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Aprilia RS or RS4

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rodneyri, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Ive been reading alot of L bikes, and am set on the Aprilia RS125....10 years ago when i had my license I had a cagive mito but they havent seemed to changed in that time but the aprilia has.

    ive heard rumours of the new RS4 coming, but not sure its coming to Aus, anyone know if it is and would you wait for that over the RS

    im a short ar$e at 165 and weigh 69kg

    the RS feels nice to sit on for me.
  2. forgot to add that im doing my L's on the long weekend so need a LL bike
  3. RS125 will be a lot more fun, are you sure you want a two stroke for your first bike though? They're slightly harder to ride than four strokes.
  4. The rs125 is 2 stroke and the new rs4 is a four stroke, so they will be quite different in character. MY bro had an rs125. It was good to ride but a finicky thing that was unreliable. Check www.motorcyclenews.com for a review on the new one.
  5. dont you love this sound and performance?...................

    Over this bore lol?....................
  6. I reckon the RS4-125 will come to Australia, the RS-125s will be discontinued soon and I don't think that Aprilia dealers would want to give up the sales in this segment.
    I've looked at the RS4 online and it definitely doesn't have the standard of equipment that the RS has. Brakes, especially, are on another level with the current bike. Performance of a 2T will be a LOT better than the 4T, given they are both 125cc.
    However, the RS4 will be easier to ride and probably, easier to sell later on.
    I'm keen to see what price Aprilia AUS sell this bike for, in view of the less-special spec compared to the RS and the price war that is underway in the under-250cc market.
  7. thanks for the replies guys my thoughts were on the RS also.

    ive riden 2T dirts in my younger years and had the cagiva also. this will be a weekend toy not commuting

    when you say harder to ride than 4T, how so? is it playing with the gears and the revs more that makes it harder?
  8. I found this video of an older 99 - 2005 shape RS125. How can you go past this. I think the RS125's are shit hot and a lot of fun. The new RS4 isn't going to be able to come even close unless you like riding something that sounds like a sloppy fart and goes as fast as molasses running down a wall.

    Looks like the rider is having a blast :) I can say with no doubt that this one is a bit modified. They don't sound this good when standard.

    I learnt to ride on a RS125. They're not difficult at all to ride. You'll see in the video, if you try to launch one really hard it can be tricky but for plodding around town they're fine even.

    Now having said that. Don't get one if you have no intention of riding like a hooligan.
  9. The RS4 is a commuter dressed up like a sportsbike; the RS is actually a sportsbike.
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  10. what can i say guys so excited bought a RS125 today in nice pearl white....now the wait for delivery :)
  11. nice....youll enjoy it big time
  12. Awesome! Next step: get thee to a track day with professional tuition. Step after that: chuckle while going round the outside of guys on litre bikes =D>
  13. Nice! How much?
  14. yup need a refresher havent ridden in a while so might do a track day

    was $8k brand new :)
  15. 8k brand spankers?! Sounds a good price.

    Pics needed, or it didn't happen.
  16. That RS4 looks about as quick as Yamaha's AS3 of 40 years ago.
    Such is progress.
    Grab a stroker while you can.
  17. no worries will post pics when i have it, doing my L again on the long weekend!!! cant wait
  18. I would have to ask, what you intend to have as your next bike?

    The rs125, as far as 125cc bikes go, is probably a good buy, but honestly, i just don't see any 125 bike being anything but useless.

    I'm not knocking your choice coz i know you can have some fun on them, but what about in traffic...all those times when you are'nt riding for fun? (or is it just for the track)
  19. You would be watching the temp climb and climb in traffic. Its not too bad in traffic although the riding position is not as comfortable.

    The RS though is a far better choice than the other gutless vacuum sounding RS4.