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Aprilia Service and repairs - Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by 1907, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. Calling Aprilia riders out there. I've just bought on '03 RSV Mille and need someone to service it. Oh, er, and now I need someone to repair it after a small problem with some wet bark on the Reefton road last Saturday (only cosmetic).

    Can anyone recommend the best Aprilia dealers in Melbourne? I'd especially like to get the repairs done b/4 Cup Day, as we take off on a big ride the next day.


    [ps. Anyone like to buy a very good 02 Daytona??]

  2. You dont mention a location so I am going to assume that you are in the East.

    Give Ian at Original Finish a call.

    Original Finish Motorcycle Smash Repairs & Spray Painting

    Fact 49/ 65 Canterbury Rd Kilsyth 3137

    (03) 9761 8033
  3. There's only 3 Aprilia Dealers in Melb.
    A1/ Eurobrit/ BikeBarn.
    Don't know too much about the service-part of BikeBarn...the other 2?
    Repairs? If it runs via insurance, any of those guys can bolt on new parts/ panels.
    Timing? Bwhahahahaaa (sorry)...I don't fancy your chances.
    You'll hear LOTS of "it's on backorder, 4 weeks minimum"...
    Sorry again, but after 5 years of Aprilia ownership and dealing with those guys, one gets a bit ....ahem...."realistic" about those things.
    Which was exactly the reason I started to get back to doing it myself again.
  4. [ps - price? :D]