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Aprilia Tuono 1100 factory

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by itchin, Nov 21, 2015.

  1. Picked her up today what a kracker! Only seen the colors in pics- in the flesh it looks friggn hornee! Already started on it rad guard, tail tidy and some bar end lookers. Soo heres a cupla pics. 20151121_095649. 20151121_150158. 20151121_150246.

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  2. I thought there was rules against posting p0rn on here?

    Congrats, looks awesome!
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  3. Congrats! What a looker, saw this on display at the Sydney motorcycle show this morning and it was the only sports bike I took a photo of :) have a blast !
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  4. Ohhhh man, I'm extremely jealous.
    fcuking fantastic bikes!
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  5. Congrats! That's a nice looking bike
  6. itchinitchin, she is sensational! Pure and unadulterated sex on wheels... Looks even better (if it is at all possible) with bar end mirrors and a tail tidy. Congrats, great choice of a ride (y)
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    lovely mate
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Was parked next to my tuono rr i picked up a couple of days ago in the shop, so jealous. Just couldnt wait the possible 4 months they were predicting so had to settle for the standard, awesome awesome piece of kit, 700km in 2 days and can't wait to unleash its full potential. Thinking i might go the 15 tooth in the front, but will see how it feels once i can play with the full rev range. The stock exhaust is pretty sweet too, was planning on putting a racefit black edition on it, but the neighbours already love the standard.

    Are they crg bar ends? it was the style i was looking for, similar to what i have on the street triple.
  10. Yeh i was just lucky someone backed out of the deal. Rode it home in the wet the traction control works good it come on a couple of times just gettin away from the lights. The stock ex does sound pretty good but ive got a sc project on order so see how thst goes. The mirrors are just ebay jobs but really good quality heaps better than factory.
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  11. Very nice bike! So jealous. If I only got into A1 a week earlier before you :cry: ... Test ridden a few more bikes bikes after but none has provided me as much fun as the Tuono ... Might have to put a deposit on one despite having to wait till March before I get one ...
  12. Congrats itchinitchin , looks great. You and Uncle GregUncle Greg will have to go on a date sometime... :)
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  13. Well as long as he's charming and brings flowers i might be swayed he is after all a very attractive man.
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  14. Look the details don't concern me, I just want a good pic of the 2 bikes together somewhere out on the road...
  15. Should've gone to specsavers ;)
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  16. You ride Aprilia too maybe a menagghe a twarr?
  17. Is that Swahili lol?

    Don't think my Shiv will keep up with the big boys toys...
  18. having a photo ride in a few weeks be great to get the three together
  19. Yep definetly
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