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Aprilia RS 125

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Beef San, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, I'm a newbie, just got my L license 3 weeks ago and ordered an Aprilia RS 125. It's my first time own a bike and many people(my family and friends.) are keep telling me riding a bike is suicidal and I will eventually crash someday. Well, I assume they are never really on a motorbike. For the past two weeks, I really enjoyed riding it and it is definitely a new experience for me. For now I just practicing around my home area and hopefully I can go on some big roads soon. Looking for good people around Chadstone area can ride together, sharing thoughts etc. Thanks for viewing.

  2. Welcome buddy :) Hope you're enjoying the bike, I wish I could've gotten an rs125. Did you get the 2 or 4 stroker? I'm around chaddy a lot so might see you around
  3. Hi, I got the 2012 4 stroker white one, was planning go for a ninja 250 but before make the final decision got caught up by the Aprilia, I just like the looking.. ( Sorry was trying to upload a photo of the bike but don't really know how it works...)
  4. Awesome, love the look of the newer models!
  6. Good choice mate!

    Aprilia RS125 is the best looking LAMS sport bike around. It doesn't even look like a LAMS bike. Personally, I would have went with the 2 stroker, but at least you're part of the club! Congrats!
  7. Well done mate.....great bike :D

    Gotta love the Ape
  8. Good choice !

    At least you won't get confused which bike is yours amongst the plague of Ninjas and CBRs.....