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Aprilia RS125 what to expect?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Disco Spider, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. I'm going to be buying an Aprilia RS125 soon (Melbourne), and wanted to ask for some advice on what/if anything I should be looking out for.
    On my list now:
    top-end rebuild status (needing rebuild at 10-15k)
    If it's been de-restricted (pretty obvious, also power surge 8000+ rpm)
    if it's been dropped (fairing scratches, mismatching panels, gouges on frame/engine)
    if it's been raced (unusually high wear on sides of tyres)
    Things I'm unsure about:
    Did they come with two or one key?
    Are they sensitive to fuel octane?
    and how much I should lower my offer for any of these issues.

    Secondly, once I've got the bike, is there anything special I should do?
    Currently planning:
    Oil change, a wash..
    haha, I really am clueless here.
    Questions once I've got bike:
    How much are other people paying for insurance?
    Is it worth getting a cover thing for the pillion seat?
    I was thinking of buying a cheap fairing and swapping it out in case I drop mine and hurt his pretty plastics, good idea?

    Oh, and does anybody know any good 2T mechanics in SE Melbourne?
    Out near Croydon, Knox?
    Especially keen if anyone knows a place that would allow me to be actively involved with my bike servicing!

    Cheers, for future help.

    And for the record, in my ideal world I won't be letting this bike go once I get my unrestricted licence.
  2. No Aprillia owners out there?
  3. not an rs125 sorry bud.

    hopefully you're gonna bring it along to saturday practice and the learner run though?

    i'd suggest a thorough once over, brake fluid, oil, oil filter, air filter, check the chain and sprockets, plugs... i THINK they use a rotary valve rather than a reed valve... you might want to get it checked out properly from day dot if someone can recommend a 2 stroke place?

    i wouldn't worry about a pillion seat cover - many will probably come with one but save your $$ for the service etc.

    have you looked at how much the standard fairing is worth? not much point changing it out if it's gonna be cheap to replace...just my 2c

    mine came with 2 keys, most things do... i wouldn't worry if it's only got 1 unless the key is chipped and maybe drop $100 of the price cause thats what a spare will cost.
  4. Hi Disco Spider.

    Err, the tyres can be replaced..... the sign of an ex-race bike are the wee holes drilled in screw in filler caps and various other fasteners for wire to be threaded thru to secure stuff.

    FWIW, it's not the greatest bike for a complete learner, but it is a gem of a motorcycle if you fit on it and learn to ride it properly.


    Good luck with it.
  5. Drop me a pm if you want any info on it if you are still deciding, I have attempted to race one last year so have formed my own ideas about them which is at odds with my pre-purchase perceptions.
  6. I was a pretty happy RS125 owner, although I am no longer one since someone smashed me from behind.

    • Insurance cost me $54.82 p/ month through NRMA
    • Top end rebuild cost about $1200 to $1500, so include that in your pricing when purchasing. Top ends need to be done every 12K to 15K kms.
    • Warm you bike up before you start riding and rev her up while she's warming. Don't just let it sit there.
    • Ride the first couple of km's at 6K revs or below, but once you know she's warm, give her a good flogging every now and then. She likes it!
    • Keep your 2T Synthetic oil topped up
    • Cost about $15 to fill a tank
    • Use premium unleaded, I always used 98
    • I only had one key and I bought a couple of spares, but the key cutter wasn't able to duplicate it
    • I have PDFs of the owners manual and the workshop guide if you need it
    I'll be back with more points after I think of them...
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  7. 1500 is prob a bit ott Justin, perhaps you were quoted a full eng rebuild. Topend is uper easy on these, about $200+shipping from OS (piston, rings, circlips, gudgeon pin, little end cage bearing, maybe a cylinder hone and some gaskets & orings). You can get the top of the line polini or italkit 154/140cc big bore kits for sub $500. And if you get 2 sets of rings you can exchange halfway through the service interval for increased performance between services. Reuse the 2nd ring and put a fresh one at the top, the race bikes in the superteens series run single ring pistons anyway.
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    • New tyres cost me $450 fitted for Pirelli Rosso II's
    • You don't really need a pillon cover unless you want to spend extra $$
    • don't be afraid to rev her high when coming off the line at a red light
    • Try to keep "in the band" so you don't lose power
    • You'll have to use first gear a lot and flutter the clutch to keep revs up when doing anything slow speed
    You'll have a blast riding the RS125 and it will really teach you how to become a good rider! I personally think it's the best looking Learner bike out there in the super sport style. You'll be slow off the line considering it's only a 125, but you'll be able to take on much bigger bikes into the twisties as they are super light.
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  8. Yeah, you're right. Sorry, I think $12 to $1500 on a full engine rebuild, much lower on the top end.
  9. Ah, awesome!
    Officially, a motorcycle owner!

