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Aprilia RS125 09 won't turn over

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by AshRS125, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. No problems, then after a short ride 50kms, I try and start her back up and nothing. I have lights and power no problem but the ignition switch does nothing, not turning over not trying to. Here is what I have tried

    Kill switch is set to run
    In Neutral
    Clutch in
    changed fuses
    changed spark plug
    charged battery incase, no change
    It push starts ok

    I have noticed the clutch cable is worn in one spot from rubbing on the frame? I put some tape around it.

    Any other ideas?
  2. Check your ignition switch, all your connections aren't loose, then your starter motor.

    Better yet, take it back to the dealer and tell them to fix it under warranty :)
  3. dealer is a very long ride from me

    How does one check the ignition switch?
  4. when you try to start it does it make any noise does the starter motor just buzz away
  5. had a similiar problem on my RS125 this week
    got back from a hearty thrash on the Old Road, to find my bike wouldn't start when I was leaving a servo. Battery level was fine, thought maybe the sidestand killswitch had gone, when ever I hit the ignition button I'd just hear a little click from the engine.

    Was a loose cable on the battery. As Mekros said, check your connections. unbolt the petrol tank, and lift it enough to view the terminals on the battery (you don't need to disconnect fuel lines or cables for this). the left battery terminal should have two wires firmly attached, the right terminal just one.

    hopefully, this close to summer and with Aprilia's reputation for warranty issues, it's something minor like a wire coming loose.

    also, try clutch-starting your bike, this will help determine where the problem could be
    (if you're new to clutch-starting, have the ignition switched on and ready to go, with the bike in neutral. make sure the kickstand is up, find a handy hill to roll down and jump on once you've gained enough speed, then shift out of neutral into first)

    good luck
  6. it doesnt make any noise.

    if it is quiet and you really listened u can hear the slightest single tick as u depress(release) the ignition button.

    so no it really doesnt make any noise, it doesnt try and turn over

    loki, sounds like the same problem. It does clutch start fine as above. Battery terminals looked fine, reterminated anyway, no change.
  7. if your battery aint dead you have loose connections as loki said thats the thing about 2 strokes vibration
    if i was you i would check over all your bolts just to make sure every thing is tight
    the good thing about these bikes are they are so simple buy a haynes manual for the bike they dont have a 06 onwards version but its the same bike just minor changes
    well farings aint really minor but you get my point
    good luck
  8. thanks trent, in the daylight i will have a good look for loose connections. It was on bumpy road at high speed before it went. I have the original manual.
  9. Are you trying to start with the sidestand down or not completely folded up? maybe opening and closing (didnt know what terminology to use) the side stand a few time in case the stand sensor is loose?
  10. Hi trinny, I did try that but it wouldn't matter anyway as the bike is in neutral.
  11. Download the workshop manual and have a look at the wiring diagram, it also shows you the key electrical components to check.

    With the bike off do the following:

    There will be a connector that goes up to the kill switch block. Unplug that, put the multimeter across that (in either diode mode or resistance). When you press the starter the multimeter should change state (either beep in diode mode, or resistance will change). If this doesn't happen, you have a dodgy switch.

    If your starter switch is ok, next check will be the side stand. Same process, but check the wiring specific to the side stand.

    If this doesn't work, then check your wiring to your starter motor. One of the two big cables coming off the positive on the battery terminal will go to the starter motor. That goes down the front of the clutch side of the bike. Make sure that it is solidly connected to the motor and battery.

    With the bike on, put your ear near the clutch side of the radiator and press the starter button. Did you hear something click when press and release the button? If not, replace the starter relay. That is located behind the radiator on the clutch side (the thing that should click).

    If this is all to scary for you, find a mate that is mechanically minded and buy them a beer (or two).
  12. Excellent advice mekros, tomorrow in daylight I am hoping it is one of those you have mentioned.
  13. Are you using a BR10 or BR9 spark plug?

    On my old bike I changed the plug to a BR9 so that it wouldnt foul as much.

    Doesnt sound like its your spark plug though. Can you check for error codes?
  14. BTW, give your mate the beer after he has helped you...not before ;)

    and also, when doing your electrical tests, test the switch side. If you test the loom side, you won't see a change in state :p
  15. So I took the left fairing off, found a small black box with 4 cables going into it with some copper coils inside (not the fuse box) and sort of had a look inside and straightened some terminated ends and what not and after that it starts. Excuse my ignorance but maybe someone might know what im talking about. This was also the box that the had the soft click noise upon depressing the ignition which I referred to earlier

    Thanks for all the replies and help!
  16. That's your starter relay, and it sounds like a loose connection. If you can be bothered, have a look at it properly, make sure the connections are clean and not loose. If it is loose, you can use real gentle pressure on the female spade connector so it's a firmer fit.

    You owe me a beer since I guessed right :p :LOL:
  17. It's only a 125, for God's sake....PICK IT UP AND TURN IT OVER!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Slides Mekros a pint. . . =D
  19. reads like the switch itself. check all connections up to it and then back down to the starter relay.

    little to quick on the draw.