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Aprilia RS125

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by H21A, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm helping my mate in getting his first bike.

    He's keen on a RS125 and i know its a 2 stroke screamer but he's not interested in any other 250 lams bike. I did recommend a CBR250RR, new CBR250R, VTR250 and the Ninja 250R.

    Any RS125 owners here willing to give some advise on what to look out for ? Pro's and Con's, stories etc etc

    Will be heading to a few dealers to check out some second hand examples this weekend.

    Ebay had a few going for around 3-4k with around 10,000k mark

  2. Tell your friend to follow his passion and get the little screamer - he will learn heaps an an exquisite little thoroughbred. Lookie here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=118200 for more advice and information about this model. Also there is an excellent international forum on these bikes over at the AF1 Racing site. :)
  3. My brother owned one and loved it, but had no end of trouble mechanically. Fantastic brakes and handling, but the engine was one problem after another. Ended up sinking so much money into it. Btw. they need a top end rebuild every 15,000, so be suspect of ones selling with 15 or 30k on them. The ones on ebay will almost definitely ahve something wrong with them. The power valve tends to stick a lot.
  4. I did my training with a girl who had one at home to ride when she got her license. She was decent enough on the range bikes, but after talking to her post license said the RS125 was a nightmare to ride everyday compared to the range bikes.
  5. Every ride is like a GP when you're on a RS.
  6. Mate you could be the slowest bike in a cruise and still have the biggest smile......................if your on an RS :p.
  7. My first bike was a RS125, fun to ride but endless problems, every month something went wrong. As the mechanic put it: Aprilia is made to perform, not made to last.

    It was nights and days when I had enough and changed to a Honda.
  8. As above. Every time I ride mine I have a smile a mile wide. Longest I've gone without any mechanical trouble was 4000km. These are a bike for enthusiasts. Don't buy one if you want a reliable daily rider.
  9. What sort of problems should I expect ?
  10. Routine service intervals roughly as follows and these are the most important things to look out for.

    Power valve - inspect and clean and adjust every 4000km, Replace when worn. Replace power valve cable if damaged or worn excessively
    Piston - inspect for wear every 8000km, if serviceable reuse and replace every 16,000km
    Crankshaft / bottom end - Replace connecting rod and bearings at 30,000km.
    Balance shaft gears - Replace every 16,000km

    That's the majority of the bad bits. If you can do it yourself it's not bad on that painful on the wallet.
    Most importantly is the RS125 being a 2 stroke is a very high strung engine and loves it's oil so you must pay special attention to it's needs by supplying it with a high quality 2 stroke oil and service the auto lube system every now and again. This is just a matter of checking the hoses and replacing every couple of years and cleaning the oil strainer. DO NOT MIX OILS. If you use a semi or synthetic oil and put mineral oil in the mixer tank the oils will gel blocking the auto lube system resulting in a engine seizure.

    Rear shocks are rubbish and flog out. You'll know if it's gone because you'll bob around like you're riding a pogo stick.

    They really are wonderful bikes and despite the mechanical issues you may encounter when the going is good it's really pleasurable and will put a smile on your dial every time.
    It's been said already, you might be on the slowest bike on a group ride but you'll be the guy having the most fun!

    If you religiously stick to the servicing regime you are likely going to have good times.
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  11. Thanks You everyone for the valuable advise.

    We went to helmetwarehouse and they had a RS125 for $4900. Bloody garbage i tell ya

    The chain looks like shit, the right fairing decals are peeling off, the right fuel tank is scraped and there are lots of scars to indicate that the bike was dropped at speed.

    Rust everywhere and it's definitely not worth 5k.

    Bikebiz had a 3000kms RS125 for $6990 (07-08 ? forgot what year) and it's in a much better state.

    I personally would not get a 2 stroker but i guess it's his personal preference.

    The seating position is pretty nice though. Very racy and it felt good. Im sure its a fun ride but maintaining a RS125 will be costly

    He's definitely opened up his mind on other potential bikes
  12. EDIT: Sorry, Double Post
  13. Thanks for that - but I don't see these items as 'problems'. Perhaps I'm being a bit pedantic, but I knew about the service schedule and the costs before I bought the RS. From earlier posts, I thought people were trying to say that the RS was unreliable.
  14. Mines going great so far but in saying that I did get my mechanic to do the whole thing when I bought it. The only issue I had was the fuel line being squished and twisting.....just snipped off 2cm and problem solved.
  15. Yeah thats it. They aren't problems as such. It's only an issue when the bike isn't maintained correctly.
    They become unreliable when you think you know better than the Aprilia R&D department and start "improving" it. This is why mine is in the garage broken again. It's my fault and my fault only.

    My problem came down to my engine being fitted with a large than standard carburettor. The oil flow is controlled by your throttle position. I was cruising on the freeway at 1/4 throttle where the original 28mm carb would have had me holding about 1/2 throttle at cruising speed. Shit happens lol.
    It still ran a 14.9 @ 86mph at the Sydney Dragway while not sounding real healthy.
  16. hi there,
    I ride an aprilia rs 125 2007.. No troubles so far, little monster to ride & wait till you hit the power band...:)
    So did your mate bought one yet or settling for sumthing else???

  17. Mate how are you,

    which mechanic you use for your RS 125??
    I am in sydney , any recommendations please??

  18. Bikesmith at Blacktown. Simon is a top mechanic and knows his stuff, I think he even raced a 250 two-stroke before.

    I questioned the price at one stage but after having a one on one and him taking me through all the costs, I was happy with the over all results.

    The bike really hasnt missed a beat apart from the fuel line issue (OEM factory fault).

    Mav also goes there and lucky bugger even got treated like a VIP :p

    Beverly Hills is a fair trek away but the good thing is that Bikesmith is close to Blacktown station. I normally drop the bike in the morning and go to work by train and pick it up after work (depending on the job)
  19. Dave ward moto itilaia at emu plains hes good.
    I would recomend you clean your power valve once a week if you do alot of riding.
    I pulled mine out put in a blanking plat its a lot more fun not really traffic friendly but.
    Make sure it warms up too dont just jump on an flog the guts out of it.
    How soon is your mate looking to buy one mine will be for sale in a month or 2.
    With a fair bit of mods too it.
    They are great littke bike awesome in the twisties once you learn how to ride one you will keep up with anything except on the straights
  20. I concur, trents bike is great mechanically, seems to pull on mine anyway.

    I want that blanking plate :).................Trent with the blanking plate does this mean that dont need to clean out the power valve or only clean it less often?