    Haha, will post/details pictures when i actually pick up the bike, still a bit rushed, none of my gear has arrived!
    Got very lucky with a bike that has <4k km on it, so I didn't end up having to worry much about these things (I assumed :))

    Definitely appreciate the feedback,
    Standard fairing is pretty costly, thinking around $360 PER side.
    Although nobody warned me that after buying my Aprilia, I would experience the inability to sleep, or do anything.


  10. Congrats mate! You are going to luv the RS125!

    Without looking at the bike, $4k for an '07 with less than 4K on the odo sounds pretty sweet. What colour is it?

    For awhile, after purchasing my RS125, all I wanted to was smell that 2T oil, ride and listen to that chainsaw exhaust ;)

    You either love it or hate that sound, but I loved everything about the RS125.

    Looks like a real bike with the thick rear wheel, unlike the skinny back wheel that most of the other 250cc supersport bikes have.
  11. Congrats mate, most first bike purchases are pretty special. There's a well worn path for rs125 performance improvements. Unfortunately they make nowhere near 33hp at the rear wheel as commonly published, and siginificant upgrades are required if you start chasing numbers.
  12. Shattered!
    33bhp is the whole reason I bought her!

    Not sure if right place but..

    Turns out there's a problem with the starter-motor check system (bike starts even if in gear + stand down), but it's all on one circuit, so pretty confident it's just a wiring issue. (If anybody has any experience with this issue, please PM me!)

    Stereotypical unused bike issues, hasn't been used in 3 years:
    Battery was dead,
    Chain looks a bit unhealthy,
    No Rego,
    And that stupid "mode button" won't stay in place,
    but I don't think I care.

    3,540km after 6 years?

    Baby just needs some love.

    Where's best place for me to post a new post simply about me actually having my bike?
  13. They will start in gear.
    I have a 34 flat slide, GeForce reeds some carbon evotech exhaust hanger etc I may be will to part with.
    I got a jolly moot but she's seen better days lol don't take it bush bashing is all I will say or riding over gutters :)
  14. Get her checked out properly and replace all fluids etc.

    I don't mean to bust your bubble, but low km's isn't necessarily always a good thing. Bikes need to be ridden. I am speaking from first hand experience.

    I bought my '08 RS125 w/ 220km's on the odo in May of 2012. It was given to the dealer with only 80km's. So basically, it was sitting in someone's shed for 4 years. I thought it was good as gold as I was basically getting a brand new looking bike for a fraction of the price.

    Once I got to about 820 km's, unfortunately it had to get a full engine rebuild. Luckily it was still under the standard 3 month dealer warranty!

    Basically the crank bearing and seal went as they can go hard after a 2 stroke sits for awhile. The main culprit would be the right hand side one since it doesn't sit in a bath of oil unlike the gearbox side.

    So watch out for any deterioration of any rubber, including the tyres which can go hard over time with lack of use...if tyres haven't been used for longer than 18 months, then they are done! I personally would not risk riding with old tyres.

    I decided to change my tyres fairly quickly. They still had decent tread, but didn't seem like they were really getting hot, and I started to get paranoid. As I wasn't confident in the tyres, it's hard to push the bike to your limits.

    If they don't get to temperature, you are bound to go for a slide on a corner sooner or later.

    Get new tyres. It's a crappy expense, especially after you just bought the bike, but you'll be very thankful afterwards. You can have confidence that you'll stick to the road when cornering hard.

    You may as well go out and get yourself a fresh pair of Pirelli Rosso II's. :)
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  16. You will love the new ride.

    As some wise man once said, there's nothing like the smell of two-stroke in the morning!
  17. Hey mates I'd like to buy an aprilia rs125 I have seen it yet its 2010 4600 kms but im not sure because has been garaged 2 years and i think its not good. Can you recommend me a place to take it to make sure is in good conditions please mates this is my number 0434889538 or write me
  18. That's hot. I'd love it but can't get another bike just yet