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Aprilia Shiver 750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by robbie55, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. Am seriously considering purchasing this bike shortly and it will probably only end up being a choice of the standard or GT version with ABS

    It will be used as my everyday commuter with weekend rides as well of course. Although not a tourer would also hope to do some trips of a few days/weekend etc.

    Just wanted hear any thoughts about these models or other suggestions that I may have overlooked. To be used for the above purposes and prefer the Italian bikes. Only other one I am considering at this stage is the 696+ but it seems to really be my second choice at this stage.

    anything else worth considering?
  2. It's a nice choice of bike and especially due to the fact that it only requires servicing every 20000km due to the ride by wire system it has on board.

    Ride by wire can be both a positive or a negative depending on the way you look at the bike.

    Quote taken from website:

    Our main beef with the Shiver is the engine. Despite being powerful, the 750cc V90 just doesn’t feel quite right. Though the Shiver GT features the second generation Aprilia Ride-by-wire throttle and sophisticated fuel injectors there’s something wrong with the way this engine feels and delivers power.

  3. street triple.
  4. 20,000km oil changes? I don't believe that.
  5. The thorn in every other naked middleweight's side.

    Keep hearing these comments about the power delivery, and yet the reviews of the Dorsoduro, with the exact same engine, never mention it. Only way to know is to test ride it I suppose. Only ever seen one of 'em on the road, so it'll be a bit of an orphan.

    I like 'em, tho.
  6. if anyone didnt service a bmw for 20,000kms theyd be nuts let allone an ape. i dont think there are too many aprillias that have made it past 20thou without needing a rebuild let alone an oil change lol
  7. Yep have considered the street triple and I suppose I should test ride one before I decide as in every comparison test it seems to come out on top. I can't say it really does anything for me though visually (call me shallow but looks count for me).

    The fact that it is/might become an orphan only bothers me in the resale stakes.

    20000k service is also appealing but my (limited) experience with Italian bikes is that they will tell you when they need some attention, scheduled services at whatever intervals mentioned are purely marketing.
  8. the good thing about long service intervals is that you can service the bike yourself every 5,000kms and save a fortune only having to have it dealer serviced at 20thou and still keep your warranty.

    but you would never buy one of these 2nd hand as 75% of the owners wouldn't touch it till every 20,000 and it would be running around with shocking oil and fluids in it. who knows what damage oil like that would do
  9. No offence you are worried about resale and are thinking of buying an Aprilia? Next you will be looking at a KTM.
  10. Thing about the Shiver & related models is that the importer hasn't tried to put a stupidly high price on it (unlike bigger Prillers, big KTMs & some Ducatis) so the depreciation won't hurt as much. My understanding is that it's Aprilia's motor design but still built by Rotax in Austria, so it should be pretty solid.
  11. Resale value is obviously something that I would think about but it would not stop me from getting the bike.

    The only used model I've come across though was an 07 model for $11k given they are available now at $12990 ride away I think the resale value is not bad. Happy to be given some further info though before I head back to the dealership.
  12. I've been seeing that ride-away price recently. It's very good.

    As a taller rider I find the Aprilia a better and more comfy fit that most (only having sat on a few).
  13. Yeah the price is actually what enticed me. Wasn't actively looking for a bike just checking stuff out. Mentioned it to the wife who seemed (to my surprise) quite pleased with it as well. So my Breva is listed for sale and once gone a Shiver or Shiver GT will be getting much attention.

    BTW has anyone actually seen a Shiver GT in the flesh yet?

    Also has anyone seen the shiver without the gold frame? The gold frame doesn't look too bad in the flesh but I don't think it'll date well.
  14. i presume you'll be going through Motorino/Scooterino?
    they're decent sellers, sadly you'll still be reliant on John Sample Automotive for parts (who also supply Moto Guzzi), who have a pretty bad rep with supplying parts. One example, it took them FIVE MONTHS to supply a new ignition after my last one gave up the ghost. 5 months of perfect Summer riding weather, spent knuckle-dragging on public transport. Whether the blame lies with them, or Aprilia's lack of parts manufacturing, Aprilias can be a real whore to live with.
    When I bought my little 'Prilla a few years ago, Piaggio had just bought them out and given them a big cash injection, which was supposed to be used to build up the spare parts network. It seems they took this money and instead blew it on building the RSV4...

    Nice bikes, but I would never buy one again.
  15. Yeah because the throttle cable is the only thing that needs servicing on other bikes between 20,000 km intervals.


    BTW I thing Aprillia are gambling here that most people don't do more that 30-40Mm on a bike. A bike only doing sort of life might get away with that time between oil changes, but one doing 80Mm plus won't.

    If I bought one I'd still be doing oil changes every 5,000km and I wouldn't buy one second hand that had only been done every 20Mm.
  16. That is what is quoted by Aprilla.
  17. I think I will go through Motorino, because they are nearby but there are a couple other places as well that I might try to get the best deal.

    Waiting five months for a part though is something I couldn't do - I know with a warranty claim you'd want to go through the dealer so you are not out of pocket yourself but was it your experience that the parts were simply not available anywhere or that JSA couldn't get them? I ask as I have heaps of family in Italy and so perhaps they could just get the part for me and I could just try and claim the cost from JSA and/or have them install it?
  18. Ahh that explains it. A combination of Italain overstatement and italglish.
  19. I was going through Scooterino when the ignition died, all they knew and could tell me was that they were still waiting for the part so I'm not sure if your Italian rellies will fully fix the problem. It was under warranty at this stage. Their mechanic at the time put me onto PJ Motorcycle Engineers in the UK for all my engine parts, as Aprilia/JSA couldn't supply parts properly themselves. PJ mostly do 2stroke pistons, etc, not sure if it would make Shiva ownership any easier sadly
  20. I vaguely recall one of the mag tests criticised the front forks. Not sure what the prob was, maybe bottoming out unexpectedly?