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Aprilia Shiver 750 Sport

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by PilgriM, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Wondering if anyone has seen any good info around on this bike, haven't had much luck finding up to date reviews, searches usually turn up the older models..

    It is high on my list of bikes to try once off my restrictions so am trying to find out as much as I can about it..

    I keep seeing one parked behind my work, does look nice, they seem to be larger than you would originally think, probably the design makes them look smaller in pictures & from afar..
  2. I have one and love it.

    Grumply also has one and there is plenty of info on them on the aprlia forum http://www.apriliaforum.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=63

    I've got a lowering link for mine on account of being a short arse and have lowered the front which many have done anyway.

    I don't really know of anyone in Aus that has had much trouble with them however there have been a few issues raised on the forum above most seem to come up with fixes relatively quickly. If you are near a reputable dealer I can't see much of an issue.

    I'll leave it for grumply to give you his experiences but from what I understand most of his issues have been with delay for aftermarket parts rather than any reliablility issues with the shiver.

    There is plenty in this segment but for mine you can't go past the shiver.

    PS I do have a couple reviews lying around at home for the shiver sport - they are from last year from memory but you are talking the same bike - see what details I can find or I'll look to post something up.
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  3. I figured you would be the one to pipe up ;-) I think I recall that it was you who posted up that epic thread on choosing a new bike a while ago before settling on the Shiver??

    I remember that being an awesome read, & quite informative for anyone trying to decide on a bike in that category..
  4. I've seen it at A1 Motorcycles here in Ringwood & they look awesome, Pilgrim. Good choice there.
  5. I wandered in there a week or 2 ago & their's was out being used in an add or tv show shoot, something like that, so didn't get a chance to have a close look..
  6. No sadly that was grumply - I think was called the naked adventures of grumply or some such - yep it was a good thread
  7. I work close by so am out and about those shops everytime I go for a lunch time walk.

    Did you check out some Moto Guzzi's as well? What other bikes do you have in mind as your next one?
  8. I am pretty all over the place atm, I have a hankering for the Ninja 1000, but probably not quite up for a bike like that yet.

    Been considering trying a sports bike, Daytona would be the best choice I think but my wrists might not handle it.

    If MV-Agusta would hurry up & release the 675 Brutale that has been spotted recently I would be all over that like a rash..

    I think I can safely say I have almost thought I had settled on about 10-12 different bikes so far, keep changing my mind!! But in terms of needs, it will HAVE to be commuter friendly, which is where the Shiver wins points, will try a Street Triple too but it doesn't quite work for me, love how it sounds & goes, its head & tail are where it loses its appeal for me..
  9. Hornet 600? I have one and its great
  10. I'm think about a similar upgrade as well. Got a 650 ATM and when the time comes for an upgrade, might opt for something a little up rather than straight to a 1000 cc+.

    Also not thinking about Jap bikes as such. My first 2 bikes have been Yamahas so I think it's time for a change. Nothing against Jap brands (in fact they are all good) but want to look at Italian (Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Aprilia etc) or Brit (Triumph). BUT having said that, you never know. :D
  11. Well hey there pilgrim


    As Robbie's already said, they're wonderful bikes with the only real issue being parts availability and delivery. I'm just about to click over 10,000km on mine, and haven't had a single issue yet (touch wood).

    The only changes in the bike between the 1st versions and the current ones, were rear wheel size, peg placement, the thickness of the seat and a headlight cowl - so mechanically/electrically there really isn't anything to separate the new models from reviews of the old models (with the exception of updates to the fuel mapping, which is better now than it was - but pretty much everyone's had those upgrades done anyway).

    Ergonomically, they suit taller riders really well (I'm 6' and mine fits like a glove), so if you've felt at all cramped on Street Triples, Monsters, Z750s etc - the Shiver will be a great match for you.

    They're a blast to ride, look gorgeous, sound nice and the multiple riding modes are fantastic (and something none of it's alternatives offer at the moment). Sport mode is quite snatchy and aggressive on the bike, and although that makes it a poor match for stop-start riding in traffic - it doesn't make the bike a lot more exciting to ride on the open road. Touring mode gives you a nice, smooth ride for when you have to potter about in the city/suburbs. It really does give you two bikes in one, and it's a large part of what makes the Shiver such a fantastic all-rounder.

    As I think I stated in my Naked Adventures thread, as far as middle-weights go, I'd bring it down to the Street Triple R and the Shiver for equal first place. Both are fantastic all-rounder bikes, and a tonne of fun to ride - with the only real decider between them being ergonomics (namely that the Triumph is notably smaller, so if you're 5'9" or under, I'd suggest that, if you're taller I'd suggest the Shiver).

    Mine still makes me smile every time I see her.
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  12. Grumply, I've started liking the Aprilia's as well now. Went for a wander at lunch today and sat on both the Tuono V4R & Shiver Sport - both very impressive bikes. I like the Tuono better but that might have to wait as the bike after next.

    The Tuono also recieved fantastic reviews in the recent copy of AMCN with all the 4 test riders favoring it a tad better than BMW1200GS, Ducati Streetfighter & MV Augusta Brutale 1050. The MV also received fantastic reviews so that might be worth a look as well in the future.

    Pilgrim, have you had a chance to look at the Tuono yet? It's about 6K higher than the Shiver though.
  13. I reckon that bike is way beyond my skill level, if I was splashing cash the Brutale 1099rr would get first look in, I luv how they look & the reviews are always good, except for the stated difficulty of keeping the front wheel on the ground..

    The Brutale 920 is out soon, so I will have a look but its price will probably be more than I am prepared to go to, $17.800 from what I have seen..

    As I said earlier, the Brutale 675 interests me a lot, not due out until late 2012 in Europe so doubt we will see it until closer to Q2 2013, if it was out now it would be top of my test ride list for sure..
  14. I never knew about this bike! sounds like a sweet machine, 750cc V twin, Italian, naked.

    and at what in my mind seems like quite a decent price.
  15. Yeh, the price is sub15K - which is pretty decent.
  16. Given it is often overlooked and the brand sadly considered unreliable I found most places will give a ride away price in the high $12k to low $13k when you are ready to talk turkey making it a top buy IMO.
  17. I thought so too until I read the AMCN magazine y'day where they rated the Tuono one of the best in the market and at par (maybe even a little bit better than BMW, Ducati etc).

    The sale guy also said that the Shiver needs to be servicet at 1K & then 20K. Even the 20K service is $450 mark so that's a good thing about them then.
  18. Oh, and just because this thread is worthless without pics, here's my baby :D



    Which is desperately in need of a wash at the moment.
  19. ^^ Sexy Machine. :)

    Are those Rizoma mirrors? BTW they look awesome.
  20. Yep, Rizoma Class Retros. I bought them for my Monster originally, but loved them too much to let go of them. They're expensive as hell, but beautiful to look at and really well made.

    Once I'd seen a picture of them on a Monster I knew if I bought something else, I'd still end up forking out for them eventually - so decided to save myself the additional cost of the interim mirrors :p