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APRILIA RS 125 - stops while riding :(

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by antidope_rs125, May 18, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone,

    i got '02 rs125. works well most of the time...but sometimes its worst...it stops in the middle of the road while riding...checked almost everything but can't find the solution...problem is, it rides for few km's well and suddenly it stops accelerating...i try hard to gain throttle at that time but it loses it and it stops...one thing i'd noticed that the battery voltage - 13 to 14.3 comes down to 8.1 to 9.2...just in a second....

    please help me....](*,) i'm sick and tired of this problem and make a fool of rs125 in front of everyone on the road...

  2. It's Italian, get over it!!!


    Sorry, not helpful, but funny.
  3. my 06 RS125 gave me similiar grief when I first got it.
    it soon became my mechanic's problem, so i can't really give you any advice on fixing it, sorry. RC36 makes a good point. I've made a consistant effort to always ensure there is an italian person in my social circle, so I can vent on him/her whenever my bike breaks down, telling them to tell their wino soccer-fag people to get their s**t together. i recommend you do the same, it helps :)
    good luck!
  4. @ rc36: yeah its funny but its a headache for me....

    @ loki: thanx mate!!! but can u tell me what exactly the problem was...i'm not trying to fix it...i want to show it to my mechanic......i want to know this one, just to tell him to hit the right spot...coz once i'd checked with mechanic and he said its all fine...but soon after 1 month it started again...
  5. Possibly there is cr*p in the fuel tank, and it just needs to be cleaned out?

    This happened to me, and I lost all power until the muck was cleaned out by mechanic.
  6. +1 to check your fuel filter, have a look inside your tank too and see if there is gunk and sludge at the bottom of it.

    It also sounds electrical, so check your battery terminal connections are done up tight, check that your battery negative connection to the frame is done up tight as well. How old is your battery?

    If that doesn't solve it, then strip the carburettor, check float heights and see if there is any gunk in your carby.