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Aprilia Shiver tail chop and new mirrors

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Grumply, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    Well not wanting to waste any time in customising my bike for myself, I decided to do a tail chop and switch over my mirrors today. So I figured I’d share my adventures with you.

    The standard fender on the bike is a fairly ludicrous affair, takes up a lot of space, looks strange, and doesn’t actually offer any protection from the mud:



    So my first step was to go at it with a dremel:


    This done, I cut a plain steel bracket in half and used it to raise the attachment points for my licence plate:


    I could have gone out and bought a slightly larger extension to lift the licence plate the extra centimetre that it could go, but I couldn’t be bothered and it’s a pretty minor difference, so I just let it slide. Here’s the final fitment of the licence plate:



    It’s definitely an improvement over the stock arrangement, but it’s still a fairly bulky unit to have hanging off the rear of the bike, so I might look into a tidier tail tidy further down the track.

    With my tail tidied I moved on to the mirrors, I had a set of Rizoma Class Retro mirrors that I’d kept when I sold my Monster, and being that they look gorgeous and cost me a fortune, it seemed only right that I throw them on the Shiver.

    I started with the right bar-end (next to the throttle), it came off with a bit of elbow-grease and I then had to move the clutch fluid reservoir and throttle assembly down the handle half an inch. Because the handlebars taper off quite steeply this part was a bit tricky – putting the mirrors on forces the other components in as far as you can physically get them. I also had to angle the throttle assembly down a little, as the edge of the brake lever was running along the bottom of the mirror when I pulled it in.

    At any rate, in the end I got the mirror mounted, it sits firmly on the bar, looks good and provides good visibility.

    I then moved on to the left bar-end, but the damn screw holding the bar-end in was in so tight that I stripped it trying to get it out. :(

    So my plans for getting both mirrors on have been foiled for the weekend. I’ll have to head to the Aprilia dealership on Monday to get the stripped screw taken out and replaced.

    Oh well, here are some more photos of how she’s now looking:




    What do you think guys?
  2. very sexy mods. i love the new arse, and the mirrors look mean and nasty (retro, too).

    hot stuff grumps :)
  3. hott.
    two tees.
  4. Thanks guys! :beer:
  5. Nice work. Looks tough.
  6. i reckon your previous mirrors looked better
  7. Great job it really is a nice looking bike and the more I see it the more it moves up the list of bikes I want.
  8. Looks good.

    If you do strike a really obstinate and pernicious copper, they might ping you for not having a rear reflector... but you'll have to be really on lady luck's bad side.
  9. Cheers guys (y)

    It's a chance, I didn't run into any issues on the Monster, and I'm hoping I'll be alright on the Shiver. With the rear taillight always on you'd assume the reflector wouldn't be a big deal. I'll keep fingers crossed.
  10. hi mate, how much did you paid for Aprilia Shiver?