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Aprilia SR50 Questions....

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by ELX, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,
    Im sure you'd had millions of questions about SR50's, but i did try searching and couldn't seem to find what i was looking for. Basically, im looking at buying a 50cc scooter in the next few weeks and at the moment im pointing at the SR50. Im after something agile, nimble, quick, light, sporty etc. And the SR seems to have the sport looks and performance to back up the positive acclaim it seems to yeild in reviews. Basically im wonding about the difference in performance over the different models. Im looking at either an 02, 03 or perhaps 04 model (if I can find a cheap one). I have read that the earlyer ditech ones were not as power restricted as the current models and i was just wondering which year models were unrestricted and the oppisate. Also does anyone happen to know what year the digital speedo unit started being used on the SR's? Thanks very much guys! Ridesafe


  2. Scooter

    Hi thought i could help, I'm selling 03 model yamaha aerox 50cc which in my opinion is up there with the Aprillia but slightly bit cheaper. email me if your interested i'm in brisbane. bee200sx@hotmail
  3. If you buy a 50cc scooter you will be road kill within a year ! buy something that is as quik or quiker than the cages. I would not be game to buy anything under a 150cc. For god sake work out that there is no difference between crashing a 1000cc superbike at 60kph and a scooter you only have to slide a few meters down the road in thongs to bleed to death !