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Aprilia RS Blues

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by resurrection, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. I've got a mate who has a Aprilia RS250 that is no longer legal as a 'L' bike in SA. (Damn them!) :mad: Is the RS ok for learners in eastern states :?:

  2. What d'ya know. A thread with "Aprilia" and "Bues" together in the title and it's not about mechanical issues :LOL:

    Or maybe that's just because it's not my thread :roll:

    Anyway, short answer is that the RS250 is learner legal in Vic but not NSW, don't know about Qld
  3. not in nsw it isnt. any state with lams means a no no for rs250's
  4. you still having issues aprilla ?? thought you would have burried it by now
  5. I tried hard to find a restriction legal replacement but that damn bike has suckered my in with it's fine handling and powerban....

    Plus once the threat of replacement was seriously leveled at it, it's behaved almost perfectly. So I'm just hoping it will be good for 3 more months until I can upgrade. And yes, I've already started looking :)
  6. lol :LOL: When I saw the title to this thread, you came straight to mind Katherine. :grin:
  7. I must admit, I thought the worst too Katherine :p

    Glad to hear that the bike is behaving itself lately! :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Were you out and about on Victoria Pde and around the G yesterday afternoon? Think I may have been following you!
  8. I thought it may get your attention :)

    Soooo is Vic going to maintain it's Silence of the Lams? Or will they soon follow the trend-setter states? :grin:
  9. Unless itss worth something to bracks he wont be bothered with it :shock: What really needs looking at is kids in skylines , wrxs and cars that are way above there ability
  10. Better not change within the next 10 months.....
    If the law did change would the bike still be legal for me?? Since I already own one before the law change???
  11. Usually when they make changes to licensing requirements and restrictions they place the restriction/change on licence holders that obtained their licence after the date of change.