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Aprilia RS125 VS Honda CBR250RR vs ????

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by corrupt_tiki, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. Hi I am really split on this one and just can't seem to make up my mind, I do not have alot of cash about 4000-5000 is all I will be able to spend, and am looking for some help choosing my first roadie.

    I can get hold of an 2003 Aprilia RS125 with 14000kms, for 4g, And when I rang up the aprilia bike dealership was told it could do 140kph+, I don't think this is too true for a single cyl 125?! Also how is the reliability as I will use it as a fun commuter with some spirited riding thrown in on fine weekends.

    And the CBR250RR The only ones I can seem to get hold of are about 1990s - 1999 models for about 4g, but with 20,000 kms on clock, hardly any service history, and I think that almost every one will have been thrashed by boy racers like me :?

    In my view I am leaning towards the RS125 but am split because I have heard of them popping pistons quite often, and they are expensive to maintain. So how do these bikes compare? Which one has more bite? And which one is more fun?

    If I still can't make up my mind, I am thinking of flying to Melbourne and buying an RGV250 and riding it up. (how much is freight?)

    Thanks for any help! :)
  2. Watched MotoGP lately, you can get a fair bit of power from a 2-stroke 125.
    The downside of course is reduced reliability.

    CBR250RRs were only made between '90 and '96 and most are grey-imports - what do you expect to find :?.

    And FYI the RGV250 isn't learner legal, nor is it a good option for a first bike.
  3. Is there no LAMS scheme in S.A.??
  4. I'd burn the CBR.
  5. Unfortunately there is a LAMS scheme in place, so If i did go the GP250 way, I would have to get it resprayed or some stickers :?

    Yeah Should be a good last few rounds of the GP. Crap for Rossi but good to watch :)

    I have recently been told about the ZX2-Rs How good are these little bikes? Or are they a CBR250RR with a different badge?
    Also one of the dealerships I rang told me they had a ZX2R, 2000 model?? I have searched wikipedia :wink: and found that they were only made between 1990-1999 or so (and from what I gather production has resumed in '08), so what was he on about?

    As I said I would rather an Aprilia, because to me a CBR250RR just seems like a wannabe race bike, where as the aprilia IS a race bike, its like comparing a Holden to a Bugatti (sort of :) )

    In another conversation with the Aprilia dealer (she seemed to have a forked tongue :? do they want to sell bikes or what?) she said 40bhp wasn't unreasonable to expect, coming from a MX background and owning a 450 fourstroke (which puts out 45bhp) this seems a bit much for a 125.....

    Might see If I can worm enough for a 2008 ZX2-R
  6. The power you get from a 125 depends on how far you want to tune it. 40hp is certainly possible from a 125, as a rough guide a 2-stroke is basically the equivalent of a 4-stroke of twice the displacement (since obviously it's producing power twice as often). Of course the 2-stroke also has a lot less weight.
    If you're prepared to live with the maintenance of a 2-stroke then have a look also at the Cagiva Mito. Riding an RGV250 illegally is just asking for trouble - they're not exactly quiet or discrete.
  7. I had an 03 RS 125 and had no troubles with it great bike, owned it for a bout two years, and like jd mentioned you can tune em and get more go, mine was stock but.They really are fun lightweight racers. RS 250 would be even better.
  8. how many Kms did you rack up Daz??, And what was the top speed of it like?

    Also how long does it take to warm it up? I will be using as a commuter and I don't know how happy the neighbours are going to be with me revving a 125 at 4 in the morning :grin:
  9. Had about 45000km when I sold it and 18000km when i brought it. I commuted on it no troubles, don't forget its a two stroke they love to be reved. Pretty much got to flog em to get anything over 120-140 but it was stock. A good pipe and a few other bits and pieces should get more top speed.
  10. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=54713
    alot of info was listed on this recent thread i made about cbr/zx2r and also the yamaha equiv...
    give that a read,
    in doing my research i decided against a 2 stroke just as ive had no experience with bike maintenance... and have heard from many sources about it being more expensive and more fiddly...
  11. rs125 is a great bike. And good for learners. It doesnt have a real sharp powerband. does fine for a commute. can reach 160km/hr +.

    Maintenance is quite minimal, just the normal bike stuff, top up the oil and rebuild every 10k kms. I reckon it would cost u less to maintain then a cbr25
    0. Engine is a very good design, its a rotax engine, very modern and reliable.
  12. +1 agreed :wink: ,I want to buy another one maybe a 250 just to have as a second bike, two strokes are so much fun would be great to take for a blat every now and then .
  13. We just bought an 07 RS125. It really is a race bike as said earlier. Once you get over the initial adaption period (ie literally nothing at all below 6000rpm and hill starts using 8000rpm LOL) they are a rewarding bike to ride and you could commute daily on one (i commuted with a Cagiva Mito a while ago and never had any issues).

    The bike will be derestricted next week as the wife just covered 1000km.That will take power to 33hp i believe up from it's current 19hp. When that happens it will be a ripper of a bike. For our weekend rides i often want to swap the Firestorm with the RS125. The fun factor is 100 times better :grin:

  14. My first bike was a RS125..... I wish i could have keep it.. but traded it on my buell Cityx .
    The aprilia is a great bike... I got a 04 reg (build 03) with 4k on the clock for 5k , not a mark on it .. like new .. just remeber it's 30 bucks a ltr for the 2 stoke oil (don't use anything cheap) and the topend rebuild can be big bucks (mind you i never needed one) . But it's not impossible to do your self..
    private sale is the place to pick up a deal.......

    I'd take the aprilia over a CBR anyday.....
  15. I'm with cityx on this one. For reasons stated above, and personally I think that while CBR250's are alright, I think they've pretty much had their day and are now [as always] way too overinflated price-wise.

    Plus the Aprillia oozes class/sex appeal/awesomness, call it what you want...I think its a seriously cool bike. And yes, you can clock the ton on them as the state of tune they are in is somewhat considerable. Pushing it further will result in reliability problems, shortened life expectancy...and a hell of a lot of fun :D

    Cheers - boingk.

    EDIT: Another option is so have a crack at Honda's NSR150SP, their two-stroker. Cranking out an awesome 30+ horses at a mile-high 10,200rpm the little things flog along as they weigh practically nothing. Also, there isn't much of them - comparable in size to the new CBR125RR's. Check around, there are still a fair few in good condition.
  16. +1 absolutely. :wink:
  17. Wow thanks for all the replies, this helps clear alot of things up, and confirms what I thought (CBR250RR Over inflated thrashed POS).

    I do have a bit of mechanical experience on motocross two strokes, and find them a cakewalk, I have heard that the 'Prilias are a bit more complicated then the CRs, but honestly how complicated can a two banger get? Still has a piston, rings, and a barrel right?

    I was looking at the NSR150 as production seems to have resumed (I think?) however, I mean, you are talking about an Italian, and +1 to oozing sex, anything that has, MV Augusta, Aprilia, Cagiva, Ducati written on the side turns heads and is miles above any japanese mass produced bike.
  18. Except of course for the Aprilias and Cagivas that have mass-produced Japanese engines ;).
  19. LMAO +10 for you!
  20. Well the Aprilia Engine(s) is(are) made by Rotax, who are an Austrian Manufacturer.

    But the japanese bikes are half decent. Hell I hope they are, I paid 10,000 for my Honda 450...

    Thanks for the replies again, has made my decision alot easier.
    And I hope the thread provides some insight for future LAMS restricted riders.