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Aprilia RS125 Oil and maintenance

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by cwliew, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. What is the preferred oil to be topping up my new Aprilia RS125 (2 stroke). I have heard Motul are pretty good but don't know what type of oil to buy.

    Also, what other maintenance type of things should I be doing on a regular basis to make sure it runs smoothly for along time?

    I'm aware that the bike may need a rebuild around 20 thou k.
  2. RS 125

    Motul 2 stroke oil is v good. Keep a spare spark plug on the bike as they can foul easily commuting. Be prepared for long downtime if parts are required as they're usually out of stock. Duncan.
  3. Any synthetic stuff is the go. I run TTS in my smoker, also rock oil synthetic is good. Have heard good things about motul, havent used personally. Its expensive stuff. Dont mix oils.
    Change the transmission oil with quality stuff,more often then not.
    Air filter must been cleaned often. (1000km), get some spray on filter oil, saves alot of trouble.
    Carb/fuel filters must be kept clean.
    Use good fuel.
    Spark plugs, try finding a iridium one that suits the rs. They dont foul as easy. OR The easy option, FLOG IT.
    Make sure its good temp before submitting to a load.

    Rebuild at 20k, are u joking. Should be done more often then that. u could get away with it, but rings should be changed every 10k or less. Pistons i would do at the same time as rings. Read up the 125cc forums see what they have to say.