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Aprilia Shiver 750?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Faramir, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. Does any one know anything about the Aprilia Shiver 750. I've seen the video on the Aprilia web site (that naked model is really hot... :grin: )

    Look at this link

    Follow it through until you can download the video clip.

    Shiver costs $14,990 + ORC. Is it worth it?



    How would the Shiver compare to a Monster 695? The Shiver has Ride by Wire. It felt good to sit on. There's only two in Australia at the moment and I sat on one of them. I think that they won't be arriving in Aus for a little while? Someone correct me please.

    ..... (keep dreaming about some distant upgrade ..... I need to get more out of my Spada first.)
  2. The thing to remember is that Aprilia have decent reputation for quality of their bikes but fairly poor reputation for after-sale support.... things like dealer network and above all, availability of spare parts.

    This good rep for quality came largely from the fact their engines were pretty reliable. But those were Rotax engines, built in Austria. However, Shiver is an all-Aprilia bike, and a new engine and with a lot of completely and untested components. True, these days Aprilia is a company on the move, now that they are part of Piaggio group (who are a large company indeed) and things might be on the upswing in general. Still, I'd sit this one out for a year or so - let others do the testing :)

    ... and yes, I sat on this bike too and I like it quite a bit, but I'm just naturally cautious.
  3. Also remember that whilst Apprillia are european and charge European prices for their bikes they don't have the resale value that Ducati and BMW do so you'll drop a larger percentage when you eventually trade up.
  4. I did like the Shiver but I fell in love with another bike the Sydney expo ;)
  5. Value is a subjective thing. But let's deal with the issues.

    Aprilia are part of the Piaggio group and their injection of capital is what has led to the development of the new models. Quality is not an issue and whilst all models have the occasional issue, I believe that they are at least as good as other makes.

    The dealer network is not massive. That is a negative, however find a good dealer and stick to them like a limpet. I strayed from Moto One for one service, never again!!

    Is it worth it? At $14,990 it is at the upper end of the naked class price wise. If you can afford it, I'd get one, they look awesome!

    Go the Ape, you know you want to.
  6. Is there any solid info on whether the local distributors intend to bring this model in? I see it on their site, but the (clearly uninformed) rep I spoke to at the Melb Moto Expo said he didn't think so. Said there was no market for midsize bikes in Australia :roll: If there's a price, there must be a plan, though.
    The well publicised issues about spare parts availability has been one of the big things that has kept me away from Aprilia, no matter how much I love their product. Periodically you read an announcement in the bike press about how this has now been overcome, but then there's yet another story about some guy waiting 18 months to get back on the road.
    I hope for their sake it has been fixed this time. I'd seriously look at one of these if it is.
    BTW, there's supposed to be a supermotard version in the pipeline :grin:
  7. Titus, there is no spare parts issue that I am aware of. What I have heard is that JSG may not get some parts in and don't have that side of the business under control.

    However, the internet is your friend and AF1 in the US operate the Aprilia forum and also one of the best spare parts and accessory sites I have ever seen (new CRG's for the T, delivered to my door in less than 7 days).
  8. Thanks for your responses everyone. I learnt something new about Aprilias today.
  9. Just me or does it look like a smaller version of the new cb1000r? :shock:
  10. Faramir,
    If it's you in the pic, the bike looks like a good fit. If you really like it you should go for it. (hehe, i rhymed, :)
    I've never owned an Aprilia so I can't say about the after sales support, but I can tell you that it's very important.
    Things like getting your bike serviced in a time frame that suits you not the dealer, and getting spare parts quickly is great.
    To be fair to Aprilia, other brands like Honda who are supposed to be good, sometimes are not so it's horses for courses.
    What i do know about the Shiver 750 is this, they use a ride by wire throttle meaning your throttle is not operating the fuel, it operates a computer that then operates the fueling.
    A mate of mine was in Italy a couple of months ago and the Shiver was being sold there but there was a lot of fueling issues due to the ride by wire system which wasn't operating properly.
    That I reckon is probably whats causing delays in getting it released worldwide as it's a lot easier to fix a faulty computerised engine system on an italian bike in italy rather than having to send parts back and forth between australia and europe.
    Price wise, I think it's in line with european imports although a Triumph Street Triple with a 675 engine is probably better value at $11990.
    Also Honda have the new Hornet 600 coming. The hornet is designed and made in Italy would you believe as middleweights are huge in Italy apparently. That should also be around the $11k mark. I would pick those before the Shiver.
  11. I think it could be you - you just posted in the wrong forum...


