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Aprilia RSV1000 -2000 Model

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by VtrElmarco, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Well folks after off-loading my beloved VTR1000F to run free through the hills of Tassie, and going off on a fantastic holiday, I came back and had to strike while the iron is hot as the better half is still in a Italian coffee soaked haze. She is wondering around speaking Italian and muttering about moving to Florence. A new murdercycle was in order. I couldn't quite decide on what I wanted next and looked closely at the following list:

    KTM Superduke (Too expensive but the perfect bike for me)
    Ducati Monster (Really wanted the S4/S4R model, but serivce costs put me off)
    Ducati 1000SS (I should have test rode one of these but ran out of time)
    Aprilia Tuono (Couldn't find one at the right price)
    VTR1000SP2 (Didn't want a fourth Honda added to my collection :LOL: )

    -I only knew a few things in that I wanted a v-twin (Yes I know in-line 4's are better, but they lack soul). That should start a nice fight!

    -Something with great brakes and suspension(While easily fixed, this was an area always lacking in the VTR1000).

    -And some more Hp would be great (I am deluding myself with the requirement for more Hp but I like to go fast :roll: )

    -I also fancied something Italian as I like the way they do things. Beautiful but completely impractical!!

    I test rode a different Silver 2002 model that actually rode like a dog. This was caused by the addition of an end can without adjusting the fuel injection. I felt very sorry for the guys at A1 because they let me at it for 2 hours and really wanted the sale, but the actual bike let them down. So a big thanks has to go out to them for a test ride.

    I found a BRIGHT YELLOW RSV 1000 Mille that is very yellow. I think it looks great but it is certainly bright!!

    So I found the baby I wanted and a quick test ride showed none of the fueling problems with the Silver one. A massive bottom end followed by the typical v-twin midrange (Not too much different to the VTR), but the Aprilia also had a better top end were the VTR would start to get wheezy. The digital dash tells you all you need and it is actually easier to stay on the speed limit due to the accurate speedo. The VTR's speedo was SSSOOOO bad and inaccurate that I just stopped using it in the end.

    The seating position is slightly more racey than the VTR but not too bad. This is a big area of concern for me as I have done a little mischief :? to myself in the past, I can get a sore wrist, but I will have to try and tough it out. Mirrors are typical sportbike useless.

    Suspension and brakes are truly fantastic. Brembo's are truly a quality bit of kit and they have a perfect mix of bite and power. Luv' em. I didn't really get a chance to punt it through some curves yet so I will report on how she steers at a later date. This will be put to the test at some track days in the future though.

    Well that's enough to bore you all to tears now. I just have to wait a week to pick her up now. All in all I am pretty stoked.

  2. Great choice there, fella! I love these things (especially that year model) and if I wasn't too old for a superbike, they'd be first on my list.
    I've been told that for an Italian bike they are pretty reliable and even the servicing costs aren't too bad. Enjoy.
  3. Ahhhh...very tasty velocipede that...I'm a tad jealous, (ok, a lot)....never heard a bad word about those beasties, and as you say, sooo much soul.
  4. Congrats, not too many Aprilia owners out there :cool:

    And V-Twins - IMHO, nothing beats em :grin:

    Look forward to you posting up some pics.
  5. Noice!! Very noice indeed!! :)
    It's nice, it's different , it's unusual...!

    Tasty choice!! Congrats..!

    A bike that's out of the ordinary..I like that!
    Kudos to you!!
  6. Well I have got to know my trusty YELLOW! steed a little better over the past week.

    A good run through some damp and slippery hills on the weekend was a good test for this. I was a tad nervous as on the backs of the mountains, logging trucks combined with large algal blooms on the roads made for a slippery run up to Toolangi (I think this is were we went :?: ). I left the giant yellow beast in 3 rd gear through here. It has such a progressive feel to the motor it was fantastic. She pulls all the way from 3 grand to 7 billion without one twitch in the power delivery. Fantastic stuff.

    A 4 th gear mash of the throttle sends you rocketing towards a buck sixty in the blink of an eye. Cannot wait for Phillip Island

    The Ti exhaust system also sends out a pleasant boom that can echoe of mountains. I like this a lot, but I am a little wary warming the bike up at home as to night piss the neighbors off too much. :grin:

    I would also like to apologise to the Scumbags nieghbors as three angry italian v-twins with straight through exhausts fired up at 9:30 on a Sunday morning. People heading off to Church thought the apocalypse was upon them. :twisted:

    Unfourtunetly there is one small downside. I have detected a funny vibration under medium to heavy braking at high speed (100 plus..). It is defintely coming from the front end (handle bars twitch left to right in a frequnecy that decreases in line with speed). I have had a close look at the suspension, and the clickers are a little out relative to each other, so I may try and set suspension back to standard and see if that sorts it out. After that it may be sent off to check for brake disc run out.

    Apart from this problem which I am fairly sure I can iron out, she is a fantastic bike and I am well chuffed. :grin:
  7. Great to meet you yesterday. Yup, one nice bike you got there. It was good when you were behind me, I could hear your bike over mine, wind noise AND my custom fitted mouled ear plugs!
  8. Hey VTRElmarco,

    Just wondering why a Suziki V-Twin wasn't on your list of 'potential bikes'?, granted they are not as classy as the italian bikes, but a nice V-Twin nevertheless.

    Good to hear of other V-Twin addicts!!


  9. Hey mate.

    Quite simply the bastids wouldn't let me test ride one!! :LOL:

    I had a real close look at the all black SV1000 (Faired version) and I quite liked it, but a "lack of enthusiasm" on the dealers side of things put me off a little bit. I will note that I only went to one dealer so I am not being really fair to Suzuki, but sometimes you just get pissed off with certain things.

    I didn't want to get another VTR1000F as I rode one for 4-5 years but don't get me wrong as these are the best bikes you can buy for your money. I reckon I could get some good examples for 7500-8000 second hand at the moment. I still love em.

    So it led me to start looking at second hand Italian brands. You have to be way more patient finding the right second hand one as they are far less common than the Jap versions. Plus I am now hooked on faggy Italian sports bikes. :LOL:

    I wasn't interested in the older TLR and TLS versions either but these have massive amounts of HP in pretty average chassis'.
  10. And Neon lights... :)