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APRILIA RS125,APRILIA RS250 or Cagiva Mito 125

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by polska, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. It would be my first bike im 27 and a solid build only 5 9 tall, your opinions are much needed and appricated.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Just be aware of the fact that all these bikes are 2 strokes.

    They have thier pluses and minuses.
    If you are happy with adding oil every cpl of hundred k's. High amounts of emissions (smoke) and redoing the cylinder head every 20,000 kms then it may be right for you.

    Check out the new ninja 250
  3. I think the rs125 is a great bike to start on it won't let u be lazy with your gear selection, and if u don't kill yourself i think it will ultimately make u a better rider, u will probably learn some basic mechanics because there is always something to fix, and it is oh so sweet in the twisties.
    But if u are commuting it's probably not the best bike.
    It requires alot of love and attention the best oil. and regular spark plug changes. Not to mention top end rebuilds.
    It also looks like crap if u neglect it the frame and swingarm require alot of polishing.
    so if u are passionate about the bike and not lazy it is an awsome first bike.
  4. thanks for the tips, is there other bikes that u would recomend for a learner, I do not mind taking care of the bike as I enjoy polishing and maintance of sorts.

    As I would use the bike to get to work (all freeway) only around 20 km round trip and on some weekends, there may be a better option someone can suggest I have looked and I like the look of the above mentioned bikes rhe 250 most.
  5. If you're regular commuting of any type, I'd stay the hell away from a 2stroke. And since you're talking about freeway commuting, don't even think about it.

    If you are in NSW you can get some higher cc bikes (under 660cc) if they are on the LAMs list (http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/tests/motorcycleridertrainingscheme/motorcyclesnoviceriders.html)

    But if you're in another state, you're probably limited to 250cc. If you're in nsw, a gs500f would be a good choice.

    Otherwise theres always the regulars, zzr250, gpx250, suzuki across (gsx250 f I think), gt250r, gt250, etc. etc. Theres two dozen mainstream 250cc faired choices.. read up on some of these to get you started
  6. thought the fact there was no temp guage on it and no thermo fan might mean freeway riding would be a challange lol, thanks I may have to look at somethng else if it would be such a problem.
  7. the RS 250 is definately not a learners bike it may only be a 250 but it has big power and all delivered in one spot. better off with a new kawasaki ninja 250 they look sweet and probably go hard too.
  8. do a search for other comments about strokers that people have asked about before.

    quick summary: highway commuting is not for strokers. strokers are designed for flat out riding, but the RS125 is a bit better in handling commuter type conditions.

    Comapring the three bikes you mentioned, the RS250 is in a league of its own, a lot more power and it is hard to use this to your advantage in commuting, it is best on the track or spirited rides in the hills.
  9. The RS250 isnt a learner bike, it just happens to be 250cc. That said, one of the guys at work has one and uses it to commute and has no issues with it. I think he said it's done almost 30k with one top end rebuild at about 20k. I was looking at it the other day, the quality of the brakes,frame and suspension would put many larger bikes to shame. It really is a road going replica of a 250 motogp bike and would be great fun on the right roads but probably a bit of a biatch for commuting. Oh and they sound pretty average (show me a 250 that doesnt), unless you like whipper snippers that is.
  10. The sound grows on u.
    When u are warming up feels like morning warm up at the GP
  11. Yeah you do have a point, and the smell is nice too. Takes me back to my old 2 stroke dirtbikes i had as a kid :cool:
  12. I know the bike is getting old now, but the CBR 250's are great. I had an awesome Repsol replica with low k's and a yoshimura pipe. It gave a few of the newer bikes a run for their money. If you play around with the jetting and put on a good pipe, you can really get them cracking! I rode mine to work and at every opportunity I had. I loved it.

    Good Luck

  13. The CBR250's are old, overpriced, overrated and half of them have been treated like crap.

    That and a CBR250 couldn't hold a candle to an RS250
  14. Yes. But for a 4 stroke 250 of their age, their performance is quite surprising.

    But of course, the 2smoke would have about twice the power.

    The reason he was mentioning cbrs as OP was asking for alternatives and advice..
  15. Except for the ones that have never had the suspension touched since day one, or need the brakes overhauled, or have so much slack in the chain it almost touches the ground etc. etc. A second hand CBR could easily cost a lot more than a 2-stroke to run, and be a lot slower than "lesser" 250s.
  16. Yeah.. but most of them are crashed before the noobielackofmaintenanceabuse is an issue. I've ridden 2 stupidly high km cbrrs, and despite being rough around the edge with only very basic maintenance done, they both still caned - and I know at least one of them had its neck wringed 8/10 of the time.
  17. The engines will take a ridiculous amount of abuse without problem like most Japanese bikes. What I was referring to though are the CBRs that handle like complete shit through corners because the front fork oil is the same age as the bike. I thought my 250 was okay when I first started riding - then I had the front end rebuilt :shock: . The condition of the brake fluid, pads and lines can also be an issue on any bike of that age. One of the reasons people always go on about how great their first big bike is compared to their 250 is simply due to the fact their 250 was crap, whereas the replacement is usually only a few years old.
  18. Partially sure.. Doesn't cost more than 500 to replace alot of the important things like new springs, fork oil, steering head bearings, etc. And a huge amount of new riders do get that 'big' service when they get curious. Unfortunately its often just 1 service per owner after they've finished with the curiosity :rofl:
  19. Chill dude!! It's just a suggestion. They are great bikes for their age. You can get them cheap if you look around, and they still are one of the most popular 250! Don't jump to conclusions Ice, I did say ONE OF. 8 grand for a RS or 3 grand for a CBR, not a bad compromise. Oh, and any dick knows that any vehicle being a bike or a car, if it's not serviced and maintained they will be crap (no brainer that one). After all you are a learner and you can only go so fast.

    Stay safe
  20. I'd like to think everyone knew that but the success of some dodgy importers proves otherwise. As long as it has plenty of Rs in its name and a "race-replica" paintjob then it's the fastest thing on the road in the minds of some people. The most important thing to be looking for with a first bike is something that will let you learn how to ride, not something that's cheap which you can offload as soon as possible for an R1.