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Aprilia RS 125 smoking bit too much

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by 125rider, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys I ride an Aprilia RS 125. Just pulled up at home to find a few whisps of smoke coming from the exhaust. Not the normal exhaust smoke that the thing usually spits out but really whispy black smoke looked like oil burning and there was a bit of oil dripping from the exhaust. Just put oil in the other day as well. Also bike has been heating up a bit more than usual but not much more and other than that has been riding fine. Any ideas?

  2. hey...i have a 2 stroke aswell...blck smoke doesnt sound too good...you sure its not blue or white?? mayb that you over filled you oil but i ma no expert @ this... :? cheers, :)
  3. Time for a service?
  4. Not uncommon for 2 smokes to have a buildup of oil in the exhaust, especially if cruising around a lot. The oil system and ratios is really designed for full throttle only, everything else is a compromise.
    My prescription is 20 mins at full load/throttle.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. yeah i tend to spit out oil occasionally too, i can tell by the buildup on my tip.

    black smoke though, never yet
  6. My advice,

    get rid of the Aprilia 125, they're uncomfortable, they don't have any power, they are used for racing and redlining which translates into fcuking your engine. If you've been flogging the shit out of the thing which is what you have to do with a 125 if you want to get it going, then the chances are the engine is probably feeling the effects of a good flogging now.

    Service the bike, then sell it, then buy a 250
  7. blah blah blah, and be like every other muppet out there with a 250 !!

    125s are fun haha
  8. blah blah blah, more muppets on 250s than muppets on 125s for a good reason, 250s are just better than 125s in every aspect.

    125s are definately not as fun as 250s, I just don't how you can sleep at night telling such lies.
  9. if its an unusually high amount of smoke id be suspect to the rh crank seal letting gearbox oil run into the engine
  10. you're definately right about them only being made for thrashing and short-lived engines
    but the RS125s are such a purdy and light-footed little bike. the first few years of riding can be the most dangerous, who wants to die on a ricer
  11. black smoke doesnt sound like a good sign. could be just overflow wen u refilled. what type of oil did u refill with?
    enough of the 125-250 debate, i have ridden/owned both n both have their pros n cons. yes the rs 125 is based on a race/track bike, but there is def no wrong with it being on the road. it handles well, corners better than any 250. yes it does need to be revved high to get the most out of them but that's how they were designed to be ridden. to me it's just a learning curve of gettin to know the bike better. I LOVE MY RS125!
  12. Go RS125's, on the dandenong ranges i smashed my mate on a Kwaka ZZR 2fity, owned!!!

  13. HEHE that will teach the 250 boys! Lol to make nicholas happy just get a RS250, thats a 250 lol and will smash all 4-stroke 250s!
  14. I'd kick your ass on the twisties though!

    And come back to me when I get my ducati 1098
  15. Cmon you blokes. Only dills race on the roads. Do it on the track and maybe you will get trophies and prizemoney like johnny o
  16. I'd love to get into track racing, I just need to get a bit more money behind me.
  17. ditto. gf wants to go to hawaii first :(
  18. how many peeps in melb own an RS125. we should go for a ride.
  19. Mosquito control! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. "I'd kick your ass on the twisties though! "

    On a 250 4-stroke :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I biatch slapped a cbr250rr last week on the old road and i'm still wearing the engin in so no going over 6000rpm. Can't wait till i can open it up to full power.