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Aprilia Scarabeo

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Lloydie123, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Just bought an Aprilia Scarabeo yesterday. I was wondering if anyone else here has one? and if yes, what their experiences have been? Mods, adventure, reliability, engine and all that stuff. Thanks.

  2. My old flatemate had one.

    Reliable yes.
    The larger wheel base makes it a lot easier to go over potholes.
    Top end speed is okay (can handle 80 klicks an hour fine).

    About it. He only had it for 6 months before it got stolen though, so didn't get around to servicing etc.
  3. Hope mine doesn't get stolen. I'm going to try and get all the protection I can with the locks and what nots.

    Hmmm, did he have insurance?

    Actually the top end of 80 clicks sounds good for keeping up with traffic. Hope that I won't need to mod it at all.

    I've been told that it's more comfortable than smaller wheel scooters. Generally, I like the way it looks better than the standard scooter look, although the Mojito looks good and I was tempted to buy that but the DiTech engine in the 50cc Scarabeo seemed like a better idea.
  4. Fuel

    Also, wondering what fuel should I be using? PULP? Would it make it go faster?

    I read somewhere that it probably won't make it go faster but the bike would be even more efficient. If you have tried it - please lemme know.
  5. Yep fully insured, so no issues.

    My flatemate was a bit lazy when it came to bike security though. He left it parked outside for weeks on end in the same place without being chained up :)

    Fuel stuff, I don't know. I refueled it once or twice, but can't remember which I used.

    Was a good scooter, gave him no issues in the time he had it. I took it out for a spin once or twice, and it was fine.

    Hope you enjoy the purchase :)
  6. Yeah thanks. I hope the bike will be okay and not too underpowered.

    For the moment, I just need it to get to and from work so I couldn't be bothered to get a bike licence but who knows? If I really enjoy riding I might upgrade to something else.

    I just liked the idea of a scooter for convenience and low running cost and easy parking at work. (I only live 5 kms from work). Besides, being low to the ground and out in the open air will be infinitely more fun than driving around in a fast car.
  7. I've seen a couple of reviews on the DiTech engines and they are ALL really favourable.... but I have also heard a mechanic make complaint over the engine... possibly to do with the fact that it's slightly (understatement) different to the standard engines...

    DiTech engines are supposed to be the best 2 stroke engine around - keep us informed how you find it's economy on both the oil and the fuel... as well as the power.

  8. Yeah, it's supposed to be a pretty amazing little engine and I'm in the city that gave birth to it (so to speak). It's a pity not more people ride scooters over here in Perth but by all accounts the numbers are rising all the time.

    The scootershop in Northbridge is busy all the time. However, there are a lot of lower quality imports being sold, which makes it hard for Aprilia I guess. But people should focus on total cost of ownership and bike satisfaction but many people don't. I know of people that have bought a normal 50cc and got rid of it soon after because the power was not up to scratch.

    As for me, I couldn't resist the retro look of the Scarab and I'll be riding out there doing my little bit to advertise for Aprilia, although unfortunately they have pulled the Scarab 50cc from the 05 range. What a pity. I think there is a real market for these bikes if they can narrow the prices down a little bit more.

    I have noticed that the prices in the US seem a bit lower than the Oz equivalent. I am wondering why is that?
  9. stupid question but did you take into consideration the exchange rate, plus different taxes depending on which US state you were looking at? Otherwise maybe Aprilla don't feel that they would make much money here as opposed to the US where there are 10x more people... *G*

    Dunno just a guess..
  10. I'll ignore your stupid remark. But yes I did take into account the exchange rates. Sigh - you're going to meet at least one in every forum I guess.
  11. Congrats on getting the Aprilia Lloydie. You are now one of those people who rides a scooter.

    Laughed at by motorists, snubbed at by motorcycle riders, welcome to the fraternity :). Hope you clock up many K's on it.

    I just had a look at it on the Aprilia website, its got that whole retro look. I also remember seeing it at the Adelaide bike show a few months back. I have heard too that their DriTech motors are ahead of their time, hopefully the other manufacturers about are designing their own 'DriTech-type' motor for future models.

