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Aprilia RSV1000 Mille

Discussion in 'Archived' started by QQQ, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. 2000 Aprilia RSV1000 Mille
    Just serviced.
    Rego until Feb 2013
    Great condition and standard apart from a 16 tooth front sprocket


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  2. Mmmmmmmmmmm........ Italian v twin goodness. Love the old aprilia rsv's, shame you're moving it on so quickly. Best of luck with the sale, awesome looking bike!
  3. Price drop $6400
  4. p0rn!!!!

    Would love to have the money to buy it. Very unusual coolour for the Aprilia. Such a nice bike! Hpe you find an owner soon.

    Cheers, Xave
  5. more pics please - even a walkaround vid if you can do it.
  6. More pics and I'll work on the video. If there's anything in particular you want a pic of let me know.

    I've also just put on a Harris exhaust hanger.

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  7. More pics after my ride today. V twin power is lots of fun :D

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  8. Nothing in particular I'm after, just planning on something a bit more exotic to park next to the Ninja 1000. I've been reading up on older Ducatis but when I saw this... well, I wanted to see more of it :D I've got a mate down here who's on an Aprilia and he absolutely loves it... and it looks like shipping from Brisbane to Melbourne isn't prohibitive :)
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  9. Funny I just got a quote for shipping to a guy in Melbourne from Brisbane and it was $400...very reasonable....
  10. Still for sale and now has a few extras.
    Ohlins shock
    Brembo radial brake and clutch master cylinders
    New Vesrah RJL pads
    New front wave discs
    Keen to sell.....
  11. Price drop to $6000!!

    This is a bargain, check out redbook for value figures.
  12. That is a good price, wanna trade for my TRX? :)
  13. Maybe....PM me what ur thinking
  14. I was thinking straight swap but I was also mostly joking :)

    Your thread should up the top again now though (y)
  15. Lol thanks for the bump. That must be one special TRX....
  16. Further price drop....what a Christmas present!!

  17. C'mon people........it's an Ape......it's a V-twin.........what more do you want!
  18. If it wasn't in Qld, wouldn't cost me 12 months rego and transport, I'd buy it.
  19. BitSar in answer to your question, the money to pay for it of course.

    And Dougz, the ride back would be fun.
  20. Tell ya what.......anyone in Melb who wants this bike........let me know....

    I'll fly up and ride it back for you :D
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