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Aprilia Scarabeo 250ie Fuel economy

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by EmSmith, May 5, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I wanted to share something with you that I am still amazed about. With all this talk of Fuel and economy lately I had a great experience with my scoot a couple of weekends ago that would put a few cars to shame.

    I usually go for a long ride once every two weeks. Last weekend I took the scoot down to Sorrento. Before I left home I had already done 34 kms of stop start traffic, so my tank was probably 4/5ths full. I usually get about 240 kms out of a tank on stop start traffic, so I knew I would need to fill up at some stage on the trip.
    I got to Sorrento, had my coffee and walk around, and headed back to Melbourne. I went back via the South Gipsland Freeway and as it merged onto the Monash I noticed a sign that Melbourne was 40kms away. I looked down at my fuel guage and I had one fuel bar left. I thought to myself "ok, there's a lot of exits from here to the city so I can get off quickly if the fuel light comes on".
    Well, the fuel light didn't come on until I was well through the City Link tunnels and onto the Westgate Freeway. I stopped at the BP on City Road and filled up.

    I did 292 kms on one tank of fuel.
    I could not believe it. I even took a photo of the display!
    And the cost.....$14.53.


    Here's a pic I took of my beautiful machine.

  2. Well done... Gorgeous skoot too. But funny how fuel enconomy just wont matter after a while.... i'd pay anything to ride my skoot. But it is incredible fun value.. where else do ya get that much fun for 14 bucks???
  3. *my maths isnt the best so someone might want to check the sums*

    So if we assume fuel cost $1.30/L then you bought say 12L of petrol (rounded up slightly), so you actually got pretty close to 4L per 100km, which is pretty good.
  4. They're a great scooter! My old man's got a 500cc version and loves it to bits :cool:
  5. Thanks for the replies

    @2troo - I absolutely love riding my scoot, and it's a bonus that it's so economical. I look forward to the weekend so I can go riding. This weekend is Castlemaine. I'm building up my endurance so I can take it up to NSW later this year. Then I want to come to Tassie, are you game for some touring when I come down?!

    @Duffman - I'm liking your maths. My mums diesel Jetta does 5.3L/100km, so I'm pretty chuffed and happy to boast about the scooter ;) Mind you, I have to make more stops than she would on a long road trip, but I get to have more fun!

    @Dougz - I got off my L's two months ago, so I wasn't able to buy the 500 version. I wanted to though :) But I'm not sure I would get the same fuel economy. How many kms does your Dad get on average on one tank, I'm curious to know the comparison between the two engines.
  6. EmSmith - you come on down!! We ride like crazy.. lots of fun!! Skip winter though. Best time to enjoy all the best roads.. and there are lots of them, would be Nov-April.
    Funny we talked last night of going to Sydney on the Bikes but wonder if the 'real traffic' would eat us alive! Or at the very least drive us insane... we are so free to ride here in Tas. I too am building up my capacity to ride further longer. In two weeks I will go to a work conference in Hobart.. I came off my Ls 2 weeks ago YAY!
  7. I will be there then! Can't wait to do the stretch between Launceston and St Helens, lots of fun!
    Being out on the highways over here is amusing for me. Don't know about your experiences.
    1. People are surprised to see a scooter on the freeway
    2. People are surprised to see a scooter doing 110 km/h comfortably
    3. People don't like being over taken by a scooter doing 110km/h comfortably, especially Holden drivers and Tradies with Utes.
    4. The above mentioned especially don't like girls on scooters overtaking them at 110km/h comfortably.

    'Car Ego' is frustrating sometimes.

    Have fun heading down to Hobart. I'm assuming you are going down the centre. You'll be fine, just don't let the 4 wheeled vehicles push you around. They can't seem to get their head around the fact that not all scooters are "tink-tink" and behave as such. Own your space.
  8. Ha ha.. No one here seems surprised that a skoot screams past them. Not enough vehicles around to notice me much. I remember my very first almost nod from a Harley rider, i got half the nod til he realised he had no idea what he was nodding at. The T-Max is confusing to those that dont know.. is it a bike? is it a skoot? While they are figuring this out they have not seen that it was a girl that just went past.

