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Aprilia Sportscity One 50cc - thoughts

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Brash, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. I'm looking to move from an Sym Red Devil to a Sports City One 50cc through a write-off of the Sym due to moronic 4x4 drivers who like to use my scooter as a reversing indicator.

    Anyway, these appear pretty new and I can't find any reviews on them. The website says they have only 3.0hp, while the Sym is over 4hp. Any thoughts on them?

  2. While i dont have any experience with the scooter, that brand is well respected in this realm.

    Would you be open to alternatives? If so, we might need to know two things. 1) how much is the payout...2) do you plan to stay on a scooter for a while, etc.
  3. its a 4-stroke, it will be gutless.
  4. Ow...4-strke = no thanks.

    I think the payout will be around $1800. It must be capable of taking 2 people, both without bike licences. The Red Devil suits us fine at the moment, I guess I was just putting it out there if there was anything new on the scene which is better for up to $2500.
  5. When i was doing my research around that price range the red devil was one of THE favourites, up there with the jog and the TGB 101s (which I ended up purchasing).

    Good fun. Cant go too wrong really
  6. I also rate the Bug Pronto, Red Devil and TGB 303.
  7. Get a 200cc Sportcity! I LOVE mine. (though I am upgrading to either the 250 or 300 soon as I can afford it.)

    Aprilia is great. Only drawback is it takes forever to get parts, so try not to drop it :wink: