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Aprilia RSV4 officially launched

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by [FLUX], Feb 24, 2008.

  1. ... and here it is, going 'vroom, vroom'. Sounds good!
  2. hopefully this will force ducati to make the desmosedici, not such a limited run, and hopefully add an L4 lineup to its current L twin. Aprilia have a sexy bike there.
  3. I see it's got a good nose cone to fix that front licence plate on!
  4. Ducati already extended the number of Desmosedicis it produced to something like 3 times the number originally planned. Turning it into a bread-and-butter model that any Joe could buy would mightily piss off those 1,500 people who paid large bucks largely for the sake of exclusivity... now, 1,500 people is not a large number, but they are precisely those people Ducati does NOT want to piss off. Besides, it would set a very bad precedent for the future.

    They might well have another model using who-knows-what in the future - maybe even an engine in L4 configuration. But it won't be THAT Desmosedici any more.
  5. well thats what im getting at...

    It dosnt need to be called, or even the same desmosedici, however, It would be nice to see them starting to sell what they race in motogp, and make it possible for the non millionaires to access something special.
  6. That sounds angry, and nasty, and brutal.... And ohhh so sexy.
  7. p0rn. Just pure p0rn.

    When are they going to be launching the road one?
  8. That bike is H-O-T! :shock:
    Funny, i can't see any mirrors on it though...
    I can only dream :(
  9. Needs more power
  10. Sounds awesome, wonder what the sticker price would be...?
  11. The sticker's about all I could afford, I'm guessing :p
  12. Aprilia seem to have done things a little arse about face. First make the prototype world superbike racer, then worry about how to put indicators and lights on it...

    Awesome in it's awesomeness.

    I can't wait for World SBK in 2009. Also add the RC-8 from KTM, 312 from MV Agusta and AWAY WE GOO!!!
  13. Sweet i'll have to get me one of those when i get off my P's
  14. I don't bother with anything raptors and rockets has to say any more. The number of ties they have had up "Exclusive" pre release shots of bikes that are just dodgey photoshop work is just rediculos.
  15. If batman rode a bike that would be it.
  16. I hope someone walks into Honda's VP of motorcycle product development's office and flogs him senseless with a steel bat wrapped in pictures of that bike yelling "See!! See what you could Doooooo!!!!"

    I thought the note reminded me a bit of the VFR with the can off but I might just be having delusions of my old bike's granduer.

    All in all, I'd sell someone's kidneys for one...but only someone I didn't like much.