    Best responses I eva got was when i was brave enough to do a track day at Symmons Plains. Nervous that the big boys on their big bikes would laugh my skoot off the track, i tried to stay up the back of the pack... but NOOO.... those boys loved the skoot, it got lots of attention and subsequently so did I with lots of one on one rider training... it was a blast and despite me having a 500cc skoot... i was the fastest novice on the day.. my skoot left the 600cc sporties and 650 cruisers and 650 tourers behind... so cool..
  9. Love et! It's a nice feeling when you can do what the motorbikes can do :grin:
    I go out to Healsville all the time, via a road that is kinda like going through Sideling over there, very windy, lots of fun cornering. I get heaps of nods out there and I get alot of surprised reactions from motorbike riders who don't think I can do the corners properly.
    I get comments, headturns, points and nods all the time when I'm out cruising in the country, it's great.

    I like going on the charity rides, nothing stops me from getting in amongst it. The last one I did was the EJ Whitten ride for prostate cancer. I was the only scooter amongst the Ulysses Club and the Harley Davidson Owners Club. It was really fun and and I felt mildly tough amongst the others.

    I'm glad that scooter riders get included rather than shunned.
  10. Ha ha .. tough skoot riders.. i like it. It seems you are as obsessed as myself. U sound like you have known bikes for a fair while though. How long have you been on two wheels? There is a national scooter rally here early next year... maybe that would be a good time for you to take in the skoot scene down here.
  11. I've only been on two wheels since last November, but I ride everyday, no matter what the conditions are. I believe you should be able to ride in anything.

    I have really tried to immerse myself in the culture.
    If only I could find someone who would go on rides with me. I get lonely sometimes :cry:
    Good thing I have ear molds connected to an mp3, it breaks up the trips, and I'm not stuck in my own thoughts all the time. Plus I don't get any wind noise at all, which is a relief on the ears.
    Tip: Jamiroquai is great to ride to!

    Scooter Rally sounds ideal. Do you have a link I could go to?
  12. that was my trouble... got my skoot with others but they all bought 100cc so they couldnt go as far or fast as I, no one to ride with. Tried riding with big boy but his 1000cc did rings around me which is why I went up to the 500cc only 10 weeks after getting my Ls. Still no one rides as much as I. So I make friends with as many different riders as poss.. skoots, HDs, sports, the lot.. But i appreciate the freedom of riding alone, group riding is SO different... with the skoots its SO social, coffees, lunches even art exhibitions... the sporties are great.. long long trips to tricky places, pubs, over night stays.. love all that.
    Now the Rally???? I will try find the info... I know its somewhere......
  13. Nah.. cant find a link but if you google 2009 National Scooter Rally there is stuff there.. coz its like home town stuff for us we havnt bothered with the details yet.. jan seems so far away.. but it isnt if you have to book trips and holidays etc... We would just ride out for the day. Ahhh love living on this island! :grin:
  14. I know.
    Last time I went to Tassie was with my Man. We took the Falcon and just enjoyed the trip.
    My man refered to Tassie as "One big racing track"!

    Will try some googling and see what I come up with.
    Won't be able to come over till next year - got too many dosh related things to do!
  15. Hi EmSmith! I'm Dougz Mum. :) I ride an Aprilia Sportcity 200cc which I just LOVE. And like you, I ride every day and in all weathers as I figure that's what will make me a better rider. I've only been riding since the end of last August and am just about to clock up 10,000kms.

    Anyway, my husband, who owns and adores the 500 Scarabeo, I think gets about 180 kms on a full tank when commuting round town and about 290 kms on the open road. We did a trip up to Bright in the NE in January (1,000 kms over 3 days) and had a ball. Like your experience, we had a lot of somewhat surprised bike riders seeing us out on the twistys, but all very encouraging. In fact, I think I relate more to most bike riders than scooter riders. I think it's because there are really two categories of scooter riders; the ones who do it because it's a "trendy" and cheap way to get around town and the ones like us who do it because we just love to get out there and RIDE. I have hardly ever not had a nod returned from a bike rider, whereas some scooter riders I have nodded to have just looked at me like I'm a total loony! Oh well, at least I am fulfilling my ambition of becoming old and eccentric. :grin:
  16. Great to hear you are well obsessed Peanuts... I must ride as much as you. Since November I have clocked up 7000kms, I just cant stop riding... I have forgotten how to drive the car.... :LOL:
  17. I don't even own a car anymore, and the few occasions I have been forced ( :grin: ) to drive one recently has been a very frustrating experience. Even being a passenger drives me nuts!

    Am looking forward to getting down to Tassie one of these days and doing all those great roads down there!
  18. The national Scooter Rally would be a good time to meet up. But we would have to all swap numbers etc before you all come. To ensure we meet up, so far as I can tell the organisational side of things has been wrought with bun fights which I prefer to stay out of..