Scumbag, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. Here goes, this thing is fun with a capital F.
    Wonderful thing to ride, very easy, great brakes and power and suspension.
    Good finish, looks great (to me) the swingarm is a work of art.
    Based on the RSVR people have seen me on before. Same engine and gearbox, the only difference is some of the body work and the Ohlins suspension.
    This is a hoot of a bike. Even so new I still had the trade plate on it last night at Southbank, it just wanted to bop along at an indecent pace.
    Great feeling back through the bars from the front end, and the brakes are stupendous. You can just feel it wants to do stoppies (or wheelies) not that I advocate this sort of behaviour, anti social as it is.
    The motor just wants to go hard and is very easy to do so, thank goodness for the shift light still set at 6000 or I would have gone past it on a number of occasions.
    Really nicely balanced, you can still at standstill take your feet off the ground and if you are still enough the bike will just stay there.
    I really like this bike, I have enthused about it to all and sundry and if I had the dollars I would have one sitting in my garage to commute and play on.
    For a price of just over 20 large plus onroads it is well priced as well.
    The only negative points I can think of our, the gearing is not suited to city riding, this however can be fixed by putting a smaller front sprocket on to make it more usable.
    This would also help on power wheelies in the lower three gears.
    Note I do not advocate this sort of behaviour.
    Have I mentioned this thing is just a HOOT to ride.



  2. Can confirm that 4th and 5th gear roll-ons are impressive too!