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Aprilia Shiver... now with added bling!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Grumply, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Well I'm a couple of mods into my Aprilia Shiver ownership, so I figured I'd share how things stand at the moment.

    My first mods were to chop the Shiver's ridiculous (and completely useless) tail off, and to add my Rizoma Class Retro mirrors. The greatly improved the bikes lines I thought, and I left things there for a while.

    I've ordered some more exciting bits (including an Arrow exhaust), but whilst the unending wait for them continues, I decided to add some more immediate bling - in today's case, some reflective gold rim tape for the wheels, and a gold radiator guard.

    Installation for both is pretty straightforward, though the tape is very tough to get perfect because it stretches and is tricky to line up correctly right the way around the rim. As a result mine has some minor imperfections, but to the casual glance it's fine.

    The rad guard is quite a different gold colour to the frame and the rim tape, but still looks pretty spiffy I think.

    That said, these will be the last gold-coloured accents I'll add to the bike. The gold frame is the centrepiece of the Shiver, and I think too much bling (especially golden bling) quickly starts to detract from the bike and makes it look too 'busy'.

    As it stands, I'm really quite happy with the result. I think the two mods compliment the Shiver's looks nicely, they make it look a little flashier, but not by too much.

    The bike as it was originally:



    With tail-chop, Rizoma mirrors, gold wheel stripes and radiator guard:




    What do you think fellas?
  2. Dude, that looks awesome !
    I am a firm believer of gold bling (y)
    Enjoy your 'renewed' Shiver and bet you can't wait for the arrow exhaust to arrive.
  3. I love the look of the Shiver! SEEEEXY!!!
  4. Love it, am so busting to get my own.

    Agree with you though that you've reached the limit/perfect balance with the gold bling. (but the header pipe looks like it needs a bit of love - ceramic coat maybe to keep it looking schmick?)
  5. Darling please..........as the old sea dogs would say "Shiver me timbers we be presented with a beast most horrid"

    Sweetie your bike is sex on a stick.........
  6. Cheers fellas!

    Robbie, plan with the header (and probably the mid-pipe too) is to give it a proper polish once the Arrow pipes finally arrive, then everything will be properly shiny!

    Now stop talking about getting one and get one! :p (have you managed to sell to Guzzi yet?)
  7. Grumply, where did you get the rim tape from? Do you need to disassemble anything to stick it on? I want some red tape for my Bandit :)

    Your Shiver looks schmick mate.
  8. Get your washing in, looks like rain
  9. Cheers mate, I got mine from a crowd in the States called dunstangraffix.com (who had the right colour and a good price), however I'm not sure I'd recommend them since I had such issues getting smooth fitment around the wheels (as the tape kept stretching out a bit in parts).

    A sturdier, less stretchy tape would be best, however I'm not even sure if that exists (so you might not be able to do better than the stuff they sell).
  10. search 'rim tape' on ebay - i got mine which are cut into curved pieces and apply in 4 sections, easy as can be. and cheap, they have a lot of colours too.
  11. Very nice Grumply! How do you find the bar end mirrors?
  12. Grumply you just confirmed by suspicions. I had bought a set of red rim tape for my bike but upon seeing other bikes with rim tape on them I came to the conclusion they all had black rims and that is why the tape looked nice. However you have silver rims like me and the end result is fine so I think I will utilise the tape I have in the next few weeks by putting it on.
  13. They're terrific, zero vibration, good field of view, and most importantly... they look damn sexy!

    That said, the stock mirrors on the Shiver are actually excellent and provide a really good view of what's behind you (the first time I've come across that with bunny-ears style mirrors), so it's really just a cosmetic improvement from my point of view.

    And go for it ResmeN, red tape will set off the red on your CB400 really nicely I reckon.
  14. Am going shopping this week. The new black/red combo though is sold out till the end of the year, just checking to see what is available but I think its only the silver/red or the black/silver

    What do you reckon?

    Attached Files:

  15. sorry better picture of the black/silver hopefully

    Attached Files:

  16. Definitely looks better with a bit of colour on the frame I reckon. I really like the silver/red combo (which I reckon looks even better if you replace the red three-quarter panel with a matching silver one):


    The only thing I don't like about the newer ones is the cowl around the headlight, but you can remove that if you don't like it, so no biggie.
  17. ARGH! Just been told there's a 3rd delay on my new exhaust, it's been over a month now since I ordered it and again they're telling me 'next week'.

    I've given them an ultimatum now, ship it by next week or I cancel my order.

    Why is everything I order for this bike so damn hard to get?! :(
  18. Its an exotic bike with a small market
    Buy from over seas i dont like to take business out of the jolly old land of oz but i buy most of my bike parts overseas quick shippin 1-2 weeks compared to a month or so here
    And cheaper by alot
  19. Oh yea forgot to add your bike looks dam fine and not over the top (y)
  20. It's an Italian crowd I've ordered from. :( I always prefer to buy locally when I can, but at $1400 buying the pipes locally was never going to happen (not when it's $500 cheaper to import them).

    I'm just getting incredibly frustrated with the waits I've had to go through for everything with this bike. The body panels that were ordered for the bike the day I picked it up (dealer got the wrong colour) took over 3 months to arrive, other bits and bobs have been comparably tardy.

    It's just frustrating. I think in future I'll get everything for the bike from the States, it's a bit more expensive than getting the parts from Europe, but it seems they actually have the parts in stock, and are dependable in terms of actually getting them down here in a reasonable timeframe.