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aprilia rs125 frame sliders/oggy knobs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by AshRS125, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I am getting a new bike above shortly and needed some advice on what and where I can get the best frame sliders for my bike, that preferably does not involve cutting the fairing.

    Also how many in which positions are necessary?

    Thanks so much
  2. Should I put this in another section? any1?
  3. They dont do my model apparently :-(
  4. There is a site that I came across that have a great selection of frame sliders specifically for RS125's (for both old and new). You can get versions that involve/don't involve cutting of the fairing.

    I'll send you a link once I find this.
  5. Thanks, let me know if you get them
  6. Better to get them from here: http://www.whaccessories.com/Aprilia-Sliders-RS-125.htm

    I've ordered sliders for my Daytona from there without any worries (took a little while for shipping as they had to order the parts in) but WHA was by far the cheapest place to get GSG stuff... especially with our strong dollar. They take Paypal for that little bit extra security. Email them for quotation of postage etc. I contemplated getting a set for my RS but thought that for the money, it isn't really worth it imo on a relatively cheap bike. They are very well built.

    BTW do you have the new or old model RS??

    R&G sliders are probably the best but you have to cut the fairing for them, on both new and old models.

    Frankly... if you are getting knobs for racing fair enough, but if it is because you are paranoid and a new rider I would recommend against it. Have a good look at your bike up close... and figure out where the knobs would stick out... in my opinion they aren't going to protect your fairing much at all... especially around the bottom and towards the rear/front... and the no cut knobs are very likely to at least bend in an accident - still screwing your fairings. My take is that even if you slightly scratch your fairing you are still up for repairs... and the knobs aren't likely to stop that so not worth the big $$$ to put them on... and risk doing more damage.

    Also look at the mounting points. The R&G sliders mount to both engine bolts... and that is by far the strongest... but could screw your frame possibly... and the GSG are levered back to fit through the holes so probably a little weaker for not much cosmetic gain.

    The frame sliders (no brand) on ebay are cack as far as I can tell as they just mount to the central fairing bolt and would bend pretty easily in all circumstances except a standing drop... and thus still crack your fairing.

    I dropped my aprilia at the track in some mud and yes cracked my main fairing very badly but I think knobs would have made it worse... apart from some very light scratching on the tail piece/bottom piece there was no other damage so one panel and I am almost as good as new again. ~$300 = cost of knobs I suppose.

    My advice is just be paranoid as all hell wheeling the bike around the garage/parking/uturn etc and don't park facing down hill so that you have NO chance of dropping it at a stand still... and well if you crash it riding... insurance should cover it as knobs aren't going to give you heaps of protection regardless. If you're at the track don't do what I did and use street plastics... buy a cheap ebay set of race plastic which can be found for under 200 pound. (search ebay.co.uk rather than the aussie site)