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Aprilia sportsbike Vs Scooter - thanks mate NOT

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by mark59, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. You know, is it not enough we urban commuters have to play humpo-bumpo with cagers for 50 km every day? Gotta love those Hummers in peak hour.

    BUT, its totally off the chart when one of my fellow riders almost rear ends me in a totally avoidable, foreseeable, dick-head, impatience-induced, excess-speed smash.

    I am in the right lane at the head of the line in front of Rosanna station level crossing this morning heading to the city. I filter past an Aprilia sportsbike about two cars back from the line. We all wait there for a full cycle of the boom-gates. The lights eventually turn green and I head off over the tracks. I get clear of all the cars and am heading up an open Lower Plenty Road at 70 kph - I know this as I was on full throttle on my 150cc scooter and glanced at the speedo, thinking how funny it is that this is my max speed on this hill. My narrow scooter is quick in traffic but certainly not fast on the open road - an ideal commuting device.

    At this time I have lost sight of the Aprilia. I ALWAYS look out for bigger bikes coming up from behind as I respect their power and give them clear passage where necessary. I can't hear him, can't see him, so I believe he has turned off or is simply running up the 60kph speed-limit hill at around my speed.

    I see the cars in right lane way up ahead start to slow and I check the mirror to the left, indicate, head check to the left - nothing in the left lane so I move to the right track of the left lane.

    The Aprilia then comes screaming past me on my left, probably doing 90 to 100 kph. No contact but thank f#$k I moved only to the right track rather than the centre of the lane. He must have been well behind me, went left and cracked the throttle open.

    I catch up to the Aprilia, stopped at the very next red light turning left into Upper Heidelberg Road. I show him a one inch gap between my thumb and index finger. Thankfully, he apologizes and says that he "had no choice as he was traveling too fast". Yeah, right. I head off and he stays a good distance behind me as I filter into the cars.

    Of course, he is a gifted rider, capable of handling the speed of such a beautiful machine. Of course he had full control as he effortlessly split between me and the gutter. Of course, I am a mere scooter rider, just trying to get to work on a cold and windy Tuesday. I thought about my wife and three primary school aged children. I wondered if he would have given them the same apology if he had killed me.

    Maybe, just maybe, tomorrow he will recognize the commuting situation in which he is actually riding and park the Aprilia and use it on track days until he grows up. Perhaps he may even buy himself a scooter. If only not to orphan someone else's kids - maybe his own...

  2. This wont got down well here mate...
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  3. Good vent.
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  4. 90-100km/h vs. your 70km/h is a closing speed of about 5-8m/s.

    i'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you can head check and then lane change within 1 second.

    this means that i will generously estimate your 'bubble' of perception at only about 10 meters around yourself.

    not condoning any excessive speed by the rider, the rule of thumb is give way to those in front.

    but that said, your awareness looks like it could take some improving.
  5. He apologised, he admitted he was travelling too fast. What more do you want?
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  6. Obviously, their ambition outweighed their talent.

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  7. can empathise (except for the scooter bit, hehe)..

    regularly have sportsbikes suddenly appear at twice my speed, in my lane with me. without notice.

    is freaking annoying and ridiculously dangerous.

    in traffic i could easily need to move 5 or six inches .. which would mean serious carnage.

    they may be a good rider, but in traffic, others are not predictable and nor they should be.

    is top of my (mental) list of 'why i should ditch my bike', well higher than having to dodge cars.

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  8. So he was already in the left lane, and you merged from the right lane into the left lane..?
  9. Meh, people here are more than happy to continue complaining after the car driver has said sorry.
  10. Get over it. Everyone makes errors on and off the road-
    You even admitted to breaking the speed limit by over 116%, what if a kitten ran out onto the road and you hit and killed the cute innocent 5yo girl that chased it across the road??
    A classic example of "Glass house syndrome".
  11. Of course, sorry. I keep forgetting that no one here ever makes an honest mistake, or makes the wrong decision. I must remember that it's everyone elses fault.
  12. OP, when you indicated and started to move left, do you believe the Aprilia was behind you in the RH lane? (either close or far back, doesn't matter)
  13. 1. would he cop this abuse if he wasnt on a scooter?

    2. when you are in a 60 zone, you do your head checks etc looking for vehicles also doing similar to the speed limit. We ALL do this. No matter if you are in a car or on a bike you will never consciously looking for someone doing double the speed limit! You look at gaps and areas based on the speed limit. Cannot blame this rider for not seeing the aprillia. you cannot claim the aprillia's speed doesnt matter. cuz it does.

    even if you do see a vehicle at double the speed limit you are most likely to judge your available room on what would be there at the speed limit. so it is very likely ou may change lanes and hit someone who has such a big speed differential.

    all this bs about he was speeding too so don't judge others! garbage! a small speed differential (up or down) from the limit or the traffic is nothing compared to going double.

    if you go double the speed limit then take responsibility for what will happen in front of you. it is YOUR responsibility to make sure anyone around you will not hit you seeing that they will not be looking for such a big difference.

    say you live in a quiet street .. nice and straight .. fun to do 100 in a 50 zone?

    say you live in a quiet street and pull out of your driveway, are you looking for people coming down it t freeway speeds?


    fast is fun, but take responsibility for it .. and don't risk OTHER peoples lives for the sake of it. you may be invincible, at least realise others aren't.


    ps: meh at me

    pps: had two friends die and kill others due to thinking they themselves were invincible. the innocent people killed is the suckiest bit
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  14. Call the waaahmbulance
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  15. ... cba
  16. was he hot ?
  17. lol, netrider gender equality
  18. You should post this up on the Whirlpool forum.
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  19. For the record, the left lane was clear all the way back to the rail crossing. Thinking more about it he could only have been tucked up behind the cars that were behind me.