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aprilia rs125 06

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by gixerfixer, May 21, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    im just a noobie looking into getting into bike and i was wondering if anyone could give me any advice regarding the 06 (comining june) aprilia rs125. it is lams leagal and would this be a better buy than say a zzr 250 or a hyosung gt250r.

    i know the aprilia is a two stroke single, would this be a problem for a noob? the aprilia seems to be a very well built somewhat track focused bike?

    i would not be commuting i would be riding purely for recreation and would be looking at track days after i got my feet on the ground.

    some pics here


    thanks ![/url]
  2. All i know is that for a 125 that thing is damn sexy
  3. Farkin MAD!!!!!!

    GO FOR IT!!!

    One of my best mates had one of these on finance. He was very impressed, and even now with his new 600, he still loves to jump on this little bike and wip it around corners.

    When I was looking around - If i was going to spend over $10k plus on road, I would buy one of these!!!!!!!

    Wouldn't want to drop it now would u?

    P.S: 2 Strokes are high maintenence and do cost a bit to service because of the oils used on these bikes - plus the whole power band thing may be a bit much for u, when first starting out.
  4. Hot diggity! That's a very nice new model Aprilia have updated to.
    If the new style also came with a 250cc two-stroke engine... that would be one very very sweet bike indeed.

    I think it's worth while saying that if your intending on using it as a street machine then it probably will never live up to it's full potential. If on the other hand you one day dream of being a track day or twisty junkie, then this is DEFINITELY a machine worth considering.

    Not sure on the exact specs power wise but i'd imagine it puts out about the same as a 250cc inline 4 in average condition... but with a few mods (ie. race pipes etc) it should be a little quicker.
  5. If you're not going to be commuting then go for it.

    The current issue of AMCN has a 2-page review of the new RS125 and the guy was impressed. Apparently it has 23kw/19Nm which is similar to the GT250R but probably has a much narrower power band.

    It's almost 40kg lighter than the GT250R so on the track it would be a blast. It's got fantastic Brembo brakes and if you love the sound of a 2-stroke, and can put up with the high revs needed to get the power, you'll love it.

    As for maintenance, I suspect it's not going to cost you more since it only needs half the parts, being a single, and the Hyo's not cheap to service anyway. For the track - get the RS125 :grin:

  6. mmm thats hot... man why didnt i get one of those... oh... now i remember... cause i love kwakkas, but that is nice... i would definatly get one.
  7. oh yeah that are soo sexy but the price is a bit pricey
    but u would be getting looks from every direction :grin: :grin:
  8. Get 2!

    Just incase you drop one :shock:
  9. Nice, but that's a lot of $$$ to spend on a first bike.

    Myself I'd get something to learn on first and then buy a sh*t hot bike when you're off your restrictions.

    ?You could do something like pick up a Honda NSR150SP1 for around $3k and have about the same level of fun. They are very cheap to repair, service and buy O/Seas mods for too (Pipes, brakes etc).

    Odds are against you not doing the drop with your first bike and this can serious dent your insurance cover costs for a long time after.

    Have to admit it tho, that's one of the hotest 125s I'VE EVER SEEN!

    Good luck bud.
  10. Hmmm....site says, "New Race Kit available"........I reckon that will be a very capable endorphin producer.
  11. Looks like a lot of fun, if all you are using it for is weekends and track work go for it.

    Big question is how big are you, they are a smallish bike and if you are over jockeyesque size you might have a problem. If the bikes fits great if not you may curse it.

    Have a good look at the Honda NSR150SP1 cheap and fun. :LOL:

    Oh and if you do get either one, full leathers are called for. :grin:

    Welcome to the forums
  12. That thing is OH SO SEXY!!! I almost get one just for the sheer look of the thing. I've ALWAYS love that Aprilia tiger graphic thing htey do on the bikes, kinda reminds me of the old Commodore V8 Supercars.

    Hell, this bike is one of the best looking bikes i have seen, Period.
  13. hey guys thanks for the input ive been thinking it over and yeh the thought of dropping it makes me cringe!

    "Big question is how big are you"

    yeh im average about 180cm give or take a mil.

    ive been swaying towards a getting a sh!tter and going from there... the Honda NSR150SP1 (not saying its a shitter :grin: )

    In all honesty i just wanted to get the bike up on the forums :grin:

    p.s. regarding the dropping (speaking out of ignorance here) would this really be a prob i mean 126 kg (dry) for me that ain't seem hard to control ? or is it a balance thing?
  14. Lack of experiance and a power band = possible drop :shock:
  15. Its all of those thing, plus more!!!

    Acceleration has alot to do with it - have u ever riden a bike with bower band??

    Please refer to Z900's advice.

    These bikes need alot of revs to get going, to rehash the above equation -

    alot of revs + powerband + lack of experience = possible off.

    NSR'S, also check out RGV's are fun and cheap, but back in the day when they first came out were also one of the most leathal. Not the best on Freeways from what i'm told but bloody fantastic on the track.

    Good Luck!!

  16. I mean't "Power" not "Bower" - But u knew dat.