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Aprilia RS125.....good newbie bike for an oldie??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by waveydavey, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. hey guys,

    i'm a youngish 45yo lookin for my first bike :dance: just got my learners last week!!

    have come across an 07 RS125 at my local bike shop with 11k on the clock in ex. cond, fitted with a gianelli exhaust system.

    i'm a tad over 80kg and 6ft tall...everyone is telling me i need a big bike....450, 500, 600 etc. but i havent seen anything i really like.

    but when i first saw the Aprilia...omg!! how beautiful and sexy. so incredibly light and it feels so comfortable even with my long legs. i have read much on different forums and most i read is fabulous, it sounds like an incredible bike experience.

    some say they make great learner bikes....make you work the gears, brakes are awesome and are brilliant at cornering, i want to learn how to ride properly...not cruise. but i dont want to be tiring after half an hour in the saddle so i'm a bit stuck.

    so my question is....should i go for it or be conservative like most oldies and get a GS500F or ninja 650rl or similar??
    god they're boring!!! i hate boring.

    ...help! ](*,)
  2. no offence but i think your a bit big for the 125.
    it really struggles out of powerband so you may find it tiresome.

    try a new-ish cb400 i reckon.
    depends on your taste, but i think that bike delivers what everybody would need from a learner bike.
  3. Yes, be 'conservative'. :) There's heaps of threads covering this topic.
  4. An RS250 would be more appropriate for your weight, but living high in the rev range really does get tiresome. Think of it this way, even if you only ride for fun as opposed to commuting, you still need to get to and from your favourite roads. You may spend 10 or 15% of your time in the powerband if you're very lucky (that is, riding high in the rev range) - realisticly probably less than that overall - so the rest of the time you'll be wishing you had more power!

    Just my 2c (which I also apply to my experience on my FJ1200 - the fun part only ever lasted a few seconds cos in any gear you're already breaking the law at the top of the rev range! Different kind of problem, but same symptom - too little or too much power really limits your fun on public roads. The track is where bikes at each end of this spectrum really shine).
  5. I started with a 250 and as much as I love it, I already feel like its time for an upgrade. I would seriously not get a 125, given your height & weight.

    However, the 250 has been a great learning bike.
  6. Firstly are you after a Sportbike style? And you can never be too heavy or tall for the bike. One of the blokes here with an RS125 is 6ft+. You did mention you were comfortable so who cares if other people think your "too big"

    You'll be limited in choice if you want a mini superbike on ya learners. There is the Yamaha R125 but can't speak for it's performance yet.
    I sat on a Ninja but I wasn't comfortable with it and hated the jetski handlebars

    I went for a 300km ride on my RS (09) last weekend and besides a sore right ass cheek, I was fine. It's all about your technique and making sure you keep your arms relaxed because that 07 is a fairly aggressive tuck position

    Test ride her and you will surely know if it's right for you.
  7. hey all...thanks for all your feedback.

    yeah mr Campo, i'm def lookin for a sportsbike, i like the position and agree with what you said about the ninja...the suzuki was the same. i dont like that feeling of sitting "over" the bike and it seems most road bikes adopt that upright position.

    i'm lucky to live in north tas and we have the most awesome back roads for sweeping bends and tight corners....i dont plan on commuting, just want to have fun on weekends and wind down after work so dont need to go far to do that.

    i guess the main advantages i see are having to work the gears constantly it will make me a better rider and a strong handling and braking bike will give me more confidence on the road. but i see what most of you are saying about having to live in the powerband can be tiring...probably what i fear the most.

    i will take the little aprilia for a ride soon just to check it out. hehe!! :music:

  8. some people can :)

  9. You can't compare the Yam R125 (or even the Kwaka 250 Ninja) with this bike. It is a two stroke and performs much differently.

    I loved learning on a two stroke myself, they're not as bad as people say, but sometimes it does feel like you're always ringing it's neck.
  10. i remember before i bought my bike...

    Everyone was saying that they "got over the power within a few months". I thought *what the hell are these people going on about... the bloody bike can do 150km/hr!*.

    Now iv owned my 250 for about 4-5 months, and yes.. i want an upgrade. I never thought id see myself say that, but itll happen. I personally think a 125 is a bit small, even as a 2 stroke. how about the gs500F? The F version has fairings and looks sportier.

    Or a Lams 600 sportsbike
  11. cheers guys,
    funny you should mention 600 sportsbikes sparz, have been checking out the hyosung gt65o and from what i've read they seem like a pretty decent machine.
    i like that the earlier carb models can be derestricted to full power and the price seems good. was a bit worried about the hyundai factor....the values falling like bricks but it doesnt seem to be the case and they have a pretty good rep from what i read.
  12. Just note you will have a ton more fun in the twisties with the Aprilia. Given your heavier weight you can adjust the rear shock to suit your needs.

    The GT650 will be cheaper and more forgiving as a daily commuter that's for sure. The resale value sucks but what can you do.

    I got nothing against Hyosungs. They look nice, I just didn't recommend it earlier because you wanted a "fun" machine and a 2 stroke will give you that. Sorry I'm biased :)
  13. hey mrCampo, i know what you're sayin. the aprilia sounds like a real fun bike...i guess i gotta balance and work out what i really want and what will suit me best. but yeah i love goin fast thru the twisties, cant wait to do it on a bike and the aprilia sounds like just the stuff.
    i fell in love with the RS125 as soon as i saw her and i know she would be a joy to ride. but i gotta be realistic and take into account what most peeps are telling me....dont want to buy the aprilia and then regret it later when the novelty wears off if ya know what i mean.
    have a few weeks off coming up so my mission is to try as many different bikes and styles as i can to get a real feel of what would suit me best. as i said i have only just got my learners so want to get some road experience so when i get on the aprilia i can enjoy the experience without stressin about what the hell i'm doing!!!
    if i laugh my ass off then i know it will be right for me :D
  14. at your size you will regret within a month that you bought a 125 if you do

    buy a low mileage hyo gt650r if you want to ride (legally) just get better brake pads for it as they are a touch wooden - and keep an eye on nuts bolts etc working loose
  15. f**k me sideways!

    +2 buying a hyosung 2nd hand. There's a truck full on bikesales going for way too cheap.

    Are you from Sydney waveydavey?
  16. seems like you haven't read much. they are giant pieces of poo. shocking quality and gutless
  17. Rvf400?...
  18. +100000!!!!!!

    Now there's a weapon! :demon:
  19. If you're from Sydney waveydavey, there is a black/white with chrome RVF decals going for $11 thou.

    It's at Action Parramatta. They don't have the best rep, but from what I saw, it was in mint condition. A little expensive but if your budget allows...
  20. I was trying to express that the finish isnt the best so a few tweaks on nuts and bolts on fairings etc to keep them reasonably aligned is required as they seem to go out of whack easily from vibration

    not that the rear arm or motor is going to fall out