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Aprilia RS250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by v_man85, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Hey people,

    i was just wondering if anyone knows of decent mechanics to do the top end rebuild needed on these bikes.

    And what would a rough estimate be on a service for it?

    I am located in Melbourne, Victoria.

    Do they need a bottom end rebuild as well?

  2. They dont need a bottom end rebuild.
    I would reckon 600 -800 sounds about rite.
  3. so a quote of $1500 - $2000 is way too high?

    how hard is it to do yourself?
  4. how can you say they dont need a bottom end rebuild?It might be shagged..... use the best.....use dietmar 0411310851
  5. the RS250 motor is essentially the same as the RGV VJ22, a lot of riders will do the top end themself, it's usually:

    2 x pistons
    2 x top piston rings
    2 x lower piston rings
    2 x wrist (gudeon? ) bearings
    4 x gudeon bearing clips
    2 x cylinder gaskets
    (if you remove the heads 2x head gaskets too)
    something else I forgot?

    These parts should come out at around the $400 mark. (add another $400 for labour if all goes well)
    If you are mechanically minded, or want to learn, grab someone that has done it before, and have a go while your mate watches with beer in hand :)

    While you do the top end rebuild you also take the PVs out to clean them up and check on their condition. Replace the screws holding them down with capscrews (hex heads), M5x10mm I think.

    There's an american aprilia based forum called AF1, and a Pommie RGV forum (google them) that has oodles of information, search there and decide what you want to do :)

    If you're on the east of Melbourne, PM me.
  6. sorry i do em myself $600-800 was a top end rebuild ei total replacement including barrel on my Honda NSR150 from a mechanic. Just realised the 250 appril has two cyclinders so 1500 doesnt sound too far off.

    However u caould probaly pick up from a wreckerr a top end in good nick for 600is (or even new as i dont know what kinda price tag aprila parts carry)for ur aprila and do it urself in a day. 2nd hand top end for my NSR was 300 (barrel and piston)

    Its actualy really easy the first thing i learnt to do on a bike, U just nock out the pins throw away the old piston. carefully put the rings on the piston lubricate put he side pins things back on and slot it in.

    Google it see how much u need to replace rings,piston (dont need a new barrel but u can get em polished rebored for extra kick)
  7. i think you would be pretty hard pressed to get a decent second hand RGV cylinder for a wrecker.....deitmar always seems the go for bits and peice's for 2 strokes....and you cant rebore them as they are plated
  8. ok, thanks for the advice. where would you reconmend buying the parts from? do places like bursons stock them?

    how much would you pay for an rs250 that needs a rebuild (done 18000kms)

  9. To get the top end stuff, you go to a bike store.

    I can't remember Netrider rules so I won't mention them here, I'll PM you. There is a RGV guru that can sell you the stuff in Deer Park.

    Basically call up and ask bike stores.

    How much to pay for that specific RS? What year model, when was the last rebuild, any damage, mods????
  10. 1999 rs, or 2002 rs, besides the year, are there any other differences?
    around 18000 k's, with out rebuild...
  11. Well 18000 is pushing it without a rebuild. u should feel major power loss atm.
    Rebuild is relativly easy. I did my Rgv about 2 months ago. Pretty easy job. Took about a day to do the top end.
    Parts u can get from any suzuki dealership. If ur in melbourne try peter stevens. Cost is around 320 not including head gaskets. If u need cylinders they are like 700 each new or u can normally pick up some good second hand ones for 300. But they are nickle plated so they last quite a while.
  12. is it true the 2 stroke bikes need to be riden hard to maintain a healthly engine?
  13. dont know if its to help maintain them, but it sure does pay to ride them hard.
    Yah dont get much fun on a 2stroke if your not sticking it to it 95% of the time :LOL:
  14. Well the more fuel you burn in a 2 stroke, the more oil moving through the engine.
  15. It keeps it cleaner.

    When operating in power band the motor is running hot and burns up most of the oil in the fuel and spits it out as smoke.

    When operating at lower revs for extended periods you can get sludge building up around your spark plugs, exhaust and other internal bits because you're not burning up all the oil.

    Your bike starts feeling like a fat lady who's arteries are full of cholesterol.