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Aprilia RS125 and 2 stroke engines in general!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Aprilia_RSole, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Hi, I am a brand new rider and contrary to everybodies suggestions, i bought a brand new Aprilia RS125, now i read in some specific forums that 2 stroke engines are trouble and that the aprilia is peaky and rough at low revs and not a great commuter bike. I was just wanting to say that i have found the bike an absolute joy to ride, the engine is responsive and powerful, in a straight-line its no 1000 but the cornering speed is phenomanal. I heard to that oil and maintenance is real expensive but doenst everybody want the best for their bike regardless of what stroke it is, engine abuse is engine abuse! Being a GP bike, the position is full on, but you can get comfortable by sitting up a tad and relaxing the lower back!!! Take care everyone!!!

  2. Good on you. The RS125 looks like a beautiful bike. I'm sure if you take good care of her she will take good care of you. Got any nice pics to salivate over?
  3. I'll get some photos of the happy couple asap!
  4. Im very seriously considering getting a new RS 125 once I get my payout!

    I want the white one :wink:

  5. I wouldn't say buying a new bike is bad for a new rider, it will just hurt more when you drop it.

    As for being a commuter, many bikes aren't great at being commuters, but we still use them. In an ideal world, we would all be riding around ct110's or scooters to commute. But they have no style.

    Great buy and i hope you have years of fun.
  6. It's a mistake only if you can't afford it. When people say 'it's a mistake', what they really mean is 'it's not the most economical option'... because you're likely to either drop it, or sell it quickly and move on to something bigger. But if you're not worried about cost of repairs, and not too fussed about resale value (either because you're rich, or definitely don't plan to upgrade, or you're going to keep this one as your second bike), then why not - it's always nicer to get something brand new.
  7. Hey mate, the new RS125 is definately a sexy bike. I just bought an 05 Cagiva Mito 125 I dont mind doing a bit of maintenance and to be honest I cant really see a modern 2 stroke being more expensive than a 10 year old CBR (no offence to any CBR owners I think they're great bikes too) I use mine for commuting to work, and take her for a ride in the afternoon. Occasionally doing a bit of h/w riding (around 60km each way) No problems so far, and yes cornering speed is awesome on the Mito too :grin:
  8. Get back to us with 100,000 on the clock.
  9. i own an 06 RS125 (in GP white :)), still voted 'yes' on the poll
    if i hadn't been riding and racing push-bikes all my life and have trackday aspirations i would have chosen the practical learner-friendly option of a near-new VTR250. there were other influences why i chose the prilla but essentially, i agree it's not the ideal learner bike

    it smokes up $30 in full-synthetic oil every 600kms, will probably need a rebuild at the end of the year and the scheduled servicing is sending me damn broke, but i love it like meeces to pieces
  10. buy some of that stuff to keep your wheels clean. that purdy blue Y-spoke back-wheel won't stay shiny for long
  11. 2wheelsagain If you're saying that because you think I'll be on the same motor after 100k (particuarly in a 125) then you must be mistaking me for a fool. As I said I dont mind the maintenance side of things, and am well aware what needs to be done on a 2T. They aren't for everyone. Luckily we have forums like net rider and www.125ccsportsbikes.com to discuss maintenance etc on though :wink:
  12. 2 SMOKER AYE. i love them.
    general, maintainance isnt very bad. Most things u can do urself. On the modern 125 ,the general maintainace that u do on a 4 NON SMOKER and just put good synthetic oil and give it a good rev. More revs the merrier.

    Learn how to do it urself and its easy stuff.

    Rebuilding is the problem. Skrufer and myself did the top end rebuild on his bike at 16,000 and it wasnt hard. Bloody expensive for bits, but a relativly easy job. My rgv250 has half the price to rebuild then the rs125, and considering it need double the parts. :?: :?:
    His bike faired up very well. Didnt really need to be rebuilt, just new rings. Prob cause he pretty much rides it redline all the time.

    Good luck
  13. I'm not putting 2 strokes down. They are heaps of fun. You did say the maint would be no than on a 10yr old multi cylinder road bike. This is clearly wrong and I'd be happy to knock back the k's to 40,000 and you would still be wrong. Its something that all 2 stroke purchasers need to consider. I know you're not a fool (you wouldnt have found netrider if you were :grin: ) but tyres, chains, sprockets and brakes aside my bike costs about $300 per 6000k in servicing (plus petrol) to maintain and hopefully it will continue that way well into and over 100,000k.

    Again, my point is your statement is wrong (IMHO) but enjoy your bike in all its glory.
  14. Out of curiosity, how much were the parts for the rebuild? Were they genuine Aprilia items, or aftermarket (Mitaka etc) ?
  15. I think they were mitaka. Everything for a top end, including barrell. Cost i think it was around $650,
  16. Hi there...great to see another twostroke fan!As far as reliability goes just use good quality oil and keep your service's up to date and it should serve you well....I got a an 85 model RG500 thats got 38,000klms on it and it runs nice and tight and still sounds like new,and its never been apart...I run good oil and the bike has been looked after from its previous owner who i know and it gets a hiding quite often so i think this proves if looked after a Twostroke can last quite a while without trouble
  17. I have a Cagiva Mito 125 and I use it for commuting 50kms each way. I think it’s a great bike and don’t have a problem with it for commuting, but the 2 stroke is definitely for those who like to get their hands dirty. At least the frequency that you’re working on your bike means that it’s always in tip top condition.
    As for buying a new bike for a new rider, I’d have to say it’s a waste of money but not a mistake. You are most likely going to upgrade in a year so the money could be better spent then. But if you can afford it why not buy what you really want. It’s really only a waste of money if you think it is, because only you know what value you really get out of it. Someone has to buy the new bikes.
  18. I got a brand new white rs125 in feb and yes its a big outlay of cash but it looks so much better than any other lerner bike on the market (excluding the Mito which only just loses to the rs). But who buys a bike with their head? Stupid drivers trying to kill you, the price of gear, insurance etc.... We ride cause we love it and don't care about the cost.
    I don't use mine as a commuter but every day after work going for a ride is the best drug i know of, i don't even need ciggies to keep me calm anymore.
    Anyway, a 250 would be better for putting around town in traffic i'm sure but sat morning on the old road on an rs can't be beat! Well maby owning your own track a fleet of bikes but one can only dream.
  19. damn straight :)
    anyone wants to hate the Mitos and RS can go hug a rainbow
  20. I just got an 07 RS125 (black). Its awesome. I truly believe its probably a little harder than the other bikes I see cruising around, but I'm not commuting on my bike. I just ride purely for pleasure, so why bother with starting off on a little CBRR250 or something similar?
    I have stalled it countless times whilst I learnt how to ride, and I'm sure I don't know enough about bike maintenance nor bike riding itself even, but that's all the fun parts right?

    Having said that, an R6 or even an MV Agusta when I'm off my restrictions would be nice...