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Aprilia RS125

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by cwliew, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. Just bought an RS125 today - should pick it up thursday if all goes well.
    Any ideas on the best people to insure with?
    Got the black one in the end - the red "Lorenzo replica" one apparently is a bit pink/red rather than a rich red, so looked a bit different to the one of the aprilia site.

    Anyway, just loggin' in and saying hi.

  2. Google motorcycle insurance and ring them up for some quotes till you find what you like.

    Congrats on yer new zinger.

  3. and make sure to ask if the policy covers any mods that u may perform on the bike as it is sometimes void if u do
  4. el grande :)
    the fortuna one had it's charms, damn head-turner and i love bikes with cigarette decals. such strange colours though, red and fleuro yellow

    I chose the white one. Swann quoted me $2100, 22yo, first bike.
    Welcome to the lion-cub club
  5. I got quoted first 650 by shannons (but then they recinded, saying they only insure riders who have had their licenses for a full year)
    QBE were cheapest so far. $950 + $350 excess.
    Will try SGIC tomorrow.

    I'm 26, rating 2. 2007 Aprilia RS125.
    Can't WAIT - so excited!
  6. OUCH! :?
  7. I thought people didn't mod 2 strokes much?
  8. :shock:
  9. i'm actually paying a bit more, apparently it goes up with any convictions you have. lucky i had that drug-dealing charge dropped...
    looking forward to it going down a bit this year, though it's still better than the $4500 i was first quoted, when i was 17 and first laid eyes on the rs125
  10. That a question or a statement?

    Here's a turbo Mito, although it's probably not a two-stroke anymore it started life as one.

    Thousands of mods being done by the fellas here at this forum.
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  12. I too have an RS 125. im with Swann insurance. $260 at rating 1. im 30. hope that helps.
  13. Sweet
    Ended up going with a new company called Insuremyride.com
    Paid just under $700 for my insurance.

    Got my bike on friday. Its AWESOME! Love it lots. Powerband is quite nice. Riding it in at the moment, so not wringing the heck of it just yet. BUt a few happy turns of the throttle though.
  14. Great buy, I love mine, do you have GP replica decals or the stock aprilia desgins?
  15. I have the black colour, not the lorenzo replica.