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Aprilia RS125 won't start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dtroy, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Hi, I am new to this forum and total n00b, so forgive me for my ignorance.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    I just got my bike a week ago, and don't know much about it.
    It's a 2002 Aprilia RS125.

    I've started it 2 days ago, and it started fine. It was cold so, I revved it a bit, and then it just died and I couldn't start it anymore.

    It sounded like the starter was spinning the engine, but it wouldn't start.
    Now, when I've tried to start it today, it would even make that sound of spinning the engine.

    I've checked the fuses, and they are fine.
    Could this be the battery ? or what ?

  2. dead battery go grab a battery charger charge it up (Good).

    Or go get a new battery. (expensive)

    Or clutch start it (push start it slowly disengaging the clutch)
    and rev the fcuk outa it for an hour or so after its started (piss easy)
  3. it's not the battery

    it's not the battery, checked it today.
    Any other suggestions ?
  4. you have fuel in the tank?

    Checked fuel filter (if got one)?

    You have fuel flowing to the carbies? (Don't know the 125, but is there a tap switch?)

    take the plug out and have a look at it and tell us what the end looks like.

    ummmm if this sounds too scarey, get a mechanically minded friend you trust to do it, or take it to a bike shop!
  5. Check ya got fuel in it.
    Take a photo of the spark plug and post it up here might be able to tell ya wats wrong with it. (unscrew it and make sure its getting spark)
    I would try a push start (eliminate the starter and battery ass problems)
  6. Guys, thanks for the replies.

    There is fuel in the tank
    I don't think there's a fuel filter
    Got on idea how to check that I have fuel flowing to the carbies

    I've tried to push start it and jump start it yesterday, so I don't think the starter is the problem.

    It doesn't sound scary, I'd take the damn thing apart if I knew what to look for.

    Looks like I'll have to take it to Action motorcycles after all....