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Aprilia Product Recall | Brembo front brake master cylinder

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by chilliman64, Jul 20, 2016.

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    received this email today from Aprilia:

    Protocol No.: 0000351

    Subject: TUONO V4 1100 FACTORY Frame No. ZD4TYxxxxxxxxxxxx: recall campaign - Brembo front brake master cylinder.

    Dear 'legend customer',

    Checking and ensuring the quality of our products and all of their components is a continuous part of our work, which allows us to continuously improve the reliability of our vehicles.

    The continuous periodic checks we conduct on our products to maintain the highest possible quality standards have revealed that the front brake master cylinder installed on your motorcycle may be fitted with a defective dust gaiter/pushrod assembly which, in certain specific conditions, may result in longer than normal stopping distances.

    To completely rule out any potential risk and ensure that your vehicle meets the highest possible standards for quality and safety, we kindly ask you to book an appointment with your preferred dealer or authorised service centre as soon as possible to have the defective part replaced. Until the aforementioned component has been replaced, please note that braking capacity may be reduced and take the possible longer stopping distances into consideration when riding, moderating speed accordingly and maintaining longer safety distances. Until the procedure has been performed, please set the position of the front brake lever to position 1 or position 2, following the instructions in the section 'Use and Adjustment of the Front Brake Lever' in the Use and Maintenance Manual of your vehicle which can be found below.

    brake lever brembo.


    Front brake lever adjustment

    Adjust the distance between the lever end and the hand grip by turning the set screw.

    To adjust: push the control lever forward and turn the set screw until the arrow points at the desired number.

    The procedure will be performed at no expense to you.

    The necessary parts are on order for airfreight delivery to Australia.

    A letter regarding this recall has also been mailed out to you. If the vehicle is no longer in your possession, please provide us with the name and address of the new owner by filling in the form attached to this letter and sending it by e-mail to:customercare@aprilia.com.au.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

    Thank you for your co-operation.

    Best Regards,

    Orticochea Duoun Juan Felipe

    Spare Parts Manager, Accessories and Aftersales Technical Support

    Piaggio & C. S.p.A.

    aprilia sig.


    Please forward all enquiries directly to customercare@aprilia.com.au. If possible, please include your vehicles VIN number with your email.

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  2. Fixed ;)
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  3. or maybe 'legend (in your own mind) customer' is more appropriate lol
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  4. Also got the same email. ..cant feel or see any issues but will be ringing the dealer asap
  5. Saw this on the US forum the other day seems to be 2016 built bikes?
  6. Welcome to nr mate, noice bike!
  7. Yeah your right. Mines feb 2016 model and has the vin numbers on letter head
  8. yeah pretty sure it's legit, will be calling the dealer tomorrow
  9. As uncle Greg said - who needs to stop?
  10. Air freight to au. More like theyre currently on route via gondala.
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  11. Just spoke with Bikebiz, they called Aprilia who have said 'it is safe to ride, it's just a rubber seal on the side that needs replacing and it's a ten minute job'. I told him I'm doing CSS Monday and Tuesday and it's not a problem, the recall is just a precaution.

    That'll do me!
  12. Get plenty of picks fromm css we want to see the chilliman ripping it up!
  13. I'll do my best mate but I'm old and slow
  14. Old is a state of mind.
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  15. my mind is old too but there are parts of me that have had very minimal usage lol
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  17. going to get the recall repair done tomorrow, dealer reckons it will only take half an hour
  18. Half hour aussie time or italian time? Mmm probably about the same lol
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  19. had the recall job done yesterday at Bikebiz. no problem, took them 20-30 minutes. they showed me the part, it was a two small pieces of plastic that looked like the would cost about a dollar (but probably a lot more). i didn't get a pic.

    then riding home I was coming up to a roundabout I saw a people mover approaching on the left that showed no signs of slowing. as I entered the roundabout I was lightly on the front brake. sure enough this careless driver, who had her child in the front with her, came straight into the roundabout, saw me and stopped mid roundabout right in front of me. I was well on the brakes by this stage, back wheel came up a little and went back down and I stopped within a metre of her door. she was looking at me holding her hands together and mouthed 'sorry, sorry'. I just shook my head and she drove off.

    so all good, the brakes work fine!
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    the parts replaced were a small flexible rubber conical cup about 12mm in height (dust gaiter) that had a short notched plastic pushrod inserted in the middle of it. the recall was because the notches or grooves on the pushrod part did not grip the dust gaiter sufficiently and would pull through with little resistance.