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Aprilia Shiver aftermarket exhaust fitted.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Grumply, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    Well it's been something of an ordeal just getting hold of the Arrow pipes for my Aprilia Shiver, but after months of back-and-forth with suppliers in Italy, and a great deal of waiting, today I finally got to mount my brushed aluminium cans on the Shiver.

    I searched and searched before making my aftermarket exhaust decision, but I couldn't find anywhere on the internet that had examples of these pipes mounted on the Shiver. So I was never sure how they'd look on the bike and in the end took a bit of a leap of faith with my decision to get them.

    That decision paid off.

    The brushed aluminium of the Arrow cans is almost an exact match for the colour of the heatshields on the stock exhaust, so colour-wise they look right at home on the bike.

    I began the process by printing out a template of an undertray, which I was going to need to fabricate before I could install the pipes (to protect the bike's electrics from road gunk) – this was meant to be a relatively simple cut-out job, but turned out to be the biggest challenge of the whole operation. I wanted to make one out of a dense plastic, but couldn’t find anywhere that sold plain flat sheets of plastic. I considered aluminium sheeting, but not having any metal-cutting tools it was going to be difficult. So in the end I opted to make do (for the time being at least) with a high-density card for frame mounting (cost me $8 so I figured I couldn’t go too far wrong… I was wrong).

    The card was about 2.5-3mm thick, for starters this is simply too thick for the undertray – it made it difficult to cut out, and I struggled a great deal with securing the bolts that had to go through it (the bolts weren't long enough). Add to that the fact that my printout of the template must have been off by a couple of millimetres, and I ended up wasting hours going back and forth making slight adjustments to it to get it to fit.


    Eventually I got it about right, painted it black and fitted it.

    Stripping down the bike was all quite straight forward until I got to one of the big bolts that held the stock exhaust on, it refused to budge and decided to be stripped instead of moving – 45 minutes of straining at it with every spanner and clamp I could find and eventually I got it out.


    Next came mounting the cans themselves, this should have been relatively straightforward, but being a finicky twit I decided that I really couldn’t stand to have the blue/yellow Arrow brand stickers on the cans detracting from the look of my bike.


    I would have preferred to simply remove the stickers, but Arrow insists on riveting them to the cans :( so I ended up fitting them reversed – which required rather a lot of strong-arming.

    I got them fitted in the end, but I’m not quite happy with how they line up – so I may eventually mount them normally, and simply spray paint the Arrow stickers silver.

    At the end of the day, what should have been a 2 hour job, ended up being a 4.5 hour ordeal, but at least the end result looks pretty damn good:



    As for the sound, I’m not exactly sure yet. I’ve mounted them with the silencers still fitted and they’re actually no louder than the stock cans, the sound is considerably deeper though. I don’t know if I was simply expecting a bit more shock and awe from the pipes, but I’m not quite as content with the sound as I was hoping to be. I think it’s mostly just a volume thing though (the cans have a beautiful note), so I might be pulling the silencers out sometime soon.

    Tomorrow morning I’m finally getting the final body panel (tank panel) changed over to silver – so I’ll finally have the bike I was always wanting. Very exciting!

    I’ve taken some video footage comparing the sound of the pipes, so I’ll upload that for people to hear sometime soon.
  2. Mate, your bike is looking awesome...and the pipes no doubt look/sound great.
    Will you be leaving the silencers in ? I have no experience with these pipes but perhaps the sound which you seek would make itself evident if you removed these ?

    Been a pleasure seeing/reading the progress of your beast - you've put lots of attention to detail, so here's to many hours of fun-filled enjoyment & memorable adventures (y)

    Let us know if you decide to remove the silencers - a voice file/youtube link would be nice :D
  3. #3 Grumply, Dec 13, 2010
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    Cheer Nickers!

    I've removed the silencers for the moment, and it certainly sounds LOUDER! I fear it may be a tad too loud though, and seeing as I'm already deaf in one ear, I should probably look after the one I've got left :p

    It's a nuisance, because ideally I'd like the bike to be half way between the volume it has with the silencers out and with them in. I'm thinking I might actually modify the silencers themselves to try and coax a little extra volume out of them and reach a happy medium.

    Here's how she sounds with them out:

  4. Oh, f*** no...mate, you HAVE to leave those silencers out..that sounds one mean mofo now dude ! (y)
    Legendary effort posting up a youtube file as requested - you da man !

    PS - I'd leave the silencers out (removed) - to save your hearing (important for us all) ride around with earplugs mate. A small 'sacrifice' for a LARGE (horn) gain !
    Well done, your bike is a dream dude.
  5. +1...sounds bloody nice without the silencers. Cagers will definitely hear the growl before they see you.
  6. Haha, I can't argue with that I suppose! :p I'll take one for the team and get some ear plugs instead.
  7. That sounds badass!