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Aprilia RS125 Guidance

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by tpedro, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. hey all

    I'm new to netrider and pretty new to riding. I just bought a new Aprilia RS125 (2010). I did my research beforehand and know that it can be a little tricky, but that doesn't phase me too much and I'm eager to learn to ride it properly and do as much maintenance myself as I can.

    Unfortunately I didn't get much by way of an introduction to the bike or the idiosyncrasies of a two-stroke engine.

    So by way of introduction, I was wondering if anyone else out there has experience with an RS125 or two-stroke engines (or can point me in the right direction) and cares to impart any of their basic knowledge to a noob like me?

    I have already had an idle issue, which has been fixed for now with some idle adjustment and am now dealing with issues of fouled plugs, for which I have been advised that I shouldn't let it idle much before I take off (and to use the choke sparingly).

    Any information/tips/tricks you have to help keep me going/learning would be greatly appreciated. Even if you know a good course that I can go to for some two-stroke engine wisdom.

    thanks all.
  2. Welcome to 2 strokes, may god help you.

    My advice is join up a specific forum, e.g. TJ tuning, 125sportsbikes or apriliaforums. You'll soon realise you have the restricted version of this bike if you didnt already, but it can be de-restricted if you can be bothered.

    Nothing happens on a 2 stroke by itself, although sometimes it seems like it. There is always a reason (or 10), fouled plugs included. Better start reading up, you'll catch on quick. Enjoy mate.
  3. Yes. Because it's a 2-stroke. :bolt:
  4. Congrats tpedro !

    The dealer tried to talk me out of buying mine, he said it definitely wasn't a learner bike. He was right, but after lots of stalls, missed gear changes and a sore arse, we're starting to gel.

    The worst part about buying a new RS125 is getting through the first 1000 kms without exceeding 6000 rpm - as per the owner's manual.

    Once I had the 1000 k service done ( and the dealer fitted a hotter plug ), the RS became a far nicer thing to ride. I find I don't need to use all 12000 rpm, she gets along fine from 7000-9000.

    I love mine.
  5. Welcome,

    The RS125 is a good bike, a bit of a steeper learning curve compared to other bikes, but you'll really enjoy it once you've gotten used to the power band. Stick to the same oil you've started with, make sure it is a good quality synthetic oil and you'll be fine.

    After the engine has done the run-in period, keep the revs high and you'll be fine. Take it out for a regular good fang through the twisties to give the spark plug a good clean ;)

    Feel free to ask questions on the forum here, or on 125/TJ tuning. For the more serious questions the AF1 forum is good.
  6. Congrats mate! Yes they are temperamental but the times when you get on it and ride it do make it worthwhile.

    125sportsbike forum is where I get most of my info from. Lots of experienced RS125 owners there. For parts I go to www.pjme.co.uk and are a delight to do business with.