  12. I like this bike too and emailed Aprilia Australia twice enquiring when the launch date was expected to be etc,....so far without even an acknowledgement. Can't say I'm all that surprised, having dealt with them before.

    I bought an Aprilia scooter (new) a few years ago and broke the crappy little plastic dip-stick. The part took 12 weeks to arrive and was bloody expensive. Seriously, there'd be more plastic in a 2 litre coke bottle. Absolute RIP-OFF.

    I've found Aprilia's attitude toward customers (and/or potential customers) to be pretty arrogant. It would definitely be something I'd consider before shelling out for a Shiver. There's plenty of opposition in the $15k bracket IMO. (ie, Street Triple or Buell etc)

    Shame really as this new generation of bikes looks so tempting.
  13. Ignore the doomsayers!

    This bike looks awesome.

    Supply issues were a result of cashflow problems when they bought Moto Guzzi. These are now resolved.

    Dealers are like any make, some are good, some are bad. My local dealers are ok, I had a problem with my most local when they just forgot to do the service(!), but that's not a make problem, just organisation.

    Bikes are about passion and excitement. If this bike floats your boat, buy it!

    It was launched in Australia at the Sydney Expo apparently (can someone confirm?)
  14. A few months ago when I enquired to Aprilia Australia as to when it will be available in Australia, I got a response within 2 hours and was advised late Oct/Early Nov.

    The biggest disappointment for me was not having one at the Melbourne Motorbike Expo. I'm quite interested in one of these as my other options are the S2R Monsters in either the 800 or 1,000. Now that Duc are taking the 800 out of their range and going with the 696 Monster, I guess it is now out of the Shiver or the S2r1000.

    I do like its big brother the Tuono, but I know some1 with one and couldnt possibly turn up to coffee on one. :wink:
  15. I did all 3 expos and it was not on display at the other 2, Sydney only.

    I really like the look of the shiver. Lots. The thing is just gorgeous to look at. Other than the exhausts that they tried to copy the stupid looking b-king.

    I had a sit in Sydney and it felt odd for me. I'm coming off a firestorm though.

    Now the F800ST on the other hand, now that felt like it fit perfectly. ;)
  16. I like the look of the F800 too. I considered it rather seriously before I bought my blade. In the end I decided it wasn't what I was after at this point in time. I'm curious about the range on it too. The tank is only 14 litres or something isn't it? Plus the tank is under the seat :)
  17. I think at my age and skill level it's time for a BMW unlike smee who's had one for a decade :rofl:

    Range is 350km claimed its a 16 litre underseat tank with 4 litres as reseve.

    From their webfright;
    Fuel Consumption Over 100km @ 90kph: 3,4 l
    Fuel Consumption Over 100 km @ 120kph: 4,4 l
  18. Blade and an F800? Opposite ends of the spectrum.

    I had an F800 for a day and hated it. Clunky gearbox, indifferent engine, horrible engine noise. Yuk. Handled well.
  19. He he, yeah I know, but I had and sv650 before that so I was really searching all areas of the biking universe to see which way that I wanted to go :) If it seems like they are opposite sides of the spectrum that's because I was looking there, plus underneath it and also in it's underwear draw :) (The spectrums draw that is.............)

    That range is pretty impressive on the F800. I pass one on the way to work most days, he/she doesn't nod :( But the bike does look nice. The idea of no more chain lube is a major draw card too :)
  20. Has it come out on sale in Europe yet?