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Aprilia RS125 - Dealer installed "Max Performance Pack"

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by chono, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Some of you may have seen that aprilia are offering a "max performance pack" with the sale of RS-125s which includes a full arrow exhaust, jetting kit and a stand. So its $500 at your first service if you buy a new bike.

    I got this installed on my 08 125 just recently, and holy shit what a difference! I don't think my bike was running particularly well, I know there are some cats in the exhaust to meet euro 3 regs and it may have been choking it badly, but I haven't ridden another stock late model rs125 to compare.

    Stock I often had trouble with stuttering, and under load the bike would hit powerband and just die in the ass. The exhaust note would change as the powervalve opened, but the bike just died and wouldnt pull through the powerband at all. Initially I put it down to just being a teeny tiny little engine that couldn't pull my fat ass up the hill... but after changing the pipe the bike is transformed.

    It revs so much more freely now, keeps pulling up to 11,500rpm, and the powerband has much more kick than before. It has made the bike so much more fun to ride. Probably how it was meant to be before they crippled it to meet euro 3 regs. Sounds pretty good aswell, angry lawnmower style.

    I strongly recommend this upgrade kit for anyone that buys a new 125, and for those of you with a euro3 rs125, go get some sort of pipe and jet kit... You won't regret it.
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  2. good move by Aprilia will make the little 125 more popular I am sure
  3. good to hear your jets were probably wrong also the 08 is the restriced model cat in exhasut and restricted ecu as well 11kw instead of 21kw
    look at getting a 34mm carb and vforce reed valve as well bit pricey but
  4. Yeah I thought about the carb etc. Tempting but I'm not sure its worth the $ for the couple of hp gain. It is just a 125 after all... with these things the fun comes from the handling and feel of the bike rather than the power.
    I was hesitant to spend money on it with the pipe + jets, but it was running like such a dog I was sure it needed some help even just to go like a normal rs125 should.
    The guy who installed and tuned it said the bike went from 19hp to 30hp with the kit =D>
  5. Jesus that's a pretty huge improvement :-O

    2 strokes would have extremely restrictive exhausts for emissions... ****in' greenies 8-[
  6. Forgot to ask how much was the max pack and did that include the dyno time as well

    Good point its at lot of money for not alot of gain but seeing as im gona be on my ps for like 2 yrs i dont mind spendin the $$ mine came with a jolly moto but was jetted all wrong
    And your right about the handling being the fun bit

    I got a mate who bought a 08 model new and he bought it and was told it was unrestricted which it wasnt then dealer had to pay for it to be unrestricted
    Full power ecu
    Full power exhaust

    This was back when the 08s were first released
  7. I rang bikebiz parramatta and the bloke I spoke to said they could only get the kit with new bikes, and couldn't do it for me. Hills motorcycles managed to get the kit for me separately, but it was full price at $800 rather than the discounted $500 pack you get with a new bike. Labour for fit and tune on top of that, so about a grand. I had my 4k service at the same time and a few other little bits, total came out to about 1200 bucks. They are a great bunch out there and did a good job with the bike.

    Not cheap but the difference in performance was massive so I am more than happy. The bike stand you get is pretty decent aswell so I guess its not too bad.

    Oh and my ecu wasnt touched, so all the gains came from the exhaust and jetting in this case. Mine is a december 08 build, sold in mid 09, not sure if thats different to the earlier 08s.
  8. oh and yeah if your keeping the bike for years then I agree, its money well spent!

    I'm off P's in a few months but won't be rushing to get another bike. These little buggers are way too much fun. Everyone I have let have a ride comes back grinning, regardless of what they ride usually.

    Helps me keep my license too....
  9. Hmmm I'm getting an exhaust and bigger carbs from the UK. I've just ordered an engine rebuild kit too. I thought I was insane for wanting to power up my little lawnmower but I feel sane now. Thanks guys!

    Anyone know where else besides the dealers to get the ECU? I'm gonna snap the bridge myself but incase things go bad I'd like to know where to get it.

    Oh, it's an 08 model btw. :)
  10. wreckers
  11. Do you have a dip in power in the midrange? If not you don't need to mess with it. The CDI restriction is only there in the midrange at the rpm they do the emission test at, it won't affect top end.
  12. I'm very interested in this, too. I bought my RS in September, but have only done 300kms so far. It really has a dead spot between 5000-6000 rpm, unfortunately, this rpm range is right where 5th and 6th gears are at my NSW-legislated top speed of 80kph.

    Also, the ad ( straight from the Aprilia.com.au website ) doesn't say anything about having to buy the kit with the bike...

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  13. Yeah there is a dip in the midrange band. Rather annoying when I need to get out of nasty situations.
  14. Yeah I noticed that ad too and tried to get it for $500 but nobody would do it. I rang around and everyone said it was a promo that they can only order with new bikes. It seems to be a different story from each dealer... one told me they couldn't order it separately at all, even for rrp, while hills motorsport got it for me at rrp $800. I guess it does say "at participating dealers".

    Just call up and have a go, if you only bought in september and you haven't done your first service yet, you might be in luck!
  15. Well a few of you want the max pack why dont u pm
    Or email aprilia who just signed up on nr recently but havent been on in a while and ask if you can get a better price or maybe organise a group buy
  16. Awesome... can't wait to get it fitted on my 2010 model after the run in period is through.
  17. Hi Guys,

    I'm more than happy to look at this on a case by case basis, so please feel free to shoot me a PM with details i.e VIN and best contact number so I can investigate and get back to you with specifics.

  18. PM sent.
  19. Chono does the increase in top end come with a drop in power down the lower rev range?

    And will it remove the stutter/lurching between 5-6k (maybe 6-7k)? Or is this the same as your dead zone reference?
  20. I didn't notice any loss of power in the lower revs, the bike is running smoother throughout the whole rev range, the increase is most noticeable in the power band and also revs out further before losing power.

    That stuttering will be due to the CDI restriction, so to fix that you would need to do the CDI mod and break the bridge.