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Aprilia Shiver Colour Swap!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Grumply, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Well as some of you might know I've been through a 9 month ordeal having the bodywork on my Aprilia Shiver changed over from black to grey.

    Well today I made my third trip out to the dealers for this to be done and finally everything is on. I had to sit there for 3 bloody hours for just a tank panel and a couple of decals to be put on, but the bike is finally how it was supposed to be the day it was delivered... in June last year.

    Even then the swap wasn't without incident. After rolling the bike out for me with the tank panel swapped and the decals on, I turned the key and... a big old error light and 'unplugged ecu' message. ](*,)

    Which saw the bike straight back in the workshop for another 45 bloody minutes whilst they replaced a blown fuse.

    I should have known by now it'd be too much to expect smooth sailing.

    What a delightful way to spend the morning of your 25th birthday :p

    But now that she's finally done, here's her journey from stock:





    And now finally:


  2. How can it take that long to get that little bit of work done ?