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Aprilia RS125

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Crash Dummy, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. My first real bike. I fell in love when I saw this thing for sale over on another forum and thought yep I'm going to buy this bike. About 3 weeks later I bit the bullet and organised to inspect and purchase the bike.

    This is Boingk's old Aprilia, the worklog is in the worklog's buildup's section of the forum.

    I've been steadily working on it and getting it just the way I like it. I'm making fantastic progress.

    Photos from the day I picked it up.
    th_SDC11525Medium. th_SDC11525Medium.

    And how the Aprilia looks today.
    th_GarysApriliaRS1251. th_GarysApriliaRS1252.

    This is my first motorcycle. Some would say I'm crazy for buying a 2 stroke as my first but I do have a little experience. For about 2 years I was involved in pocket bike racing and built up many valuable skills from riding the little pocket rockets as well as 2 stroke engine mechanical knowledge that has proven invaluable.
    The only thing stopping me from riding more than I am at the moment is I really need to get some fresh rubber onto it. It's taking awhile to get fit in to have the tyres changed in my area. Quite frustrating I can tell you. :nopity:

    So there ya go :) I'm finally riding and I'm damn happy for it. I've longed to ride for so long and I'm finally out there.

    There's something very special I've found about riding a 2 stroke. It's rewarding when you are riding enthusiasticly and feels completely antisocial in traffic. Give it any berries and you quickly get looks of dissaproval from old fogies (no disrespected intended to old fogies reading :)) and delight to those who appreciate the nosie. I feel every time I crack that throttle open and get some revs on board I should be arrested for distrubing the peace and destroying the planet. I love it and I'm hooked.

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  2. Love em, very nice example you have there too, I used to own one aswell and should never have sold it.

    If I ever get the chance I think a 250 is on the cards.

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