    I guess we will probally never know why scooters are more expensive to buy here. Maybe a complex algorithm is used to calculate the price :), or maybe we're forced to pay more since we are not buying something that has a blue oval or a silver lion on the badge and therefore costing Australians jobs etc... I know its getting OT but it sounds like an interesting conspiracy theory though :)
  12. Really? :( Is the snubbing a general majority thing, or just a small minority? I'll give a scooter rider a nod and a yak at lights (especially in the CBD where I see scooters most) just like any other rider. Occassionally I get the cold shoulder or snub from a scooter rider (as I do from motorcycle riders) and just put it down to them having a bad day (I've been guilty of an occassional snub too - motorcycle or scooter - on a bad day), so maybe that snub from teh scooter riders comes just because the get teh majority of motorcyclists snubbing them?

    Of the motorcyclists out there .. do you snub scooterists? (in general), and if so why?
  13. Congrats Lloydie, it looks a great and fun machine. If I lived a lot less km's from my daily work<->home commute, I' woudl be very tempted to have a scooter as a 2nd machine (I love my motorcycle too!) as well.
  14. Mouth, if you look at my details on the side

    <----------- Yep, right over there

    I ride a Yamaha Aerox 50 (a scooter) and with that said, you have completely taken taking my quote out of context. Maybe a little more careful reading on the next occasion will prevent this awkard moment for you :). People cannot seem to take a joke these days... maybe being forced to take out a loan at the petrol station to fill up the tank must be getting to people.

    In response to your question about if I snub fellow motorcycle riders and scooterists, no I don't do that. Like you I give other riders the nod, irrespective of what they are riding a nod. Some people nod back and some don't, but it doesn't ruin my riding experience. Sure, it makes the trip a little more enjoyable and you are 'acknowledged' on the road but it is not the end of the world and I don't lose sleep about getting a nod or a wave.

    Hope that answers you question Mouth, although I find it a little insulting that I have to justify my stance of the whole rider acknowledgement issue for having a sense of humor and I am concerned that you are taking life a little too seriously.

    Next time I reply to a forum, should I send a message to you first to make sure it has your 'seal of approval' so it does not offend gender, race, choice of lifestyle, tall people, short people, fat people, thin people, whether they ride a car, bike, scooter, truck or shetland pony to work or if they use their left or right foot to stand on while sitting at the lights?

    I'm probally going to get taken to the small room and get a stern talking to by the moderators but hey, if you're going to go out, go out in style.

    Apoligies to Lloydie for getting off topic, once again nice buy on the scooter.
  15. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: Someone needs to get laid.

    So I mis-read a joke and asked a valid question in response.

    And in response you give some diatribe. Sure you bottocks don't hit the asphault when you sit on that scooter?
  16. That's okay. If I see you around I'll nod. (if you're in Perth of course!)
  17. I had an interesting conversation a few years ago sitting around a hotel pool in Bali. We were talking about the Suzuki Jimny which had just come out in Australia... AUD$19990 + on road costs. In Indonesia at the time they were hugely popular and came out with body kit, big tyres, graphics etc for US$6000. One of the guys enjoying a Bintang was a Suzuki dealer and he said it was because of the cost of the mods to bring the cars up to comply with ADRs. Another guy chimed in and said he was an auto engineer and that the mods would cost about AUD$2000 max, probably a lot less because the importers would have the inside running on parts and where to put them. The Suzi dealer then suggested that the price was more based on the ability of the buyers to pay in any given country than the real cost of production. Effectively people in more affluent countries paid more than people in countries with a lower income, but that even in the "poorer" countries there was profit to be made.

    On a different product area (guitars and parts), if I buy a Dimarzio guitar pickup retail here in Oz it's AUD$175... if I buy it through a shop in the US they're US$59.95 plus a few dollars shipping. An EMG Select Strat pickup in the US is US$19.90 retail.. in Oz it's AUD$140 retail. A set of Gotoh tuners is AUD$59.95 here, in the US it's US$24.95 plus the few dollars shipping again. No prizes for guessing where I buy my parts! Want to buy a Les Paul Classic guitar in Australia? $4699 is retail, but you'll probably find one for around $3500... quite a saving. In the US they're US$1900.

    How many people here have bought riding gear and parts on eBay cheaper than Aussie prices? The cheapest gloves I could find locally that were up to the job were $59.95. I bought mine on eBay for less than $35 including shipping!

    Are we being ripped off on imports? You bet! What we have to work out is whether we're being ripped off by the manufacturer or the Australian agent / distributor. In some cases the agents are saying they can't buy at those prices... my suggestion would be for them to renegotiate their deals with the manufacturers or to import through retailers in the country of origin. I know bikes have ADRs to take into consideration, so maybe there's room for some extra costs to pass onto the buyer, but when it comes to importing into Australia I'd suggest someone is maybe plunging their snout a bit too deeply in the trough.