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Aprilia RS 125

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tildette, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    So I took an RS 125 for a test ride yesterday to see if it would either get the fascination out of my system or make me fall in love. Safe to say I caught the 2 stroke bug. Oh. My. God. At that bike. Ohhhh myyyy gooood.

    Wondering what you might think about it in terms of practicality. I'm not worried about how it will go as a commuter; I get that it's a fussy bike, I slow-rode through roadworks on the ride, plus sat in plenty of traffic, lots of give way and stop signs and went on the motorway, and I was alright with it.

    I'm thinking more about how loud the thing is when I'm warming it up. I couldn't tell if it was particularly loud or not as I was at a dealer on a busy street and hell everything seemed loud so the bike seemed kinda quiet... :-s As such I'm not sure if it'll end up being kicked over by my Dad if it's too loud (he's in bed around 7-8pm as he gets up at 3-4am for work) outside his window. My current bike is soooo quiet it isn't a problem but still does wake him occasionally. I also live in one of those seriously quiet estates. I swear I'm the only person in the area who rides (someone moved in with an R6 but I think they got rid of it. Hmmph).

    Additionally could anyone clear up what I'd be looking at maintenance-wise; what's involved and how costly? Assuming I'm not blowing the thing up and it's the standard services, rebuilds, etc. If I did stuff something up; is it then crazy expensive? I keep getting conflicting answers on this sorta stuff.

    Any other bits and pieces I should consider when I'm weighing all this up? Feel free to tell me I should/shouldn't go for it.
  2. This fiesty Italian loves to be ridden hard, rev her proverbial t!ts out........go on you and the bike will love it.

    She sings as well.............just rev her :).

    Shes not too happy in traffic but some do ride her as a daily.......
  3. I'm pretty sure 2 strokes have shorter service intervals compare to 4 strokes, so if you plan to commute with it daily then I hope you are handy with tools.
  4. Mate had a rs 125...top little bike...idling or slow speed they aren't that loud to memory ...just be wary as he had a couple of problems with his over time and getting some of the parts shipped over if needed can be a bastard of a wait ...got to the point where his engine finally went kaput so he retired it to his top floor apartment loungeroom lol
  5. Can I have your Honda?

    Yeah, I ride to and from work. It's never during peak hour or that sort of crappy traffic. Clear all the way down Oxley Road and then around twisty St Lucia. No track of course. I'm not against using the car that ya know, is fuelled for me, for work/boring travel. Would love to be able to take an RS 125 out for fun rides, especially now that I'm getting more time to do so... always hesitant with the Yamaha. But of course that's thinking with the heart and not the head.
  6. The riding position is very aggressive, you spend a lot of time hunched over or squeezing the tank with your knees. The brakes are really good on a bike that small/light. You'll get used to race launches, and it's actually fun and you can do them without breaking the speed limit...too much :)

    If you get one, monitor the colour/deposits on the plug, you may have to change heat range to a hotter plug, or alternatively make sure you get out every weekend for a seriously good blat :) PJME and another mob were the best ones for parts.

    The maintenance is different to a four stroke. Warm her up by blipping the throttle and let it warm up properly, check your 2T oil every time you put in fuel. A top end roughly every 12 000km road kilometres and a crank rebuild roughly 25 000km.

    If you get one, learn how to make the most of it and it'll be a good bike as a stepping stone.
  7. really enjoying mine, put about 800k on it now...weekend rider and short ar$e at 5'4" and 69kg...can hardly have one foot flat on the floor.

    but when its warm its a joy, cold its...well warm it up first before riding it. soon to get my arrow installed.

    as above, brakes...well they stop and man do they stop on this thing!

    this bike is light, fast and FUN
  8. nsr150sp>rs125

  9. They're so light you could easily turn it off and wheel it past your Dad's window.
  10. You can definately wheel it. I am a short and I can't put a flat foot down without leaning the bike so I jump off to push the bike into position when I am parking it.

    Also agree with the daily commute. I get sore after 5 mins on the bike if its slow speed cause you are so hunched forward. Especially if you are short lolz.
    My legs will get sore from gripping the tank hard, then I will shift weight to my arms/shoulders and my shoulders get sore.
    You won't get sore on the twisties though. I think its something to do with the acceleration so your weight is being shifted back.

    I had ordered parts from the UK and it took 6 weeks to arrive. Was a real biatch. Some parts I have sourced from wreckers. Works out to the about the same price depending on the part and you don't have to wait 4-6 weeks.

    Other than that ... I love the bike. Incredibly fun. Only other bike I have ridden is a Ninja250 and it doesn't compare.
    If you need something realiable and it will be a daily commute, then I don't recommend it.

    If I could do it all again, I would still get the RS125 :]
  11. ride a CBR250RR, ninja ZX-2R and see how you like them. find a low kilometer well kept model and go with that i reckon. the servicing and running costs are way lower, and you wont reak of two stroke everywhere you go. they also have a very fun revvy motor, are faster then the RS125 by a significant margin and generally handle great.

    its a much better idea compared to a 2T RS125